Top 20 Minute Exercises For Every Working Professional

Finger Exercises

Exercise 1

In any kind of working environment, the hands and fingers are very important. So, it is essential that exercises have to be given to the fingers so that the blood circulation is proper.

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Clench the fingers properly, also hold your breath for five seconds and then release the fingers along with breath.

Do these exercises on both hands.


Exercise 2

When you type on the keyboard or laptop, the fingers are kept in the same position as well as the hand.

These exercises will save you from the carpel tunnel syndrome.

Wrist exercises

  1. Keep the elbow on the table with the fingers stretched. Now fold the wrist so that the fingers point downwards. Release the breath and when the fingers extend upwards, hold the breath. Do this exercise five times.
  2. The fingers and wrist when stretched can be moved leftwards and rightwards ten times. The breathing pattern can be similar as explained in the previous point.
  3. The wrist is the most important part in the hand. You can hold your breath when you rotate the fingers in the clockwise direction and release when doing this exercise in the opposite direction.
Although you can get wrist or finger pain because of diabetes and obesity, the main factor in recent times is the carpel tunnel syndrome. Due to compression of the median nerve as only specific parts of the hand are worked, these exercises prevent the symptoms.


Elbow Exercise

Fold the elbow and rotate it clockwise five times. Do the same in the anticlockwise direction.

elbow exercise for strong hands

Ensure you hold the breath in the starting point and release it as you near the same point.

The arms are connected to the shoulder by means of elbow. Rotation helps in strengthening the muscles of the arms and shoulders.