What Vegans Can Eat & Can’t Eat ?

what vegans can not eat

We have heard of vegetarian but what is veganism and who are vegans? Vegetarian and Veganism are the same or it’s a different one? If you have these questions in mind, you are welcome on board.  Vegetarian and veganism are not the same. They are a different one. So what vegans can eat and they can’t eat. We give you a list. Just read on.

What Is Veganism & Who Is Vegan?

Both Vegetarian and Veganism look similar to each other but their diet plans do have some important changes. Their nutritional modes ( vegetarianism and vegan diet) are different from each other.

Vegetarian Vs Vegan
The Vegan diet can be considered as an ascended version of a vegetarian diet. A Vegetarian usually does not consume meat, eggs, seafood, etc. However, the vegans go a step further and they strictly do not consume or use anything originated from animal sources such as eggs, meats, seafood, dairy products or use of fur or leather, etc.

It may sound a bit difficult to follow, but these days many people are adopting the Vegan lifestyle happily. Vegan lifestyle offers you an opportunity to protect the lives of innocent animals which are sacrificed to fulfill human desires. The Vegan lifestyle has many advantages which may help the health and environment to improve and acts as an effort towards living a sacrificing life without harming others.

Before turning into a vegan, one must be worried as to what are the available options for vegans and also about the ease of the availability of the food. To tell you, it’s a myth that numbers of food options are limited for vegans and it is difficult also to find vegan food at restaurants or in markets. Vegan food is available at the normal to high-fi restaurants. Vegan healthy meal, Vegan snacks, Vegan makeup items everything is available today.

There have been many reasons for people opting for a vegan lifestyle. Some may opt it for health reasons and others due to their religious belief. Sometimes, it is the ethical value which drives a person to opt for a Vegan diet.  With the changing scenario, the health reasons for opting for a vegan diet are found to be the most attractive these days as it helps maintain your body in a good shape.

What Vegans Can Eat?

What can you eat as a vegan? It does not mean if you are a vegan, then you have to survive on vegetables without any variety. These days so many grocery stores have been supplying vegan foods. Further plenty of vegan dishes are available around full of taste and flavor. Some examples of vegan food list include Nut butter, Pasta pizzas, Tofu, Sandwiches, Choline rich food, Veg burger, etc. You can find the vegan recipes over the internet and through Youtube. While selecting the food in a vegan lifestyle, importance must be given to the nutrients in it in order to avoid any deficiency. Now let’s see what vegans eat in a day.

  • Beans– Beans are tasty, add variety and color to food and at the same time act as a good source of proteins.
  • Lentils– Lentils too are a good source of proteins. Being vegan, you must include lentils in your diet.
  • Tofu– The paneer made from Soy milk is known as Tofu. It is healthy and the source is not animal dependent.
  • Seitan– Another Kind of protein is derived from Gluten of the wheat. It is also not derived from animal sources, yet a healthy and tasty substitute for dairy products in a vegan diet.
  • Tempeh– A cake kind of eatable structure formed of Soy originated in South East Asia especially Indonesia. The soy granules get bind together to form a cake called Tempe or Tempeh.
  • Nuts-A rich source of nutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals, Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts originated from plant sources are a delight in a vegan diet.
  • Seeds– Sesame seeds, Quinoa seeds, melon seeds and many other kinds of seeds, all derived from plants origin, can be freely eaten by Vegans in various forms.
  • Milk – Dairy products can easily be replaced with plant milk. Scrambled eggs can be replaced with scrambled Tofu and Chia seeds can be a replacement for raw eggs. Chia seeds act as a good source of fiber too in your body.
  • Sweetening Syrup – These days plant-origin sweetening syrups such as maple Syrup and Rice syrup are available which can replace honey in your vegan diet.

What Vegans (Can) Not Eat?

A vegan diet is different from vegetarian as they don’t eat the following items.

Non Vegetarian Food Items 

Meats and eggs and seafood or any other additional items derived from these such as Gelatin and collagens are not eaten by vegans.

Strictly Skipping Dairy Products 

For a vegan philosophy, the dairy products are also derived from animal sources. Therefore, a vegan meal plan does not contain dairy products like milk, paneer, curd, yogurt and ice creams, creams, etc.  However, these days with the increasing number of vegan followers, the Vegan version of these dairy products are available in markets which are not originated from animal resources.

Butter, Ghee, And Other Animal Fats Are A Strict No

This is the main feature which makes vegan diet healthier and less calorie also. However, their replacement can be done by plant-derived oils such as Olive oil, Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil.

Excluding what vegans can’t eat and including what vegans can eat it forms a very beautiful diet plan for a vegan lifestyle. Researchers have proven that a vegan lifestyle is a boon and helps reduce body weight and brings a healthier life. It is also proved that by following the vegan diet you can reverse cardiovascular diseases. It’s not possible with any other diet plans available. If you are an animal lover you can also opt for the Vegan lifestyle and start saving the animals. It is primarily based on the philosophy of sacrifice and not on expecting animal sacrifice for one’s own self. We can experiment by opting the vegan lifestyle to get its benefits.

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