How To Use Cucumber To Get Rid of Dark Circles?

Just because there are so many skincare products in the market for you to choose from, that does not mean that there’s no more room left for you to enjoy the natural goodness of age-old remedies right in the comfort of your own home. You may have been interested to try the growing popularity of natural regimens, particularly on how to remove dark circles using these. Many people are but, as is most often the case, you probably don’t have any idea how to incorporate these into your existing skincare regimen — one that mostly consists of commercial products.

What Causes Dark Circles?

get rid of dark circles

 There’s no doubt about it. Dark circle around eyes will have to count as one of the toughest and most persistent skin issues anybody, young and old, can face. One of the main causes will have to be because it is a multifaceted skin problem that requires multiple approaches to resolve.

To give you a better idea of what this means, have a look at these 7 top causes of dark circles, other than its possible hereditary origins:

1. Lack of sleep

Tired eyes causes your natural eye lubrication to become dried up which causes a stinging sensation and even pain when you blink your eyes.

2. Too much screen time

Spending too much time on your devices causes your tired eyes to dry up as well as shed tears uncontrollably which dries it out even more.

3. Poor vision

This strains your eyes and the veins surrounding it because you tend to squint a lot. This can result to constricted veins and dry eyes.

4. Chronic Stress

Being overly stressed stretches you out and generally causes adverse effects to your overall health, including high blood pressure, high cortisol levels, and slower metabolism, all of which can contribute to busted veins and leaked fluids, including around your eye area.

5. Eye injury

A blow to the eyes cannot only cause you a black eye but also, constricted or busted veins                resulting to fluids, including blood, to leak around your eye area.

6. Swollen and blocked veins

Any of the causes on this list can lead up to this condition. Other potential causes are poor diet          and lack of exercises which can greatly suffer your overall circulation and metabolism

7. Health and medical conditions

Dark circles may also be a symptom of a poor state of health. A recent bout with flu or cold               can be a cause. Skin conditions like eczema may also make you prone to dark circles. More             serious health-related causes include dehydration, fluid retention, kidney and liver diseases,            and certain cancers, including skin cancer. In these cases, knowing how to remove dark circles        requires you to tackle the root cause of your eye skin concern.

The Ultimate Dark Circles Remover

 Among many remedies being used to relieve dark circles, perhaps the most popular remedy for the condition that you can find in your own fridge are cucumbers. It is so popular that it might actually sound like an urban legend when you repeatedly hear it named as one of the best home remedies for dark circles. There are very good reasons for you to include cucumbers in your regimen and it all starts on what cucumbers are actually made up of.

Below are the nutrients that your eyes can derive from cucumber that make it a top natural remedy to get rid of dark circle under eye

1. Water

This is what cucumbers are mostly made up of. It may sound ordinary but, unlike your tap water, water from cucumbers are more easily absorbed through your skin. As water enhances local circulation and fluid drainage, stuck fluids that cause swollen and dark circles are flushed out of your eye area, allowing healing and recovery to take place next.

2. Silica

This mineral found in cucumber gives your problem area an instant toning and brightening effect. Silica reflects back light. When it does, it makes your dark eye circles appear lighter and even healthier as it glows to give your eye skin a more radiant complexion. In addition, silica also helps tighten your pores. This mechanism helps your skin better hold in moisture and gives your skin surface a smoother tone and texture.

3. Vitamins C

It is one of the most powerful antioxidants which also has the power to re-energize your skin cells so that damaged skin can recover faster. For your dark circles, Vitamin C also renders its natural astringent properties to help cancel out the dark pigmentation.

4. Vitamin A

It facilitates exfoliation, helping your skin heal and recover faster from damage. Vitamin A also has melanin-inhibiting properties that stops the production of excess melanin.

5. Vitamin K

One of the most important nutrients to reduce puffy eyes, Vitamin K is often added to your skincare products as Phytonadione. Its specific benefit comes from its strong coagulation functions. Blood clotting is an important mechanism to stop blood and fluids from leaking from your veins. Several studies support the important role of Vitamin K in relieving dark circles and puffy eyes.

6. Phytonutrients

These plant-derived chemicals provide strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help protect your eye area from further damage. This function revives your eye area, giving your skin more opportunity to cope with existing damage.

7. Potassium

This nutrient helps relieve your eye area from puffiness, particularly that caused by high sodium intake. It also helps replenish your potassium levels, given that low levels of this nutrient is a common cause of puffy eyes and dark circles.


Now that you know how to remove dark circles simply by scouring your fridge for cucumbers, you no longer have to rely only on eye products to deliver healing for your eye skin. Although eye creams and serums, and procedures can help, sometimes all you really need are two slices of cucumber to relieve and heal your tired eyes.

About the Author: 

Pamella Woodword is a freelance writer with a diverse field of interest that counts among which, health and wellness, education, parenting, and entrepreneurship. From pursuing a career in corporate communications and social development work, Pamella is now supporting people in building more confidence in themselves through positive writing. Simultaneously, Pamella does consultancy work and manages her own events company.

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