10 Scientific Proofs That Your Smartphone Is Killing You

The kind of lifestyle we have today is surely comfortable if we had to compare it with the way our ancestors had. However, let us also not forget the fact that this luxurious lifestyle has a huge impact on health. Every single day, we are occupied with massive amounts of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiations), which are produced by power lines, electrical appliances, wires in buildings, and other technologies.

From using dishwashers, washing machines, alarm clocks to cell phones that you hold near your ear – every hour – is turning to a deadly health threat. You might not see, feel or realize this but it is happening every single moment when you are close to technology.

harmful effects of EMF

Though there are many health risks when you use technology, the one thing that is getting the most attention from health experts is none other than the radiations from cell phones. According to the World Health Organization, the RF (Radiofrequency) fields emitted by mobile phone radiations are 1000 times larger than what the base stations do. It is apparent that such increased emissions have adverse effects on health.

Multiple studies have already revealed that the radiations emitted from both handsets and tower-based antennas carry signals that affect the body in a great way. These radiations are often linked with genetic damage, brain tumors, stress, insomnia, headaches, infertility in men, etc.

So, let us look at the 10 big dangers cell phone radiations are posing on our health:

Phone Radiations Are Affecting Your Body

1. Increases The Chances Of Infertility In Men

Yes, your smart phone can make you infertile. There aren’t proper evidence that demonstrates how phone radiations decrease the sperm count but according to WebMD, men who keep their smartphones in their pockets for longer hours are reported to have decreased sperm count in their semen. This is because the testicles are being exposed to high amounts of electromagnetic waves, which directly affects the quality of sperm cells.

2. Causes Brain and Heart Tumors

Phone Radiations Are Affecting Your Body

According to a study carried out by the NTP (National Toxicology Program), the rats that were exposed to radio frequencies for 9 hours per day, from their birth to age 2 (2 years – that’s the total lifespan of a rat), happened to develop malignant gliomas (a type of brain cancer) than the rats that weren’t exposed.

Surprisingly, of the rats exposed to highest radiations, 5 – 7% also developed tumors in their heart’s nerve cells. The latest research from them also reveals that the risk of brain tumors has become even greater with the 3G phones.

3. Risk Of Spinal Misalignment

Think of how many times you check your phone in a day? It is certainly a lot! All that time-to-time tilting down to look at your phone can cause serious back pain, neck pain, and even migraines. This might not happen all of a sudden but takes gradual amount of time to take effect. It is just a start. The dangers will soon happen in some years.

4. Makes It Difficult To Have A Good Sleep

Somehow, bedtime has now become the favorite hours of most gossiping and chatting freaks. But, if you pay close attention, they are the ones who are heavily sleep deprived. And studies have already proved this. According to the research carried out by Sara Thoméeet al, using mobile phone constantly at night is linked to sleep disorders like insomnia.

where do people use phone

5. Leads To Hearing Impairments

Take a stroll on the street, and you will see a lot of people having their earphones plugged into the ears. But that’s not the only reason hearing loss is rapidly increasing in adults and youth. Mobile radiations are just another factor to make a human deaf.

Exposure to EM radiations for a long-term reduces the way a normal ear functions. Research done by Dasdag S and Oktay MF reports that individuals who talk on phones for about two hours a day are at a big risk of impaired hearing than individuals who use it for just 10 to 20 minutes.

Electromagnetic Radiations

6. Strains The Eyes Extremely

Things are changing fast. We once used to read books, but today, we have “e-books.” Technology has transformed our lifestyle so much that it has become very hard for a human to impart from his or her life.

There is nothing that a smartphone can’t do. May it be reading something, making calls, playing games, surfing, gathering information or taking notes, somehow or the other there is an activity that binds us with it.

It doesn’t come to a surprise that phones play a key role in our day-to-day activities. They do multiple jobs other than helping you to communicate with a recipient. Each time you glare at that small screen, there is a whole lot of strain your eyes go through, especially if you are using it in the dark.

Since the screens are much smaller than compared to laptops and tablets, one tends to squint or narrow his or her eyes and blinks less. Eventually, it causes irritation, reddening, and dry eyes.

7. Reason For Infections

Do you know the one dirty and serious mistake you are making before 10 AM? It is none other than using your phone in the toilet. There is a good reason you shouldn’t be doing this further. After you have wiped and flushed, you use the same dirty hands to touch your phone. This activity easily makes room for various bacteria and viruses to penetrate.

In fact, this research concludes mobile phones are more contaminated than anything else you use. There are about 25,000 germs lurking on every square inch. These microorganisms are none other than E.coli (causes diarrhea and vomiting) and Staphylococcus aureus (causes serious skin infections).

8. Major Cause Of Stress

We all love to own and use gadgets but eventually, one wouldn’t have a peace of mind. This Wikipedia page clearly states that, about 70% of the people check their mobile phones within 1 hour of waking up, 56% of them make sure to check before going to sleep, 51% of them tend to check constantly even on vacations and 44% have reported to feel highly irritated and anxious if they failed to interact for some reasons. So, where is all this leading to? The answer is “stress.”

9. Causes Skin Allergies

Radiations aren’t the only thing that affects you but even holding it can cause skin allergies. Phones that have highly polished metallic layer are tested to have the most harmful skin allergens like cobalt, chromium, and nickel. A study conducted by Marcella Aquino and her team reported that about 72 cell phones they tested had cobalt and nickel.

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10. Damages Your Cells & DNA

Our coiled DNA structure is highly vulnerable to EMF. The news went viral when the study called REFLEX reported that many DNA strands were broken after they were exposed to electromagnetic radiations. They also concluded that the cells could not repair themselves after the damage.

How To Protect Yourself From The Harmful Radiations?

It is true that the electromagnetic radiations emitted by the cell phones are the highest, but you cannot stop yourself from using it either, especially in today’s lifestyle. However, you can protect and save yourself from these harmful frequencies. Here are a few ways you can achieve this:

  • Limit the use of using phones.
  • Have direct interactions than verbal.
  • Use EMF clothing protection to shield yourself.

We know it kills but we can’t live without it !!!

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