How To Treat A Stye? – 8 Ways To Make You Relax

Stye or hordeolum frequently gets better without any treatments, especially after it has burst & released its pus out. Most styes go away within sometime on own. Perhaps, within 1 to 3 weeks but note: “NEVER EVER TRY TO BURST A STYE YOURSELF”. And if you still happen to have one and wondering how to treat a stye, then here is something important for you to read.

Stye, eye stye or sty (you may spell it the way you want to) can be either an internal or external condition on the eye. It is more like an eye pimple. It is a clogged-up infected gland, similar to ones you get at other body parts. The issue with this pimple is that it gets rubbed against your sensitive and precious eye parts. Hence, it requires a careful treatment. Over here, I will be listing few treatments to ease the symptoms & make sure that you are relaxed. Let me again tell you what you shouldn’t do when you have a stye.

2 Important Don’ts While Treating Stye

  1. Please Don’t Squeeze Them = More often you will be spreading the infection when you squeeze it. Since the tissues of your eyelids are too loose, it becomes extremely easy for you to squeeze it but what you are not exactly realizing is the infection you’re spreading later. This worsens the condition even more.
  2.  Please Don’t Poke Them With Needle = There are even people who try to poke the stye using a needle.  It might be extremely easy to poke that swollen spot or a bump but you are actually worsening it 10-times more.

Before I tell you how to treat stye infection, I would like to give a little introduction on it so that you understand things better.

What Is A Stye?

how to prevent a stye

A stye is a bacterial infection on eye, which is caused by a bacterium named “Staphylococcal”. A stye is a tiny red-lump that appears along lash line either on eye’s inner corner or on eyelids. Usually they disappear within few days but if you want to ease the symptoms, there are few things that can help you, which will be discussed soon in this article. First, lets us know its symptoms.

Symptoms Of Stye

The initial and common symptoms of stye include

  • Tenderness
  • Redness
  • Eye pain
  • Swelling
  • Sensitivity towards light
  • Eye waters frequently
  • Discomfort while blinking
  • Tiny yellow spot at stye’s center


Note: A stye is identified with its symptoms & appearance alone. There aren’t any medical tests done for it.

How To Treat A Stye?

How To Treat A Stye

1. Warm Compress

When it comes to how to treat a stye, this is the best trick to ease the symptom. And nothing can work better than a warm compress for treating your stye. For this, you will have to take a clean cloth — warmed up with hot water. Make sure that the water isn’t that hot since you will be treating your eyes with it. This trick speeds the healing process and eases your pain too. You feel much better and relaxed after doing this.

  • Hold the warm compress onto your infected eye for about 5 – 10 minutes
  • Repeat the compress for 3 – 4 times in a day so that the stye clears & releases its pus

2. Pain Killers

Next tip on how to treat stye is none other than using painkillers. Take painkillers like ibuprofen or paracetamol only if it is very painful and you aren’t able to bare it. These pills ease the pain. You can get them at any medical store.

Note: Read manufacturer’s instructions carefully in order to ensure

  • Correct dose
  • Medication suits you

Never give medications to kids below 16-years (if they have a stye) unless your doctor prescribes it.

3. Apply Turmeric

This natural trick truly works like a wonder on your stye. For this, you need to boil 1-teaspoon turmeric with 2-cups water. Boil  until the water turns half. Strain using clean cheesecloth and keep this mixture aside so that it cools down. Use it as eye-drops for 3-times a day.

4. Coriander Seeds

Treating a stye is easier with coriander seeds. Just boil 1-teaspoon coriander seeds along with 1-cup water. Wash the eyes 3-4 times in a day with this mixture.

5. Aloe Leaf

The best answer to the question how to treat stye is none other than using an Aloe Vera leaf. It is a boon from Mother Nature. It has multiple healing properties. Just cut a fresh Aloe Vera leaf lengthwise & place its pulp on the infected part.

6. Acacia Leaves

This natural remedy can be great in getting rid of a stye. For this, you will have to boil few acacia leaves into the 2-cups water. Then apply like a warm compress on the stye. It’s also available in acacia fiber powder format.

7. Black Tea Bags

Wet and warm tea bags can be of great help on how to treat stye. For this, you will have to wet a tea bag in lukewarm water for some time and then place the tea bag over your eyes for about 10-minutes. Repeat this for 5-times in a day. This reduces swelling, irritation and pain as well.

8. Take Complete Rest

Don’t strain your eyes more by watching a computer or a television. At this stage, your eyes need complete rest so that they heal faster.

When Should You See A Doctor?

Even after the above-mentioned treatments doesn’t work on your stye then it is time to visit a doctor. Exactly when should you see a doctor? This might be the running question in your mind now. Well, just read the below points

  • The swelling, infection and eye pain remains as such even after the above treatments have been applied
  • Even warm compress doesn’t seems working on the stye
  • The eye soreness doesn’t go away within 2 days
  • Eyelids become worse (excess redness and swelling extends to face too)
  • The stye doesn’t seem healing even after a week and symptoms worsens even more

Note: If the stye case is severe, then it might require a surgery to have it removed.

What You Shouldn’t Do When You Have A Stye?

 1. Never Apply Your Eye Makeup

When you suffer from a stye, you must never ever apply eyeliner, eye shadow or mascara. Eye makeup products can increase the infection and irritation too.

2. Don’t Wear Your Contact Lenses

No matter how clean your contact lenses are, avoid using them when you suffer from a stye. Contact lenses can irritate the eyes further and even causes unnecessary pain. Until your eyes heal and become normal again – wear your glasses.

3. Don’t Keep Rubbing Them

The infection and bacteria can spread if you keep rubbing your eyes often. Moreover, it worsens the situation too. The bacteria then spread onto your hands.


How To Prevent A Stye?

It is better to prevent a situation rather than seeing yourself suffering with it. So, how to prevent a stye? This is what I am going to explain in this section

1. Practice A Proper Hygiene

A stye can be prevented by washing the hands regularly using a liquid soap. You have to clean them always before rubbing or touching your eyes. Never share your towels, eye makeup, sunglasses and personal things with others. These objects can easily spread the infection.

2. Check Your Eye Makeup

Expired or old makeup products can be the main reason for bacteria formation. Make it a habit to replace your mascara, eyeliners, eye shadows etc every 6-months. Also, wash your eye makeup tools like curlers and brushes regularly.

3. Keep Your Hands 100% Clean

To prevent a stye, you need to keep your hands clean. Especially before rubbing or touching the eyes.

4. Protect The Eyes From Dust

When small dust particles are trapped below your eyelids, it can lead to an infection and further leading to a stye formation. Hence, make it a habit to wear your sunglasses whenever you step out of the house. This protects your eyes from dust.


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