Here’s How To Restore Your Smile With Dental Implant Replacement!

Implants are rightly regarded as one among the biggest advancements in tooth restoration. The single biggest advantage of restoration through this method is the longevity offered by the procedure. Dentists are now in a position to offer solutions that last forever, or almost forever. This involves the surgical implantation of titanium posts in the jawbone. It becomes a base upon which a dentist will mount the replacement teeth. In the case of multiple restoration needs, a bridge will be mounted on the posts.

This has replaced dentures with solutions that offer greater comfort, enhanced functional use and durability. Below information on dental implant replacement has been provided by Arthur Glosmandds and you can read more on the topic on their website at

Main function of the titanium posts 

The primary function of the titanium posts is to offer base for mounting replacement teeth. Wherever there is a need for contiguous replacements of teeth, bridges are mounted on the titanium posts between natural teeth.

 Dental Implant Replacement

Before dental implant replacement came on the scene, individuals had dentures as the only option. And dentures were never considered as a permanent solution – they had to be removed at nights and suffered heavier wear and tear, resulting in shorter effective use. On the contrary the surgical implantations of these advanced materials are permanent in nature.


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Crowns are affixed atop the base offering matching appearance

Wherever a single tooth is required to be replaced, crowns are affixed atop implants. The crowns are matched to look similar to the existing natural teeth adjacent to the replaced ones. This matching is carried out both on the color and texture front. The improved aesthetics of individual matching crowns come with the assurance of greater life. The titanium post that is fused to the jawbone will function with the strength of a natural part of the jaw. This gives greater strength and functional ability to the tooth.

Assessment by a specialist periodontist for suitability of procedure 

The procedure of surgical implantation will be suitable to all, subject to the fulfillment of certain criteria. For instance, individuals with unhealthy gums will not be suitable for procedure. Similarly, adequate jawbone volume is mandatory for recipients to be able to take up the procedure.

The concept of the whole implantation is the fusion of the post into the jawbone, following which the gums will lock around the implant. To ensure that the whole procedure is a success, you will typically be assessed by a periodontist, who will evaluate the jawbone condition and gum health to ascertain if the procedure will result in a successful outcome.

Superior solutions offering better aesthetics and functionality

Individuals looking for teeth replacements will find the surgical implants to be the most effective choice, scoring on all fronts over dentures. You will be in a position to bite down normally, and will enjoy the full functional use of teeth without having to bother about damage or pain in the jaw.

The fixtures will last long, almost lifelong depending on the health of gums and jawbone, while the right crown will help in delivering the best aesthetics. Surgical implants are the only solution when there is a loss of teeth contiguously. Dentures need to be bridged to adjoining teeth and do not offer the same support as embedded posts.