Top 20 Minute Exercises For Every Working Professional

Ankle Exercises

Exercise 1

Sit on a chair and extend your legs diagonally. Hold your breath as you rotate the ankle clockwise. Release the breath when you do the same anti-clockwise.

ankle exercises for strong legs


Exercise 2

You can sit in the same posture with the legs situated one feet apart. Placing the ankles in stationary position, you can make them go sideways while releasing the breath. Now withdraw the breath as you make the toes touch each other.


Ankle strength is important because the moment you get pain in the calves, hip or back, you start to limp. Remember, these exercises will make the muscles flexible and strong. Having weak ankles, you will be prone to sprains.


Heel Exercises

Exercise 1

Heel exercise for balance of body

Stand on your legs. Let the right leg and the left leg be divided by a 45 angle degree. Withdraw your breath. Both the legs should be separated by at least three feet. Now extend your body to touch the wall. The ankles will get exercised.



After completing the above mentioned exercises, you need to stretch yourself for one minute. Fold your knees and let it come in parallel with the hip. Now extend one leg while simultaneously moving the body in the same direction. While you are extending the body, release the breath.

stretches are best exercises

You can sit down with the legs extending from the hip in opposite directions. Now let both the hands’ fingers touch the feet and release the breath.


We have enlisted in this article more exercises for a specific body part like the shoulders. You can either do one of the exercises, but it will be beneficial if you can complete all of them. Do these exercises but remember breathing is important. Oxygen has to be supplied to the muscles to get the maximum benefit.