How To Protect Your Home From Lightning

Lightning is a spectacular scenery of mother nature. It’s good to watch and capture the moment. But the 100 million volts of electricity in a single bolt can cause some serious threat and damage to your house. A single bolt is enough to light a seriously injure or kill someone. Lightning is as deadly as it looks. The survey states that every year millions of dollars are at a loss because of the damage caused to plumbing heating and air conditioning machines due to lightning strikes. Nobody would ever want to witness that scenario of 100 million volts bolt strike hitting your house directly. There are some simple lightning protection steps and precautionary measures that can be taken and implemented to prevent and nullify the effect of a lightning strike at home.

More than 20,000 deaths due to lightning strikes every year

How To?

5. Unplug Appliances

Lightning protection


4. Surge Protector

Lighting protecter-2

We recommend the best Surge Protector like this one from Amazon.


3. Keep the water Off

Lightning Protector-3

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2. Tree protection

Lighting protection do's


1. Lightning Protection System

Protect your home with this Lightning Protection System. The complete LPS system made up of the following components.

Air Terminals

The air terminals(copper or aluminum rod) are vertically mounted on the roof. They are designed to intercept the lightning strike.

Primary Conductors

These cables connect the air terminals to the other system components and the earth.


Two aluminum or copper rods deeply screwed at regular intervals to direct the Dangerous current into the ground.


They used to prevent from conductivity and side flashing.

Surge arresters & suppressors

They help to protect large appliances and prevents from the fire. Also,  protects the in-house electronics.

Make sure, lightning is the most powerful forces, and could cause severe damage to you and your home. When you heard that first whistle of thunder, take a note!  Keep it in your mind,

Thunder clouds do not always give rain


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