10 Definite Signs You Are Addicted To Your Smartphone

phone addiction

Today the Smartphone has almost become an extension of the arm for most people, and the only time we put it down is probably while we are asleep. The alarming trend is that most of the teens are addicted to their Smartphones, and the addiction has reached insane levels where they become furious even if the phone is snatched away from them for a moment.

The issue has become so serious that a new phrase has been coined – Nomophobia, the desperate state of mind when a person is denied to his or her Smartphone. Here are the ten signs of withdrawal in detail:

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1. High Levels of Stress

Folks who check their Smartphones almost every minute are certainly addicts. This involuntary habit leaves them highly stressed. Even while on vacation, these people won’t let go of their phones and keep checking now and then, which only increases the stress. The stress is on the fingers as well because of the furious texting, which makes the brain hyperactive. The stress on the eyes is also very high.

2. Sleeplessness

Confirmed Smartphone addicts spend many a sleepless night tossing around on the bed. Such people are unable to shrug off their work-related thoughts, nor are they able to forget the social media during the nights. The practice is to keep the phones beside their pillows, switched on all the time. Thinking about their phones invades their sleep, which can lead to serious health issues later.

3. Rise In Anxiety Levels

The Smartphone lets you connect with the world instantly, however, while a person is eager to get news the ping indicating a message always sends involuntary shivers up the spine. Checking the phone for messages and the sense of disappointment when there are no messages can raise the anxiety levels. People keep wondering why friends aren’t sending messages or responding to messages.

4. Feeling Depressed

phone and depressionPeople are so used to communicating through phones that direct face-to-face contact is a thing of the past.

The addiction to Smartphones is so severe that even a minute without the phone causes alarm and people go into depression, depicting withdrawal symptoms.

When an expected call or message does not arrive, the depression increases leaving the folks with a sense of loneliness and being lost.

5. Aggressive Behavior

Smartphone addiction translates into aggressive behavior the moment people are denied their phones, or lose access temporarily. There is a compulsive need to keep the phone in sight and to touch it and feel it every minute. The moment the phone is found missing (misplaced or left behind), the addicts start reacting violently and display signs of aggression.

6. Delinquent Behavior

Smartphone addicts care two hoots for rules and regulations. They often talk or text while driving, crossing the road or even during an important face-to-face meeting. They furiously text while eating and don’t watch their plates. They don’t care whether they are at a funeral or a wedding and mindlessly use their phone, with no concern for others.

7. Don’t Care Attitude

Smartphone addicts don’t want to listen to good advice. If a doctor or psychologist tries to explain the ill effects of being addicted to a Smartphone, they don’t seem to heed the good advice. Phone addiction has reached such alarming proportions that it is akin to drug or alcohol addiction. Knowing pretty well that it can be injurious to health, people indulge in excessive Smartphone usage.

8. Poor Social Skills

Another noticeable drawback with Smartphone addiction is that people don’t mind ruining relationships or friendships. Even while spending time with friends or family, these addicts shamelessly bury into their phones with scant regard for those around them. They forget the basic etiquette and often infuriate their closest friends and even go to the extent of breaking up, rather than giving up their addiction.

9. Spending More Time

Time is never precious for Smartphone addicts or rather the time that is not spent on their phones is not too precious. They feel tormented if they are kept away from their phone for 15 minutes at a stretch, and don’t seem to get enough of their phone and indulge in messing with it way past midnight. They prefer to get the news, shop for goodies and communicate with friends – all through their Smartphones.

10. Neglecting Friends and Family

Spending a good time with family and friends is also a thing of the past with Smartphone addicts. While their circle of friends and acquaintances may have increased manifold, close interaction with people has reduced drastically. All contact is either over the phone or through text messages or pings. No more hanging around with buddies and having fun, people would rather bury their faces in their phones and carry on as if nothing is amiss.


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