5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Bedroom!

Most of us would agree that our bedroom is our safe heaven. It is the place where we can hide from the world, quiet our minds, find a really deep breath. Babies and children in your home spend most of the time in bedroom. The most of our little safe heavens need a good detox. Why need to detox your bedroom? The bedroom has the capability to increase health-damaging toxins, including substances from our paint and bedding, electromagnetic fields from our technology, and pollutants from the atmosphere.

One week old pillow contains 17,422 times more bacteria than toilet sheet

Although the majority of these toxins are not visible, they may be an underlying reason for the cause of fatigue, skin irritations and rashes, respiratory conditions and even insomnia. So it’s necessary to detox your bedroom to have a fresh and vibrant sleep during night time.

How To Detox Your Bedroom?

5. Focus on Pillows

Pillows bedroom detox.


4. Let the Curtains Fly!

Open Curtains


3. Less Gadgets, More Sleep

Electronics bedroom detox 2


2. Spread The Aurora On The Walls

VOC free paints for detox


1. Green Is Always Good!

Bedroom purifier


Sleep is the time when the body does most of its repair work. So it’s important to create a healthy and non –toxic haven in your bedroom.

Always remember ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’!!!


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