Natural Ways To Cure Swollen Tonsils

Tonsils are lymphoid tissue found at the base of your tongue. It is not an extra growth contrary to popular belief. Everybody has tonsils naturally, and the tissue serves a purpose of preventing a bacterial invasion by filtering the allergens and viruses, and deterring them from spreading within the body. They remove the infected particles and channel them via lymphatic nodes and expel them from the body aided by the immune system. In this article on natural ways to cure swollen tonsils information has been given on the types, causes and simple Do-It-Yourself techniques for getting relief from the discomfort.

The structure of tonsils is better described as a collection of lymphoid tissue also known as Waldeyaer’s tonsillar ring. This group of tissues includes adenal tonsil, palatine tonsils, tubal tonsils and lingual tonsils (all in pairs).

The swelling of tonsils from inflammation is called as tonsillitis. The causes of swelling and inflammation are accredited to irritants, allergies, bacteria or virus often acquired from external elements like unhygienic conditions or other members infected with cold-related virus and disease.

In most cases, you will be able to treat the swollen tonsils by home remedies, but sometimes you will need medical intervention when the conditions are severe, and the swelling persists despite the necessary measures.

The condition is more prevalent among young children and can last until the preteen years. Hence, it is commonly classified as childhood ailment.

The typical symptoms are swollen tonsils, sore throat, and fever.


Home remedies for swollen tonsils


Acute Tonsillitis

It is an infection due to viruses and bacteria. The duration of the discomfort may last for four to six days. It can affect children within the ages of five to ten.

Chronic Tonsillitis

The infection has continued for three months because the tonsils have become enlarged.

Recurrent Tonsillitis

If an individual is experiencing acute tonsillitis for more than six to seven bouts a year, then he/she is suffering from reoccuring tonsillitis. Due to regular infections in the tonsils, they have become larger and the body immunity is low to fight off the infection.

Causes Behind The Tonsillitis

When you open your mouth and examine the interior regions, you will notice two lymphatic tissue mounds at the base of the tongue. These lymphatic tissues assist the immune system to produce the antibodies to combat the permeating bacteria and virus. Although, it is normal for the tonsils to swell in size when they are intensely filtering the germs, it is unlikely that it will continue to remain in a swollen state. However, if you notice your tonsils have not decreased in size, then it is best to have them surgically removed.

The most common cause of tonsillitis in children under the age of six years are viruses such as adenovirus, enterovirus, echoviruses, influenza virus and reoviruses.

A group-A bacteria called as Beta-Hemolytic Streptococcus causes tonsillitis. If you are a chain smoker,  then there is a greater risk of having tonsillitis because the ability of tonsil to fight off bacteria will weaken gradually.

Tonsillitis is highly contagious once acquired. It can spread easily via contact of any form with the infected individual. The pathogens get transferred onto the skin on the victim and then through the mucous membranes, it enters into the facial orifice.

The time window of acquiring tonsillitis is seven days post the initial exposure to the pathogens.

Food can also be an aggravating agent for tonsillitis. It can be instigated by allergens in the food. Items like food coloring agents, sweets, preservatives and cold food can easily cause swelling of tonsils. Also, stay off sugary food products if you must, to prevent tonsillitis.

Environmental factors are known contributing agents for tonsillitis as the immune system weakens with the drop-in temperatures and the body will lose its ability to fight the bacterial attacks.

If you had a family history of tonsillitis episodes, you have a greater tendency of acquiring the condition as well.

Extreme Cases

In rare cases the tonsils get inflamed to such extent, it will enlarge itself to block the nasal pathways and obstruct your ability to respire. The people suffering from sleep apnea are at greater risk of such condition, and it is often recommended to them to have the tonsils removed to be able to breathe freely.

Home Remedies For Swollen Tonsils

1. Orange Juice

Step 1

Take an orange and squeeze the juice. Mix the juice with two cups of water.

Step 2

The juice is ready and be careful not to include any sugar or salt. Consume the pure orange juice.

Step 3

Take the mixture four times a day with regular interval of four hours.

Natural remedy for swollen tonsils

How Does It Work?

Intake of vitamin C is critical to restoring the weakening immune system and to prevent tonsillitis. Hence, you must maintain a proper consumption of orange juice and stay hydrated by having plenty of water. It fosters your immune system and keeps your system functioning efficiently by helping the body reject the pathogens and virus easily.

