Interesting Food Facts – 25 You Must Read

We like reading something that is interesting. This article lists you 25 different interesting food facts. Check them out

Interesting Food Facts

Interesting Food Facts

  1. Eating pomegranate tree’s bark is a great way to stop diarrhea.
  2. A human’s mouth has more bacteria than the population of Canada & US combined.
  3. More than 1/3rd of earth’s commercial pineapple supply is from Hawaii.
  4. Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries.
  5. The most ate green vegetable around the world is lettuce.
  6. The quantity of chocolate that is manufactured at Switzerland is enough to give each person in the country with 2 big bars every day.
  7. The kind of water pressure found in an onion cell is enough to explode 1 steam engine.
  8. The oldest known vegetable to humans is none other than “Broad Bean”.
  9. Chewing a gum while chopping onions help an individual to prevent tears.
  10. Do you know that honey is that one ultimate ingredient that easily gets digested? The reason is that it is been already digested by the bees.
  11. Most of the people lose about 50% of their taste buds during the age 60.
  12. An onion greatly reduces cholesterol, if they are consumed after your fatty meal.
  13. You can actually burn off more calories while sleeping than you do while watching TV.
  14. The Chinese chopsticks are made of either bone or ivory. They are usually 9-incles long.
  15. When you eat a fruit, you’re actually eating swollen ovary. It’s the flower’s ovary.
  16. Apples contain about 25% air.
  17. Seaweed is used for thickening ice-creams.
  18. Brazil holds the 1st position in the production and cultivation of coffee as well as sugar. It produces about 1941 million tons coffee and 20600 million tons sugar every year.
  19. There are about 9800 Indian restaurants at UK, which serves about 2.5-million customers per week.
  20. The seeds of orchid are so light and small that 1 million of it only makes it to 1 gram or even less.
  21. The food we usually eat takes about 24-hours to pass through our entire alimentary canal.
  22. Pumpkin is the only fruit that can reach a massive weight of 400 kg.
  23. A palm tree doesn’t have a branch and leaves directly grows from its trunk.
  24. The fastest growing tree is “False Acacia”, which is seen in Malaysia. It can grow about 10 meters in just 13 months.
  25. There are about 200 different cells & 600-billion cells inside a human body.

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