How To Optimizing Growth Hormone Levels Naturally?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is one of the most important hormones that our body needs. Not many people are aware of the importance of growth hormone and this results in neglection of declining levels of HGH.

Produced by the pituitary gland, HGH plays a vital role in growth, cell repair, body composition, bone development and metabolism. It is one of the important components required for muscle growth as well as it impacts our strength performance by helping us to recover faster from injuries.

You can make a guess how the quality of life would be affected by lower levels of growth hormone. Individual with low HGH in their body struggle with fat gain and increased risk of diseases. This is why it is important to have an optimal level of HGH especially when you are trying to lose weight, recover from an injury or training to boost your athletic performance.

Growth hormone production declines with age, but your lifestyle and diet choices also have a huge impact on HGH levels. The natural decline is not such a worry but your lifestyle choices do need to be checked.

Here are evidence-based options to naturally optimize HGH levels and improve quality of life.

Optimizing Growth Hormone Levels Naturally

Start with losing fat

HGH production is directly related to the amount of body fat you carry. Verify this fact with this NCBI finding.

Optimizing Growth Hormone Levels Naturally

There are several medical studies supporting the fact the abdominal visceral fat affects the GH release irrespective of your age, gender or other psychological factors. Higher body fat impairs the growth hormone production, thereby increasing risks of diseases like hypertension.

Here’s the result of a study monitoring the HGH release:

As it can be seen subjects which more abdominal fat have a drastic decline in their HGH release. On average individuals with three times, the normal belly fat has less than half of the HGH amount as compared to lean and healthy peers. This is why it is important to lose those extra pounds. Losing weight affects your body in many ways, most important of which is the optimized level of IGF-1 and HGH hormones.

So start with losing fat around the belly area and you will find it a lot easier to lose overall weight. As your growth hormone levels increase, stubborn fat will loosen up.

Try Arginine supplements

Usually, the use of amino acid-based supplements is advised when you are exercising, a study has interesting results about this practice.

According to this NCBI study, when such supplements are taken during or after exercise there is no impact on HGH levels.

However, when you take arginine supplements without any exercise, then on their own such supplements show a significant increase in production of natural growth hormone. In another study, participants were given arginine to measure its effect on HGH levels. Individuals with lower dosage showed no change but the participants with larger dose had a 60% increase in their HGH secretion during sleep.

An arginine supplement can help you with growth hormone production especially when you do not exercise. Oral HGH pills offer an easy way to use arginine for optimizing growth hormone production.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar and refined carbohydrates increase insulin levels, this results in lower production of growth hormone.

Simply reducing the intake of sugars can help you to boost HGH levels. In studies, it is found that diabetic individuals have 3-4 times less HGH levels as compared to non-diabetic healthy individuals. This is because of the impaired insulin function and carb tolerance in diabetic people.

Not only increased insulin levels, intake of excess sugar also contributes to weight gain and obesity that further hinders HGH production. A balanced diet is paramount for a healthy life. It is not to say that you should entirely abandon sugar, sweet treats once in a while won’t affect your HGH levels in the long term.

The secret is to maintain a healthy diet, balanced with nutrients so that insulin production can be kept under check.

Avoid eating heavy before bedtime

Human body is biologically programmed to release most of the growth hormone at night.

When you consume a lot before bedtime, it causes a surge in insulin production especially if you eat high carb or high protein meals. Spike in insulin potentially blocks a certain amount of HGH production at night. There is no direct study backing this fact, but most dieticians and experts agree that you should avoid eating before bedtime.

Insulin production drops normally after 2-3 hours you eat, so it is best in your interest to develop a habit of eating 2-3 hours before your bedtime. By the time a research-based study is released, you can maintain this habit to be on the safe side.

Optimize Your Sleep

As mentioned, most of the HGH production is during the night, the science behind this fact is that growth hormone is produced in pulses during your sleep. This is because of your circadian rhythm or body’s internal clock.

As the graph shows HGH production pulses occur at different times at night, it is important to maintain proper sleep. Poor sleep quality affects growth hormone secretion negatively. One of the best long-term strategies to optimize HGH production is to improve sleep quality. Make sure that you get the adequate amount of sleep every day.

For some people, it is easier said than done. Here are a few ways to improve your sleep quality:

  • Read a book before sleep
  • Avoid blue light exposure at bedtime
  • Do not consume caffeine in the evening
  • Make sure you have a comfortable sleeping environment
  • Meditation can also help

On average you should get at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night.

Optimal HGH Levels Is Important For A Healthy Life

Growth hormone is equally important as estrogen and testosterone. Maintaining a healthier HGH level will result in improved quality of life and physical health.

Most ageing-related physical and psychological health problems are associated with lower HGH. With healthier lifestyle and diet choices, you can easily maintain optimize growth hormone levels.