Keep Your Children Always Happy By Increasing Their Immunity

List Of Simple Home Remedies To Improve Children’s Immunity

1. Probiotics (Yogurt)

Probiotics are best described as good bacteria, namely Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. They survive in the digestive tract, prevent infection in small amounts and assist the body in recovering from illnesses such as diarrhea at a fast pace. When infected, if children are prescribed antibiotics, some of the good bacteria gets eliminated which is supplemented by probiotics. However, choose the varieties carefully.

top remedy for better health of children


A survey has indicated that kids using probiotics or yogurt have a lesser chance of developing cold, strep throat and ear infection.


2. Green Tea

The major immunity strength, green tea gives to the human body is because of the polyphenols (catechins). These catechins possess the ability to kill viruses such as influenza. You can use the normal method to prepare green tea, make it warm and give it to the kid.

easy remedy for improving the children immunity



To maximize benefits, a little honey and lemon can do the trick. Kindly refrain from adding milk as the medicinal properties will be reduced.


3. Walnuts


best nut for improving immunity of children


The major constituents of walnuts are omega-3 fatty acids as they help the human body to improving immunity. Kids having these nuts as a regular food have a minimum number of infections. Walnuts can be easily sprinkled and added on cereal or snack mix.


4. Garlic

remedy from the kitchen for enhancing immunity


Praised as one of the best natural medicine since ancient times, its medicinal component allicin is known for enhancing the immunity of the body against a cough, cold and other simple ailments. You can include garlic in the regular diet of children.


5. Ginger


simple home remedy for increasing immunity


Ginger has been used for treating simple ailments such as indigestion, cold and cough. The two medicinal components of ginger are shogaol and gingerol.