Kids Safety At Home

There’s no denying the fact home is the safer place for many. But did you know that your home can cause some potential hazards for your kids? You can remove the safety hazards, but the fact is that kids will have stumbles and falls. As your child grows and grows, you’ll have to take necessary steps and precautions to keep your home a safe and secure place for your kid. Studies say that home is the common place for a child to get injured. Nearly 1 million children are taken to the hospital due to the home hazard. The injuries are predictable and preventable. It’s high time we follow several precautionary measures to ensure kids safety at home.

Kids Safety Rules at Home

1. Stairs



2. The Internet safety

Surveys in the United States and Europe have indicated that prevalence rates of internet addiction are as high as 8.2% in the general population. It could be as high as 18.5% in some regions.

Internet safety


3. Kitchen Safety

Kitchen safety


4. Injuries from falls

Falling safety

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5. Electrical Safety

Electricity safety


6. Poison Safety

44% of poison exposures involve children younger than six

Poison safety


7. Drug & Alcohol safety

drugs safety


8. Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety

Fortunately, home injuries are easily avoidable through proper education and prevention. Parents should take childproof productive steps and teach their children about home safety by few reasonable rules. Keep it your mind,

“ Practice “Safety First” today. It may be too late tomorrow. “

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