Intestine Cleansing – 7 Day DIY Home Diet Plan For Detox & Removing Parasites

Day 3

This day can be referred as the day of transition from one phase to another. The vital organs of the body would have adjusted themselves to the intestine cleansing process and you would not suffer from nausea or other symptoms.

Although the adaptation would have taken place, it is essential to opt for the diet which has the required nutrients as you would rely only on raw food.

For the third day, for a change, you can include boiled potatoes in the diet.


1. Breakfast

Option 1

Step 1

Take six potatoes and wash them thoroughly.

Step 2

Have a bowl of water ready.

Step 3

Boil the potatoes along with water for fifteen minutes.

Step 4

Take off the peels and have the potatoes for hearty breakfast.

best breakfast for detoxfication and intestinal cleanse

Note: Kindly note that potatoes contain sufficient resources of potassium; it is required for the entire human body for functioning of vital organs. For taste and better health, you can also consume a glass of lemon juice without sugar and salt. Or else, you can add thyme or basil leaves.


Option 2

You can have avocado fruit salad with mint leaves, walnuts and flax seeds. A tomato juice with a cup of burnt peanuts would come in handy.

Option 3

Two bowls of gluten free oats boiled in water along with sesame seeds. You can also have two pears.


If you feel hungry, you can have these snacks

  • Salad ingredients – Mashed potatoes, garlic, steamed flax seeds, spinach or Swiss Chard
  • Smoothies – Blue berries and banana



2. Lunch

Option 1

You can have mashed potatoes with onions and boiled parsley.

best lunch diet for intestinal cleansing

Option 2

Have a small cup of unshelled sunflower seeds and three stone fruits.

Option 3

Fruit salad of watermelon with pumpkin seeds. More hungry, you can include a bowl of cashew nuts and raisins.


If you feel hungry, you can have these snacks

  1. Parsley salad with cucumber and tomato. You can include a fruit such as guava or watermelon.
  2. Fruit salad ingredients – watermelon, apple, guava, raisins, pineapple




3. Dinner

Option 1

You can have a pure vegetable diet. The ingredients can be boiled potatoes, broccoli sprouts, beet roots, greens such as Swiss Chard, kale and collard greens.

perfect diet for the intestinal cleansing process

Option 2

Prepare a simple but effective diet of beans, artichokes (the process may be long), peas, and broccoli.

Option 3

You can prepare a preferred salad of blueberries, walnuts, collard greens, parsley or curry leaves.


If you feel hungry, you can have these snacks

  1. Smoothies – Orange, pomegranate, pineapple, strawberries and grapes
  2. Salad – Raspberries, lemon juice, banana and straw berries.

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