Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Home Pest Free and Safe!

Are you in need of dealing with little, creeping critters entering your house without your notice? Are you willing to find comprehensive tips to eradicate these little pests distressing your lovely home? Have you ever thought of having pest free home? With above questions in mind, you can find the solution after having gone through this article.

However, you can use this article to stop insect assaults before they outsmart you and start bringing health problems to your loved one. Pests like termites, cockroaches, ants, and spiders, not only spread diseases but also damage your property.

Here are the useful Tips to Eliminate Pests

1. Clean kitchen and bathroom

Pests thrive in damp, dirty atmosphere. To evade pest infestation, maintain the kitchen drawers, counters, stove-top and racks clean. Also, clean your floors, tables, and counter tops daily to prevent food buildup or crumbs. Wipe them on a regular basis using a disinfectant cleaner. Keep your bathrooms dry and clean.

pest free home

You can use a toilet cleaner daily to ensure that the pot is clean. Bathroom sink should be washed at least once per week using the heavy-duty bathroom cleaner. The shower curtain should be kept free of moss and dry as well. Always ensure that the drain is covered and not clogged with soap and hair particles. Also, bathroom bucket should be free from moist when not in use.


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2. Avoid dirty stagnant water 

Stagnant water is a common breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes. So, make an every effort to ensure that stagnant dirty water is gotten rid of. Fix any appliances, faucets, leaking pipes, etc. Again, stagnant water will become the breeding ground for many pests. All drains should be kept running far outside your home in order to prevent mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue. During summer, some bugs such as cockroaches will find their way indoors to seek for damp. Regularly opened windows will keep bathrooms and kitchens ventilated, inhibiting any pest breeding grounds. If you come across a Grey, cigar-shaped, wingless insect creeping around, you may possibly have a severe damp problem. There should not be a hint of stagnant dirty water anywhere in or near your compound if you aspire to eradicate mosquitoes.

3. Avoid keeping vegetables and fruits for long

As we all know that perishable foodstuffs are prone to rotting, so proper storage should be observed. Vegetables and fruits, when overripe, lure insects especially flies. Avoid storing overripe and cut fruits for long whether in the fridge or not. Even though fruit flies are not harmful, the rotting, overripe fruits are likely to attract harmful pests such cockroaches, ants and house flies, which are hard to eradicate.

4. Routine garbage disposal

Obviously, garbage accumulation can lead to cockroach, rodents, and rat infestation. Ideally, routine garbage disposal should be observed. This is because rotten food particles are likely to cause the spread of deadly diseases more so if you have little kids and pets in the house.

5. Maintain your garden

If you happen to have a fountain or a pond in the home compound, clean it regularly. For those have a garden or a lawn, it is advisable to ensure that all sites (pits or holes) that could accumulate some water are filled completely. Also, routine pruning can help discourage bushy growths that could hide some pests. Landscaping that surrounds your space or home provides pests with an unrestricted way indoors, therefore keep your bushes and trees away from home. Pests are highly appealed to untrimmed grass. Always maintain your grass lawn is trimmed to avoid such pests. Termites and beetles and like wood, so eradicate any scrap wood around your garden. Keep your garden clean and neat to eradicate unwanted pests such as ants, mosquitoes, and rats.

6. Change your lighting 

Some lights are likely to attract some pests. It is obvious that some pests are much less appealed to yellow, orange, or pink lighting. Likewise, you can also make the use halogen lights and sodium vapor light as well to deter such pests away. It is also prudent to mount pole lights at considerable distance away from room with bulb facing the main entrance because the closer they are to your home the more the likelihood of attracting flying bugs.

7. Dispose all unused items

pest free home


If you have old or unused packages in the room gathering dust – eradicate them. These items will only act as spreading spot for germs and insects. Get rid of any unused thing, including torn luggage, old baby strollers, packaging material, shoes, plastic bags, etc.

8. Seal crevices or holes in doors and windows

Check your office or home for holes or crevices in walls, vents, and your foundation. If there is any, seal or fill them with immediate effect to prevent cockroaches, termites, and other pests. Leaking pipes, broken walls, and unsealed screens can serve as gateways for pests. Make sure these crevices and opening are properly caulked and sealed to inhibit entry of insects and small critters. Install nets on the windows to avoid pests like large cockroaches, house flies, spiders and mosquitoes from entering in through the window. Such nets will also help with ventilation. This is an ideally effective technique of keeping pests out. Also, if your window glasses or panes are broken, repair them with immediate effect to block pests from entering. Sealing crevices and gaps around broken pipes, gutters, roofs, and walls is essential to eliminate deadly.

9. Treat your pets regularly

Cat fleas and lice are predominant pet’s pests. These biting bugs are easily picked up and brought indoors by home birds, and cats. Flea bites can cause eczema and horrible itchy on humans, so ensure you treat your pets frequently with verified pest treatment. Always make use of powerful suction vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dwelling place of your pets. Pet bedding should be washed regularly.

10. Seek pest control services

Even if the above-mentioned tips can assist in reducing the spread of dangerous pests in your home, you cannot absolutely eradicate them without expert assistance. Competent and certified pest control companies in Singapore are readily available to assist you in eliminating these deadly pests. Their professionals are qualified, well trained and make use of verified chemicals. These companies normally use safe disinfectants, pesticides and other certified chemicals only.

With these measures, you will rest assured that your home is hygienic and free from infectious pests. What more, pest control measures have been proved as less harmful and comparatively safer if recommended quantities are observed.