Top 20 Minute Exercises For Every Working Professional

Back Exercises

Exercise 1

back exercises for preventing back pain

Lie down on the floor with your tummy touching the ground. Ensure you use a matt and do not lie on the ground.

Let your arms be near the chest.

Hold your breath and release it when you make the upper portion of the body move up as in the figure.


Exercise 2

best exercises

You will do this exercise in the similar fashion except that you lift the wrist and the fingers also above.

To keep the body straight and in fit condition, the abdominal muscles and back muscles play an important part. When they are weak, you get drooped shoulders, lack of energy, indigestion and various problems. Performing these exercises makes the muscles flexible and strong.


Hip Exercises

Exercise 1

Stand on your legs and keep the hands on the hip. Now hold your breath.

Extend the right leg sideways as you leave the breath.

Do it in the similar way.

Hip exercise for proper health

Exercise 2

Keep your hands on the floor and fold your knees. Hold your breath.

Release the breath as you ‘push’ the left leg making it parallel to the hip.

Repeat the same exercise with the right leg.

Hip exercise

Exercise 3

Hold your hands near the chest. Withdraw your breath.

Now lift the right leg and make it come to your shoulder in a straight line. Most important, release the breath.

The part which connects the upper portion of the body to the lower one. The muscles of the hip should be strong. If weak, there could be chances of injury. Performing these exercises will cause blood circulation and make the muscles flexible.