Not Good For, If:

  1. You are suffering from symptoms of nausea, vomiting and heartburn (because of gastroesophageal reflux disorders), lemon juice is acidic and it might cause illness.
  2. You are suffering from ulcers and in medication, the acidic content in orange juice can cause irritation and prevent the disorder from getting cured in the least possible time.
  3. You are suffering from high blood pressure. You can face hypertension as there will be increase in energy levels.
  4. Excess consumption of orange juice can increase the blood sugar and lead to hyperglycemia. High sugar levels can damage the vital organs such as eyes, kidneys, heart, teeth, bones, joints and gums.

2. Mix Of Pepper, Dried Ginger, And Dried Basil Leaves

Step 1

Take one spoon of cayenne pepper, half tablespoons of ginger and a tablespoon of basil leaves.

Step 2

Crush the pepper into tiny pieces, chop the ginger and basil leaves into pieces. Prepare a mixture.

Step 3

You can partake the mixture three times a day and see the improvement.

Natural home remedies for swollen tonsils

How Does It Work?

The capsaicin in pepper can reduce swelling however, use only the required dose. Capsaicin can flush out toxins and other infection-causing agents from the body. The medicinal components of ginger, gingerol and shogaol regulate proper flow of blood to the brain and basil leaves are known for their anti-bacterial properties.

Not Good For, If:

  1. You have a bleeding disorder problem. Ginger also contains salicylates, which can act as a blood thinner. So, individuals with this disorder should not take ginger.
  2. You are taking medications such as ketoconazole (Nizoral- for treating fungal infections in the body), fexofenadine (Allegra – used for treating allergy symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes) and Lovastatin (Mevacor – it assists in controlling bad cholesterol by the liver – it aids in prevention of heart disease) – Pepper.
  3. You are going for surgery. The chemical ingredients in basil leaves might prevent clotting of blood.

3. Honey And Garlic

Step 1

Take four cloves of garlic, mix it with a tablespoon of honey and dilute the mix with lukewarm water.

Step 2

Repeat the consumption up to 4 times a day and you will see the cure in sight.

simple home remedies for swollen tonsils

How Does It Work?

The medicinal compound allicin is released from garlic when it is crushed. Allicin is well-known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Honey acts as a supplement by soothing the sore tonsils and it nullifies the burning sensation from garlic.

Not Good For, If:

  1. You are suffering from ulcers and in medication, the acidic content in lemon juice can cause irritation and prevent the disorder from getting cured in the least possible time.
  2. You are breast-feeding a baby and have other disorders such as diabetes, blood disease or stomach and bowel problems (Garlic)
  3. You are allergic to pollen. You might suffer from allergic reactions as honey is made from pollen. Doctors advise against the usage of raw honey to infants and children under the age of 12 months.

4.Milk, Turmeric and Black Pepper

This process can be used effectively for inflamed tonsils.

Step 1

Take a cup of warm milk, one teaspoon of turmeric powder and black pepper powder.

Step 2

Mix them well, the mixture should be taken three nights every day consistently for the inflamed tonsils.


kitchen home remedy for swollen tonsils

How Does It Work?

Black pepper contains the medicinal compound, capsaicin and other vital minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium and manganese. Turmeric contains the vital element curcumin famous for its antibacterial properties. All the three combine to give relief from swollen tonsils.

5. Beetroot And Vinegar: Home Remedies For Swollen Glands

If you underestimated the potential of this root vegetable, you are wrong. Since the Roman times, it has been associated with better stamina, improve the circulation of blood and reducing the blood pressure. Other benefits are for treatment for fever, constipation, wounds and skin problems.

Step 1

Take one beetroot and grind it to small pieces. Mix one cup of beetroot with one tablespoon of vinegar.

Step 2

Mix them thoroughly and allow the grinded pieces to stand in vinegar for twenty minutes.

Step 3

Drain the mixture via gauze or any plastic strainer. The left-over residue should be discarded.

Step 4

You can gargle with the mixture giving an interval of every two to three hours. The improvement can be felt in the duration of two to three days.

how to cure swollen tonsils

How Does It Work?

Beetroot is rich in iron, potassium, iodine, sulfur, phosphorus, copper and manganese. The folic acid in beetroot improves the resistance of the body to fight against toxic agents causing tonsillitis.

Vinegar is known for reducing inflammation and is a pain reliever. The high acidity in the vinegar kills the bacteria causing tonsillitis.

