10 Ways Having Sex Can Change You (Not Just Physically)

The very first time you have sex, your brain makes you wonder what it feels like? Would it be the way they show it in movies – all hot and amazing? Well, once you have sex, you will realize that it is not magical as they way they show you and there are not fireworks always. An awesome sex takes practice, time, and a right partner to reach there. Believe it or not, sex changes an individual in various ways. Make a note of these ten:

1. Sex Induces “Happy” Hormones

When a person has sex, the happy hormones or feel-good hormones called “endorphins” are released, which according to health experts are natural stress relievers and mood boosters. No wonder, a person feels a lot happier and contended after having sex. It helps in easing stress, boosts calmness, self-esteem, and pleasure. In fact, studies have also shown that people who have healthy intercourse responded greatly to stressful circumstances.

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2. Sex Is More Like A “Drug”

Yes, sex does make us feel good and happy. That is the reason why we all like it, want it, and spend a whole lot of time searching for mates. Well, apart from endorphins, the pleasure that we acquire from sex is mainly because of dopamine. It is a neurotransmitter, which activates the brain’s core part.

You will be surprised to know that dopamine is also a key chemical responsible for people to get high on some drugs. Well, having sex and taking cocaine don’t exactly feel the same; however, they do trigger the same brain parts. Besides this, chocolate, nicotine, and caffeine also have a similar effect.

best benefits of sex

3. Sex Relieves Pain. They are Better Than Painkillers

Many studies have already proven that sexual activity helps in releasing pain-reducing hormones.  It can lessen or block leg pain, back pain, and even the pain that women experience during menstrual cramps. Besides these, it helps in healing headaches and arthritis.

Also, you will be fascinated in reading the fact that intense emotions of love have the same effect on a person’s brain pain receptors just the way a paracetamol pill does.

So, do not skip your session just because you have a bad headache because research says that doing it might relieve the symptoms. According to a German study held in the year 2013, with about 60 percent of migraine sufferers and 30 percent of cluster headache sufferers reported total or partial relief after they had sex while suffering from headache.

4. Sex Works Like An Antidepressant

According to a 2002 research conducted at the University at Albany involving 300 women, women who had sex without condom experienced lesser depressive symptoms than the women who used condoms. In fact, experts hypothesized various compounds in the semen, including prostaglandin and estrogen, and showed to have multiple antidepressant properties. A person’s body then absorbed these qualities after he or she had sex. So, it is a great news for couples who are in a healthy, committed relationship. However, if you are still new to all this, ensure to use condoms.

5. Sex Can Help Treat Transient Amnesia

According to the statistics, for every 100,000 people, an estimated 7 suffer from “transient global amnesia.” It is defined as a sudden yet temporary memory loss. The forgetfulness may last for some minutes to even hours. However, the condition can be treated or the person can be reminded of his/her memories through vigorous sex.

benefits of sex6. Sex Makes You Smart

According to a study conducted at the University of Maryland, the researchers reported that regular sexual activity generated the creation of healthy, fresh neurons (or neurogenesis) in the brain and at the same time, enhanced cognitive function, and helped people think clearer.

Besides this, another research conducted in the year 2010 reported that sexual intercourse produces better cells in the hippocampus (a brain part that plays a key role in long-term memory). So, this concludes that sex can prevent dementia and memory loss.

7. Sex Decreases Stress & Anxiety Levels

Indulging in a sexual activity decreases stress and anxiety levels. There is a valid reason behind this and here’s the explanation: when a person is having sex, his or her brain obtains a scrumptious cocktail of neurotransmitters and hormones. However, the three important ones are:

  • Oxytocin (more often known as the bonding hormone)
  • Serotonin (or serenity hormone)
  • Dopamine (or feel-good hormone)

Now, a human’s brain is designed in a way to generously share these heady concoctions with other parts of the body, acting as a strong mood-enhancer. Further, it increases the overall well-being and relaxes you.

Also, orgasm helps in soothing the same brain part, which pharmaceutical antidepressants do. Probably, that’s the reason why depression and other mental issues are less common in individuals who regularly have sex.

8. Sex Induces Better Sleep

Well, it is a cliché that, a dude passes out after his sex. However, sexual indulgence can help both women and men to nod off. There are two great benefits of hitting that huge “O” – one: it makes you feel comfortable andtwo, it relaxes you. So, there is a tendency that you will want to snooze immediately. After and during sex, your brain releases strong hormones (norepinephrine, oxytocin, vasopressin, and serotonin) that trigger an urge to hug, cuddle or sleep.

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9. Sex Enhances Your Analytic Skills

According to scientists, the complete act of mindless sex helps in promoting more concrete and analytical thinking. When a human is in love, he or she typically focuses on a long-term view, which further enhances holistic thinking. The brain generates creative thoughts.

10. Sex Makes You Sharper Than What Sudoku Does

We all have been brought up playing and hearing that “puzzles” keep our brains active and sharp. Now, what if we tell you that sex did the same? Well, yes! According to Rutgers scientists, orgasms might be more effective in maintaining one’s cognitive health. This was concluded after studying some of the subjects’ brain MRIs when they experienced their orgasms. It is true that brain games activate some parts of the brain’s gray matter, but satisfying sex lightens the entire brain at once.

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