Top 8 Super Foods For Having Strong Bones


As yogurt is a fermented product (dairy), it works as acid neutralizer and do not possess the leaching effects of calcium.


easy available dairy food for increasing bone health


Kindly chose the fat-free plain yogurt type instead of settling of diverse ones as Greek yogurt. Your body can be intolerant to lactase, but you can have yogurt without any side effects due to conversion of lactose to galactose and glucose. The nutrients available in yogurt for strengthening of bones are vitamin B6, 12, calcium and protein.



To promote strong and healthy bones, you need to have this soy food as they contain calcium in large amounts and isoflavones (plant-based chemicals).


for strong bones


This food is for the lactose intolerant people who cannot take many of the diary products. Half-cup of this soy food can fulfill the daily recommended dose of calcium. It is recommended to buy fermented and organic soy products.


4.Sesame Seeds

The essential nutrients are magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B1, K and D. You can easily add them to the favorite salad or add them to fried vegetables. If you are intolerant of the taste of seeds, make use of sesame butter. The best addition to sesame seeds will be flax seeds – both can make a deadly contribution in provision of nutrients to the human body.


simple kitchen food for strengthening bones


The other important constituent is zinc, which assist in development of bone mineral density in the human body. Low intake of zinc in diet can lead to osteoporosis. Copper is another constituent, supporting blood vessel and bone health.  A quarter cup of calcium provides 351 milligrams of calcium. Also B-complex vitamins such as niacin, pyridoxine and riboflavin are present in abundant quantities.

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