Not Good For, If:

  1. You had a pre-existing problem of kidney stones or suffering from kidney stone problem. Beetroot contains high level of oxalates and they might contribute to the development of kidney stones.
  2. Your body is prone to accumulation of copper (Wilson disease) or iron (hemochromatosis) – beetroot.
  3. You have a history of diabetes. Vinegar can lower blood sugar levels.
  4. You are suffering from osteoporosis. Vinegar can reduce the bone mineral density.
  5. You are using insulin and diuretics. Vinegar may interact with the drugs and lower the potassium level of the blood.

6. Chamomile Tea

One of the best cures for swollen tonsils is the mixture of lemon, honey along with chamomile. In this method, chamomile performs the role of a relaxant; it also reduces anxiety and stress along with pain & soreness.

You can have five cups of chamomile tea in the duration for two weeks.


herbal remedy for swollen tonsils


Step 1

Take two cups of water and add three spoons of chamomile flowers.

Step 2

Boil the mixture and let the combination stay for five minutes

Step 3

Strain the residue after ten minutes. You can drink the mixture after addition of honey (if needed).

How Does It Work?

Chamomile tea is known for calming the nerves. It has major medicinal components such as apigenin (flavonoid) and oils such as bisabolol, matricin and bisabolol oxides A and B. Anti-inflammatory properties are exhibited by bisabolol and apigenin.

Many of the oils are concentrated on the flowers.

Not Good, If:

  • You are pregnant. It might cause contractions in the uterus.
  • You are allergic to ragweed plants, daisies, chrysanthemums and celery. Oral allergy signs will be swelling of tongue, on the roof of mouth or lips.
  • You have a history of blood thinning. Chamomile will interfere with the medicines.

7.Turmeric And Honey Combination

Step 1

Prepare a paste of 1 tablespoon raw honey and turmeric.

Step 2

Take this mix thrice a day till you feel relief.

kitchen home remedy for swollen tonsils

How Does It Work?

The main medical component of turmeric is because of the compound curcumin. The three different types of curcumin are demethoxycurcumin, diferuloylmethane and bisdemethoxycurcumin. The anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin relieve the individual of discomfort due to tonsillitis.

Not Good For, If:

  1. You have a gall bladder problem. The situation might turn worse if you have a bile duct obstruction or gallstones (turmeric).
  2. You have a hormone-sensitive condition such as uterine cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids and endometriosis. Turmeric acts similar to the estrogen hormone and makes conditions worse.
  3. You are suffering from diabetes; it is advisable to intake the prescribed amount of honey. Direct consumption of raw honey can result in rashes, puffiness, asthma, cough, wheezing etc.

8. Fenugreek Seeds

Step 1

You can boil these seeds in warm water for thirty minutes.

Step 2

Strain the water. Keep the mixture for gargle.

how to get rid of swollen tonsils

How Does It Work?

The seeds contain mucilage, the gel-like substance that acts as a coating to the lining of bowel. This process soothes gastrointestinal inflammation. The medicinal properties of fenugreeks are yamogenin, tigogenin, neotigogens and choline. Also, due to fever and sweat, essential nutrients and minerals are eliminated in the form of sweat.

Fenugreek seeds contain excellent sources of minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, copper and magnesiumIron is responsible for production of red blood cells and all these components combine to give relief by lessening the symptoms of measles.

Not Good, If:

You are suffering from diabetes. These seeds can lower blood sugar (hypoglycemia) if you have a similar condition.

You are pregnant. The seeds can cause contractions (early).

You are taking medication for blood thinning.

Also avoid mixing fenugreek with other natural items such as capsicum, ginger, turmeric, willow and garlic.

9. Warm Saline Water

Step 1

Take one cup of warm water. Add three teaspoons of table salt.

Step 2

Mix them well and gargle for five minutes to get relief from swollen tonsils.

You can repeat the process three to five times a day depending on the medical condition.


Treatment against swollen tonsils

How Does It Work?

The salt can assist the human body in fighting bacteria. The blood circulation increases and healing happens in the infected area. The saline water draws the extra fluids accumulating in the mucosa of the throat.

Since there is no water, the living conditions become difficult for bacteria. However, ensure if you are giving the saline water to a child, they are confident enough to pull it off. Or else, they may swallow the water and the result – vomiting.

10. Basil

 Basil is not only known as a good healing agent, but it also helps in increasing the immunity power.

A simple product in the kitchen, it can be effectively used to cure simple ailments. Other benefits are its analgesic and calming effects.

Step 1

Take five basil leaves and the required quantity of water for making a small drink.

