10 Killer Ways To Help Him Last Longer In Bed

It is no secret that men have a quicker time reaching their orgasms than women do. Well, being quick, fast, and early is certainly impressive in many areas of our lives, but definitely not when it comes to sex. In fact, if you have had sex with a man who finishes quickly, you would know how much of a bummer it could be for both of you. So, what little things could actually help your man last longer in bed? Let’s find out:

Believe it or not, premature ejaculation is one of the most common and distressing problems most men face. An estimated 45% of the men finish their sex too early – that is within 2 minutes. However, the average duration of a healthy sex should last at least for 7.3 minutes.[/su_box]

How To Last Longer In Bed For Men (And Women)?

1. A Rich Vegetarian Diet

how to Help Him Last Longer In Bed

Yes. That’s true. A healthy vegetarian diet can help your partner last longer in bed. Vegetarians are well admired for their sturdy stance, energy, and stamina in bed.

Vegan diet, which is enriched with fruits and green leafy vegetables, can provide sustainable energy. Say, for instance, bananas are rich in potassium, a mineral that assists in the production of sex hormones and increases energy.

Many studies have demonstrated that vegetarians tend to have two times the strength of non-vegetarians. According to a research published in the Yale Medical Journal, half of the non-vegetarian participants in the group were sedentary when compared to the vegan participants.

The test was carried out in an extremely simple manner. The researchers asked the non-vegans to hold their arms outstretched. The reports revealed that only 13% of athletes (meat eaters) could hold their arms for 15 minutes whereas 69% of the vegetarian athletes could do for longer. This proves that vegetarian diet increases stamina and this applies to sex as well. So, the next time, you feel like craving for meat, switch to few natural super foods.

2. Ask Him To Slow Down


To help your man last longer in sex, ask him to start slow. Tell him to only aim for 1 thrust for every few seconds. Gradually, take it to the notch or to a point where the thrust is in every second. If you feel that, he is going to ejaculate, tell him to stop thrusting. Wait for a few seconds so that he can control himself and begin all over again.

3. Ask Him To Masturbate Beforehand

Now, if you have seen the movie “There’s Something About Mary,” then you would know that indulging in intercourse without masturbating is almost like “going on the battlefield without loading a gun!” Experts say that masturbating 1-2 hours ahead of sex time makes it hard for a male to come quickly. He can easily be aroused again with intimate and slow foreplay. So, initially, the man’s excitement levels are satisfied and later, he can pace himself to synchronize with his girl’s rhythm.

4. Try Perpendicular Positions


Well, this is technically a little outer-course position; however, it is the best way to avoid a penis’s most sensitive regions (particularly, the underside of the penis head, where most nerves are situated). Just don’t enter her. Instead, allow her to slide back & forth at the top of the shaft.

5. Use Thicker Condoms

Make sure to use protection while having sex, especially when you are not in a committed relationship. And switch to using thicker condoms if you want him to stay long. Even if you are not used to using condoms, try one because it probably will dull the sensations for him and simultaneously, keep you to last long. Also, make sure to get something that will fit correctly for him. Never do the mistake of doubling on the condoms because that will only lead to problems.

6. Squeeze The Penis’s Base

This is an old trick, which is often credited to two popular sex researchers named Masters & Johnson. If he is about to get his orgasm, ask him to squeeze the part that is below the penis’s head. Or even better, it can be done with a cock ring. This will literally stop him to ejaculate. Just think of it like bending a small hose in half in order to stop the water flow. But don’t take this example seriously and end up bending the penis in half. You just have to give a slight firm grip with your forefinger and thumb. The pressure has to be on the urethra (a tube that runs beneath the penis).

This “squeeze” technique helps him last longer by pushing the blood off the penis and decreasing the sexual tension momentarily, which in turn, represses the actual ejaculatory response.

7. Take Advantage Of His Refractory Period

besy ways to make him last long

Sexual activity doesn’t have to be limited to just one session because this is something that will not work for all.

Lisa Thomas, a marriage therapist, suggests starting things once again after he has ejaculated because most men tend to experience lesser sensitivity at the second or subsequent erection. This could do the trick for you.

8. Try Something Extraordinary

If it has been a while now with your partner, then it is obvious for you to know when he ejaculates and what sex positions can make him come quickly. The same regimen can anticipate different things. Hence, try new positions because that will trick him to distract as well as stay longer. You can also try Viagra if you are old, but want some action in your sex life, here you can buy online Viagra . Well, when it comes to sex, the more new and awkward, the better it is!

9. Take Turns


To ensure that both of you last longer in bed, the ultimate rule is to just “take turns.” Many couples involve in having sex with continuous give-&-take pleasure mode, which means that they kiss, touch, and arouse each other simultaneously. Taking turns will help in making your sex more contented while ensuring that you two last longer in bed.

In short, taking turns is more like what a giver and a receiver do. A giver’s job is to relax while a receiver’s task is to receive/acquire as much as satisfaction or pleasure he/she could.

10. Don’t Think About Orgasms. Go In The Flow

The result of sex is not “orgasm” always, and if you are going to keep that in mind and involve, then you wouldn’t be enjoying what you should. Your brain will be stuck up thinking about when you will get it and miss out many things in the process. So, stop looking orgasms as an objective. Rather, you should just slow down and focus on other sensations that come along with sex. Of course, orgasms are amazing but sex that lasts for 7.2 minutes are even greater.