What To Pack For The Hospital When Having A Baby?

So, what to pack for the hospital when having a baby? If this is something you are literally looking for then you are at the right spot. Packing those things is really a daunting job. It is always good to be prepared before the delivery date. The below listed are the things, which new moms found helpful during their deliveries and labor.

What To Pack For The Hospital When Having A Baby?

What To Pack For The Hospital When Having A Baby

It is time to have all your things gathered, as you will need all these during your labor and once the baby is been born. Even though you aren’t planning for the hospital birth, there are chances that the birth goes unexpectedly. Hence, always have your bag packed well in advance by the time you’re 36-weeks pregnant.

Every hospital varies in its policies and the kind of things permitted to bring inside while having a baby. You might like taking a few pieces of stuff from your home like pillows just to make the hospital environment little personal. But keep in mind – hospitals are shorter in space. Take things accordingly. Consider packing up 2 bags – one for your labor & other comprising things for the baby.

What To Pack For The Labor?

Packing for your labor requires the below-listed things

  • An ID of yourself picture id something like the License Id or some other id. Name and the mobile number of your baby’s doctor. Check with your hospital’s birth center before the child is born to complete any paperwork. Ask whether you need to bring your medical records ( If you live in long away from your medical provider and you are previously getting any treatment related to some other disease it’s good to have medical records with you).
  • Eye Glasses, if you are mum who wears your eyeglasses take them with you. If you do use contact lenses, it’s not good to wear at a birth center or generally in the hospital when you get admission. Note: When you are planned for C-section, you will be asked to remove the contact lenses before the procedure begins.
  • If you are admitted to have normal pregnancy or if you are at low-risk complications, you are allowed to have snacks or some light meals. Get healthy snacks. Ask in your hospital whether you can have a light meal at the labor session.
  • Dressing Gown = This is mandatory, as it will be very useful while pacing the hospital corridor in earlier labor. You will even need one for the postnatal ward. Since hospitals are warm, a lightweight will be better. Moreover, get a dark-colored gown so that you can hide the stains.
  • Socks = During labor, it is natural for a woman to have cold feet. Socks will help you keep them warm.
  • Old T-Shirt Or A Nightdress = You can wear this in labor. At this stage, you will probably get messy, so never buy anything new.
  • A Good-Quality Lotion Or Massage Oil = You can take this if you would want to have a massage during the labor.
  • Birth Ball = This thing can help you greatly during labor. Just check if the hospital has an ideal size. If there isn’t any, make sure to pack them up. Remember to take a plump so that your spouse can inflate for you.
  • Lip Balm = Pouts easily dries out at this time so keep a good natural lip balm by your side.
  • Things For Time-Pass = A tablet, MP3 players, magazines or books can be of great help.
  • Clips Or Hair Bands = For longer hairs, it is better to have some bands and clips in your bag to have them tied up.
  • Pillows = A hospital may not have sufficient pillows to keep you comfortable. Better to have that V-Shaped pillow taken from your home for extra support.

What Should You Pack For Your Spouse?

Since that you have now learned what to pack for the hospital when having a baby, the next confusion arises when you’re packing for your partner. Of course, he will be right there with you supporting you all the time during your delivery – so pack a bag for him too. What should they include? Note these down.

  1. Hand-held Fan Or Water Spray = To Have him cooled when you are in labor.
  2. Shoes = Obviously, they might be pacing those hospital corridors!
  3. Extra Clothes = He may not get sufficient time to shower. Better to keep extra clothes so that he can change.
  4. Snacks & Drinks = You certainly don’t want a hungry and dehydrated partner taking care of you. So keep some healthy snacks & drinks in the bag.
  5. These big events must be documented. Take a Camcorder with you. It will help you to shoot a video at a high Pixel. Normally hospitals do not allow you to videotape the labor procedure itself. But you are allowed to take video before and after the birth time.
  6. If you use phone at the time of labor to take video and photos, charge it fully. and do not forget your charger with you. And do bring a portable charger with you.

What To Pack After Birth?

The topic about what to pack for the hospital when having a baby doesn’t end here, there is still more for you to know. After your baby’s birth, you will need a few things as well. They are listed below.

  1. Good Outfit To Wear = Once you give birth to your little one, you will need a good loose outfit to wear when you are at the hospital & journey to home. Since it takes little time for the tummy to get into its original size — better to have your maternity wears.
  1. Nursing Bars = It is better to bring 2 or 3.
  1. Breast pads = Bring few
  1. Maternity Pads = Some packs would be of great help
  1. T-Shirt or Nightshirt = Since it’s your early breastfeeding days, front-open shirts will be always helpful at such times.
  1. Toiletries = When it comes down to what to pack for the hospital when having a baby, toiletries are always must. Pour them in smaller bottles since you’ll be sweating the hell out after the birth. Better to keep a deodorant.
  1. Hairbrush, Towels, Toothpaste, and Toothbrush = Don’t miss these!
  1. Cheap, Disposable Or Old Knickers = Never ever do the mistake of bringing your new or best ones since they will be all messed. It is good to bring some cotton knickers, which will be quite useful if you end up with a cesarean. Cotton ones won’t rub the wound.

What To Pack For Your Baby?

 Now, is the fun part. When it comes to what to pack for the hospital when having a baby, these are the things you will need for your little one.

  1. Vests & Sleep-suits = 2 to 3
  1. A Cozy Baby Blanket = On the question asked — what to pack for the hospital when having a baby, this is something you should never forget. It’s newly born and to keep the little one warm and comfortable – a baby blanket is mandatory.
  2. Nappies = Your little one will go about 12-times per day. At such times, nothing can be a better gift than nappies to you.
  3. Booties and Socks – 1 pair
  4. Baby Car Seat = Few hospitals will never let you leave the car unless you got this.

I hope this post about what to pack for the hospital when having a baby has been useful to you. If you feel I have missed anything, which you think is too important then do write them in the comments section.


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