Step 2

Pour the mixture in a bowl and heat it. You can add a teaspoon of honey to the boiling water. Let the mixture simmer for five minutes.

Step 3

Make the mixture warm and sip it slowly.

Best home remedy for swollen tonsils

How Does It Work?

Basil contain a chemical called as ‘eugenol’ (along with carvacrol, thymol and 4-allylphenol having strong anti-oxidant properties). This method can be regarded as one of the best home remedy to be used against headache.

Not Good For, If:

  • You are pregnant,basil and its supplements should be avoided.
  • Basil is taken in oil form, it can prove carcinogenic in some individuals. In its natural form, basil is considered a natural herb.
[/tab] [tab title=When To See A Doctor]

If you experience a fever with high temperatures (101 degrees F) and have a sore throat that persistently lasts more than a few days, consult your physician immediately.

Look for rashes as they can be an indication of other serious conditions.

Check the use of aspirin and do not give it to children to treat tonsillitis. It may result in Reye Syndrome.

Do not discontinue the use of antibiotics that are prescribed by your physicians. Complete the course for better chances of recovery.

Valuable Prevention Tips

When you are experiencing sore throat, refrain from smoking.  Even passive smoking can be harmful.

Do not reuse the toothbrush that you have been using during the cold sore, the infectious bacteria can thrive on it. Your toothbrush can be a home to several different bacteria. It must be replaced compulsorily once a month.

It is a humanitarian aspect to prevent spreading the infection if you already have one. Refrain from attending offices or school when you have the illness. You can prevent the infection from spreading as well as help yourself heal faster.

Diet For Tonsillitis

Watch your diet when you have the infection. Have lots of fluids and avoid heavy, greasy food. Fruit juices will help accelerate the healing process. Orange juice with water will certainly boost the immunity by increasing the level of vitamin C, the critical ingredient to cure the discomfort.

There is a plethora of stomach-friendly fruits, vegetable and nuts that you can consume to help you deal with the cold. Do not immediately switch to solid food when you are ill because your immune system will need all the energy to ward off the cold. It will be easier when your stomach needs to digest lighter food.

Your throat needs to stay moist and to be dehydrated isn’t going to help. Hence, avoid carbonated drinks and caffeine.

It may sound strange, but it is best if you had ice cream and popsicles when you experienced a sore throat. The cold product would soothe the mucous membrane. In fact, the patients who have undergone the tonsillectomy are advised to eat cold products to shrink the recovery period.

However, stave off the sour and spicy food, because it can aggravate tonsillitis. Items such as hot sauce, yogurt, and fried foods have greater tendency to inflame the affected area and cause more irritation.


1.Is Tonsillitis contagious? Does it spread in any way?

Tonsillitis caused by virus infection tends to remain active and contagious for about five to ten days whereas, tonsillitis due to bacterial infection tends to be contagious longer even more than a week. Proper antibiotics and medications will make the tonsillitis infection non-contagious. The affected adult/children affected can continue their routines once it becomes non-contagious.

The tonsillitis infection spread through air-borne, sneeze, tissues/cups/face wash towels so make you safe.

If the tonsillitis is caused by bacteria (A Streptococcus), they are highly contagious and spread easily through shared foods, drinks, personal contact, cough and sneeze.

If the adult/children is affected with tonsillitis infection, make sure they follow good hygiene that doesn’t cause infections.

2. Are Tonsillitis vs. Strep Throat same?

No, they are not the same but the symptoms can be same which will trick you. Strep throat infection is due to specific bacteria called Streptococcus Pyogenes whereas the tonsillitis is often caused by common viruses and sometime bacteria.

Strep throat tends to occur more common among children especially in the time of winter. The strep-throat causing bacteria develop rapidly in close contacts, when people are gathered together and they breathe same air around.

Natural Remedy Vs Pharmacy

When you consult a physician, you will be administered penicillin to boost the body’s immune system to combat the infection. But not all patients are tolerant to penicillin as some people develop penicillin allergy, and they will be administered Erythromycin and clarithromycin antibiotics.

As a measure to relieve pain, most patients will be prescribed throat lozenges containing lignocaine, benzydamine and ibuprofen and other pain killers in combination. Ibuprofen and aspirin are also recommended by health experts to cure the inflamed tonsils.

There are several over-the-counter pain relievers that can sooth the inflamed tonsils. Alternatively, there are throat lozenges and sprays having benzocaine that eases the pain in the throat. The other medicines for tonsillitis are amoxicillin and cefadroxil.

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