Liver Cleansing: Natural 7-Day Diet Plan For Complete Detox

Day 5

As usual, have lime water half an hour before opting for breakfast.

1. Breakfast

Option 1

vegetable and fruit salad for liver cleansing

Have a fruit and vegetable salad consisting of onions, carrot, blue berries, papaya, strawberry, apple and kiwi.

Option 2

How about a salad of figs, almonds, beetroot and carrots?

Option 3

You can have grated carrots, onions and five garlic cloves. Opt for an orange juice.



2. Lunch

Option 1

only fruit salad for liver cleansing

Fruit salad consisting of  strawberry, dried cranberry, cashew nuts, raspberry, banana and coconut pieces.

Option 2

A fruit/vegetable salad consisting of two avocados, citrus fruits, papaya and tomatoes with six garlic cloves.

Option 3

Pomegranate juice with three bananas.


3. Dinner

Want a peaceful sleep in the dark even though you have shifted from the basic food schedule? Here are the options.

Option 1

best combination fruit salad for liver cleansing

Strawberry salad with radish, pineapple, apple and guava.

Option 2

Peaches, onions and basil leaves.

Option 3

Watermelon salad with mint leaves and kale.



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