10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Vagina Could Do

If you are a woman, then you should you have seen your vagina while bathing or for some other reason. But, how well do you know about your vagina? It is often claimed to be a mystery organ that holds many secrets, which even as a woman you might not know. So, basically, your vagina could do things that are beyond your imagination. Let’s unveil them one by one.

10 Things Your Vagina Could Do

Vaginas are truly impressive. Believe it or not, this awesome body part has the ability to bring annoying pain, intense pleasure, and of course, a tiny human. Shortly, it is awe-inspiring. And that’s why we feel that it is important to stay above everything by going underneath the belt. So, let’s find out some interesting facts your vagina could do.

Things You Didn’t Know Your Vagina Could Do 1. It Can Clean Itself

Yes, that’s true! It can clean itself. Remember the times you used to get odorless discharge? If you have whitish, clear discharge from it, then it is a sign that your vagina is healthy and clean.

Your vagina can easily flush out all the old cells and bacteria from inside. Further, it prevents unnecessary pathogens from getting into the uterus. So, those vaginal cleaning products which have been perpetuating horrible myths that your vagina is dirty and it requires regular cleaning is all untrue. Stop believing them. They just want to make money. Vaginal issues arise when you start using products that modify the pH levels. Gradually, it creates an imbalance between good bacteria and bad bacteria. That’s how you end up being susceptible to irritations, sensitivity, and infections.

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2. It Doubles In Size When You Are Turned On

A woman’s vagina can substantially differ in shape and size while sexual arousal. So, whenever you are ready with a man, there is a whole lot of blood flow or circulation happening at the end. The vagina’s blood vessels are dilated, causing the genitopelvic and vaginal area to be enlarged. This term is called “Vaginal Tenting.”  In short, the more you are aroused, the bigger your vagina could expand.

3. It Cannot Get Loose Just Because You Played Too Much

According to Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller, author of the blog Sex & Psychology, “vaginas naturally become loose when women are turned on.” Well, that is a way for the body to prepare for sexual intercourse. However, after sexual activity, everything goes to the normal state. So, the two things that can actually cause vaginal looseness are childbirth and old age.

4. It Has The Ability To Trap A Penis

Yeah, that’s true. This term is called penis captivus—an apt name indeed. It means that a vagina has the capability to hold a penis locked up. This is a tremendously rare phenomenon but has been showed to occur in many case studies. What happens is, during sex, “the vagina’s pelvic muscles clamp down onto the penis more tightly than usual, making it either impossible or hard for the man to remove his penis from it. If this happens, call 911 immediately. Yeah, it is going to be highly awkward, but you got to stay calm until they help.

awesome facts about vagina

5. It Can Get You Four Types Of Orgasms

Bad luck for guys because they get to experience only one. That’s why people say, “grow a vagina and not balls!”

Women can experience different orgasms, which are divided into 4 categories: vaginal, clitoral, blended, and then multiple.

  • Vaginal: A type of orgasm which is an outcome of primarily vaginal penetration with either modest or no stimulation.
  • Clitoral: This is a type of orgasm that occurs when the clitoris is stimulated, without any vaginal penetration.
  • Blended: This orgasm occurs whenever there is vaginal, cervical, and clitoral.
  • Multiple: When women slightly relax after their first orgasm—and aroused again, it results in “multiple orgasmic pleasure.”

6. It Can Change Color

We all know that vaginas come in various sizes and shapes. Well, it is all because of genetics. However, the color of a vagina doesn’t stay as such for the entire lifetime.

During intercourse and pregnancy, the color changes. This happens because there is an increased blood flow happening down there, making the color look darker and deeper. Then there is also this phase called “menopause,” where women experience estrogen loss, and that’s also the time when a woman may see changes in her vaginal color. The shade gets duller or lighter than what it used to be.

7. It Can Indicate You About The Dangerous Problems

Whether you are going to get your period, about to get pregnant, or perhaps, there is a serious issue your body is suffering from – example, cancer, your vagina can indicate you about it. But, you need special ears to listen to it. If you observe something that is unusual going on, it is best to head to a gynecologist.

Things Your Vagina Could Do8. It Can Fall Out

Yes, you heard it right. It literally can fall out. With uterovaginal prolapse, both vagina and uterus can protrude from the body. Well, this usually happens after menopause or childbirth due to the lack of proper pelvic support.

However, don’t panic, as this condition is rare and even it occurs, it can be repaired with surgery.

9. It Can Handle Intense Workout

That’s  because the vaginal muscles are very strong. Considering this, Kegels are truly effective in strengthening the nearby pelvic muscles for intense orgasms. So, try a few exercises next time.

10. It May Save Lives

Vaginas do give lives but ever heard of saving lives? Well, this clinical trial on ERC (Endometrial Regenerative Cells), or what is more popularly known as the “stem cells,” has demonstrated to help patients with congestive heart failure. The stem cells or ERC are extracted from the menstrual blood. Further, they are utilized to produce different cells. The stem cells are then transformed to heart’s muscle cells. This is just a test carried out by the experts. Whether it is effective or not, is still under research.