Liver Cleansing: Natural 7-Day Diet Plan For Complete Detox

Day 4

Do not break the customary habit of partaking lemon juice before breakfast.

Option 1

natural treatment for liver cleansing

Have a fruit salad consisting of coconut milk, walnuts and raisins.

Option 2

You can consume the breakfast made of pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Have two stone apples in periods of more appetite.

Option 3

Have a vegetable/nut salad consisting of walnuts, beetroot and spinach. You can also have a pineapple juice.



2. Lunch

Feeling more hungry as your metabolism rate has increased?


Option 1

liver cleansing by vegetarian diet


Then opt for a steamed millet, lettuce, mint leaves, radish and beetroot salad.

Option 2

Salad – Ingredients – Asparagus (only the parts which can be eaten), six garlic cloves, two grated cucumber slices, grated half onion, two avocados.

Option 3

Vegetable/fruit salad consisting of potatoes, green beans, broccoli, Swiss Chard and basil leaves.



3. Dinner

Option 1

home remedy treatment for liver cleansing

Since your metabolism is high and you need nutrients for the 12 hour period before you can take food, you can opt for a bowl mixture of steamed flax seeds, sesame seeds. You can also have a fruit salad consisting of kiwi, pineapple, grapes and apples.

Option 2

Opt for steamed fennel seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds. You can have five sapotes also.

Option 3

Opt for a bowl of cranberries mixed with parsley, spinach, and apricots.


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