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What to Do When You Experience Pain for No Reason?

Pain that simply won’t go away is a life-altering and potentially debilitating issue. When pain doesn’t seem to have an objective, treatable cause or at least not anymore, your regular doctor’s office might be at a loss on what to prescribe you.

The only solution is such cases is to resort to a steady diet of painkillers, but it’s obviously not recommendable on the long-term. A prolonged intake of painkillers brings with it a host of other issues, ranging from increased tolerance (and thus, ineffectiveness) to addiction and other unpleasant side effects.

One of the hardest types of pain to overcome is a chronic back pain. The delicate nerve system around the human spine is still not wholly understood by doctors, and very hard to repair once something in it becomes over-sensitized. It’s no wonder that the civilized world has known a boom of pain therapists in the past two decades.

This type of pain is most often experienced by those of us who are also struggling with a bit of extra weight. Therefore, we thought the back pain would be a perfect example of issue which needs to be approached with extra caution.

In today’s guide, we will share with you what needs to be done when experiencing a chronic pain, beyond the control of traditional medicine. It applies perfectly to back pain, but also to most other types of pain that doesn’t go away. According to the experts from, there can be many hidden causes for chronic pain that are simply undiagnosed insofar.

Possible Causes of Chronic Pain (That You Need to Look Into):

Pain for No Reason

  • A subtle misalignment of the spine’s vertebrae (hard to see and feel outside of an X-ray machine);
  • Anterior cord syndrome (especially if the chronic pain becomes manifest after an injury);
  • Chronic constipation (yes, this condition of the digestive system can also lead to chronic back pain);
  • Significant weight gain over the last months or year (more pressure on the spine due to the extra weight to be carried around);
  • Antalgic gait (a condition of your feet), if you experience chronic pain when walking.

The point is that all of these conditions are more likely to be developed by people struggling with extra weight but aren’t reserved only to them. Therefore, even if your BMA is regular, if you are going from doctor’s office to doctor’s office with a case of recurring pain with no apparent reason, you should definitely look into these particular causes.

A good spine doctor (whether they are a chiropractor or a neurosurgeon, for the more serious cases) will be able to guide you to further after you take the matter to them. For example, they will tell you if you need to complete more procedures for an accurate diagnosis or solve the mystery on the spot just after the initial check-up.

Top 5 Things to Do for Alleviating Pain With No Reason

Besides pursuing the hidden causes behind your chronic pain (via some more doctor’s visits), there are some lifestyles changes you can make for managing chronic pain better. While they cannot provide a complete cure, especially in the absence of a correct diagnosis, they can take the edge off considerably.

Also, the key fact is that such lifestyle changes have a positive effect on your levels of pain experience because they impact your overall health in a positive way, too. So even if you’re not sure which of the changes you implement is the one that has good results for pain alleviation, doing your best to adopt all will definitely not hurt.

1. Sleep More

Getting a consistent 7-8 hours of sleep (and even more, if you feel good after resting) can be a crucial factor in alleviating any type of chronic pain.

2. Quit Drinking Alcohol

Pain for No Reason

The occasional glass can have some health benefits, especially if your drink of choice is wine. Still, if you’re dealing with chronic pain, it’s safer to abstain from any type of alcohol, as it can overstimulate the nerves and make it worse the next day.

3. Try Light Yoga and Meditation

Both these activities are linked with significant levels of pain reduction, almost touching on the miraculous.

4. Plug off From Your Devices

Pain for No Reason

Surprisingly or not, but the longer you use your electronic devices (phone, tablet, iPod and so on), the worse your chronic pain can get. Do something else for a change: cook a light meal, go for a walk etc.

5. Indulge Yourself With Massages

As if you need another reason for getting a nice massage, right? Its effects of diminishing pain will perhaps persuade you to have one regularly, even daily if it makes you feel better.

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