How to Overcome Work Related Anxiety Disorder?

Compared to past decades, anxiety has become one of the most common diseases, which affects a big global population today. It’s interesting that at most times, the people who suffer from some specific conditions, especially those that are mind related, like depression and anxiety disorders, fail to recognize them. So, it is important to know what can add up to the possibilities.

List of questions to decide before seeking help
  • Do you find yourself drifting away in the middle of a meeting, losing focus, suddenly realizing that you missed quite a few points that were discussed?
  • Do you worry about the outcome of what you have to deliver to such an extent that you end up not delivering or delivering terrible work? In other words missed or botched deadlines?
  • Do you feel stress at work leading to health risk problems?
  • Do you feel ill at ease when you have to work in a group or a team that is ‘so efficient’ that you feel left out?
  • Do you worry that your next performance appraisal could be a nightmare and that you are at the risk of losing your job? And then the add-on issues in case of losing the job, like maintaining your family, loan paybacks, and societal pressures.

All these could probably be indications that you are suffering from work health issues, like an anxiety disorder. Well, as they say, acknowledging a problem in itself is the first step towards finding a solution for that problem! After all, work related anxiety does not limit to your work, and you carry your anxiety back home, and it will, for sure, affect your personal life as well and put you to health risk problems.

The good news is you are not alone. A 2001 study published by Harris Interactive quotes that 48% of Americans said that they had unreasonable deadlines leading to stress. A whopping 82% of the respondents said that they had at least a little stress at work. So there are many who out there sailing in the same boat. Few have managed to find safe havens, having sailed through the troubled waters, albeit with a little help from family, friends and even medical professionals when required.

What Can You Do?

So, what can one do to confirm the problem at hand and then take necessary steps to overcome it? The first step is to talk to your family, friends, and colleagues about it and ask them to share their honest opinions about you and what they have observed about your behavior. If they corroborate on your findings, then it’s time to seek help, so join a self-help group or seek professional consultation.

ways for overcoming anxiety

However, you can try out a few techniques on your own to overcome work health issues, before you go in for the professional help.There are a few simple tricks and techniques that you can try and adapt to see if your work related anxiety disorder can be alleviated.

1. Relaxation Techniques

It’s a good idea to find yourself some relaxing techniques like yoga, meditation, listening to music, painting or even let’s say cooking if that’s what make you feel relaxed. If you like sport, then please choose to indulge in one that allows you to express yourself freely without any stress whatsoever. It is important to keep oneself busy with any such activity and not continue to brood over the stress at work even when you are back home from work. Apart from the fact that it can relax you, these simple activities may end up giving you pleasure and build your confidence and morale in your capabilities.

2. Exercise

Exercise regularly and if you cannot slot yourself for that every day, at least try and make it a weekly activity. If you are too pressed for time, you can always find ten minutes for a walk, either in the morning or the evening. There is a horde of health benefits of walking, but you may be surprised to know that there are studies that have proven that a walk can put you in a good mood!Voila, a good mood should lift your spirits, make things look a little better and relieve you from anxiety at work.

If you can exercise after work, then there is nothing like it. Exercise tires your muscles relieves stress and heals your body. It could help you fall asleep. And a good sleep can work wonders for your mind; you will feel refreshed and relaxed when you wake up.  It is said that there is no problem in the world that does not look better after a good night’s sleep!

3. Organize Yourself

Even though many of us find this difficult to believe, being organized at the workplace can indeed reduce your anxiety at work by leaps and bounds. Learn to prioritize, organize, plan and implement things.

If it is possible and you have the luxury to, then please learn to delegate and get the work out of your colleagues and subordinates. That is an art by itself. It has been found that at most times, the anxiety is caused by this compelling need to do everything by oneself to make sure that things happen. But then, it may end up otherwise because you took on more things than you could do. So, delegating wisely is a good step.

4. Get A Hang!

A lovely quote by William James says “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”Now isn’t that aptly said! Identify time waster activities and eliminate them.

Make sure that you identify situations which put you in stress, analyze them and understand the why of that. If you get to the cause of why it happened in the first place, you may be able to put plans in place to see that such situations do not repeat in future.

Learn to share your triumphs and travails with your colleagues, celebrate occasions, find and create occasions if necessary to lift the spirits in general. A team lunch or an impromptu game in the cafeteria can put everyone around in a good mood.

Last but not the least of all, learn to see the humor in every situation that you find yourself in. Learning to laugh at yourself can be tough, but if you manage to do that, you can learn to maneuver some tough situations with some astoundingly practical solutions!


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