What Will My Baby Look Like?

Pregnancy is certainly one of the most beautiful and precious moments in a woman’s life. If you are pregnant, the one question you may be curious as well as be puzzled of is — what will my baby look like? Obviously, you would have spent most of your time imagining about the sweet little thing forming inside you but might not have got the clear picture, right? To be honest, there isn’t any exact way to know how will your baby look like but you can make a smart guess. It all comes down to the so-called “genetics” and we will explain you how.

How Will My Baby Look Like? – 8 Factors That Determine

What Will My Baby Look Like

So, what will my baby look like? And how genetics help in determining a baby’s gender? Well, here are few things that will help you know this:

1. Eye Color

Assume that you and your spouse have nice brown eyes. So, does this mean that your baby will have dark brown eyes too? Well, not really. In fact, no. If both the parents are brown-eyed, they can have a blue-eyed baby too. However, this is less common but the reverse is possible. As in, 2 blue-eyed parents can have a brown-eyed baby. When it comes to biology, “genes” conclude a human’s eye color. “One gene may say – let’s make plenty of blue while another may say – let’s make little brown”. It is more like “color layering”. In the mean time, other genes control the pigment amount. Hence, excess blue pigment could lessen the brown or chances are that a slight difference can emerge. According to Robin Bennett, a genetic counselor at Washington University Of Medical Genetics (in Seattle), genes aren’t that recessive and dominant but can have lesser as well as stronger effects. Both dominant as well as recessive genes help in making the product.

2. Hair Color

Consider that you have bright red tresses while your husband has blond hair, so does that mean your baby will inherit the bolder color? Frankly, there are no guarantees on this. However, you may indeed acquire another carrot-top if there is a redhead on your husband’s side. A true bright redhead should have 2 copies of recessively expressed gene. It is hard to believe the fact that only 1 – 2% humans have natural red hair, pale eyes and freckled skin. This classic color combination is a part of genetic package. It could be invisibly carried from generations to generations, later astounding 2 dark or blonde-haired parents. In the mean time, your kids can have a huge difference in hair color. This is when “gene reshuffling” happens with each of your child. Hence, it is hard to give an exact answer to the question – what will my baby look like?

3. Baldness

To predict if your son will be bald some day or not, you have to look at his mom’s father. The probability that he will be bald is determined if his maternal granddad is bald or not. This is because the male-pattern baldness is inherited in the X-chromosome, passing from fathers, then to daughters to their sons and so on… Shortly, if the mother’ father is bald, it means that he has passed down an baldness X-chromosome gene to her, which she further passes to her sons.

4. Spitting Image

Have you ever wondered why kids look much like their sisters and brothers? This is because about half of the baby’s genes are accurate copies of his or her sibling’s genes. However, a couple can have a child, who doesn’t resembles like his or her sibling. If this is the case, the baby might have shared 50% less genes than that of his or her siblings. During conception, genes tend to mutate and vary slightly, dramatically affecting the child’s overall appearance.

5. Physical Appearance

Let’s assume that your spouse has dimples or let’s say someone in any one of your family sides. So, does this mean your baby will have dimples too? The answer is an absolute “yes”. Dimples are said to be dominant. To see this dominant trait, it is important that only 1 parent has this feature to pass it to his or her offspring. Similarly, your kid can inherit yours or your partner’s cleft chin, rolling tongue, freckles, hairy earlobes and widow’s peak. According to Robin Bennett, these are some predictable traits running in various families across the world.

6. Height

Can 1 short parent and 1 tall parent produce their offspring somewhere in the mid? Generally, yes! Going with the thumb rule, you are supposed to take the average height of both the parents and add two inches for a baby boy and subtract two inches for a baby girl. As far as the biology is considered, 2 short and 2 tall parents can likely have short and tall kids respectively. However, rules can be broken. A gene doesn’t acts alone. Height is claimed to be a very polygenic trait. Also, environmental factors like improper nutrition can prevent the kid from reaching his/her possible height. In short, 2 average-heighted parents can either have a little pixie or a basketball center.

7. Weight

Yet another genetic factor to consider for the question – what will my baby look like is none other than “weight”. If you and your partner happen to be fat, the one thing that worries you is – will my baby be overweight too? Will my baby inherit those health issues that come with obesity? According to research and studies, heavier or obese parents tend to have overweight kids. This is due to that one gene that increases weight in a child. On an average, a kid, who inherits such a variant from every parent, will be 6.6 pounds – 8.8 pounds heavier. But this doesn’t mean that a family is doomed to be fat. “Fat” is more of a multifactorial trait, which means that both environmental and genetic factors contribute to this expression. The best bet is to practice good nutrition and regular exercising during pregnancy.

8. Special Skills

Sometimes people say that smart couples have smarter kids. So, how far is this true? Well, this is true to some extent because such parents not only hand down excellent IQs but also encourage their children into learning. Believe it or not, talking, reading and even sitting together for dinner for a great family conversation develops a positive attitude in kids. And to do this as a parent, you don’t have to spend money.

Similarly, musical giftedness – particularly, perfect pitch is in the kid’s gene. However, researchers say that it requires to be nurtured in the early stage (before he or she turns 7) with regular training. Making such necessary connections sooner will increase the natural ability of a kid. Now, the same goes for a kid, who has natural athletic ability. A naturally gifted athlete is never become an inspiration for others by just hanging around. Practice makes it better.

Hence, with the above 8 factors, couples can come with a rough idea as to what their baby will look like. However, if you still want a better picture, we will list you 6 best baby picture generator apps to make use of.

6 Best Baby Picture Generator Apps To Determine Your Baby’s Looks

We would like to clear you that even the best baby maker generator app can only show you the possible outcome. Hence, don’t expect that your baby will be exactly the way the app displays it to you.

1. MakeMeBabies (Online And Free)

“MakeMeBabies” is a well-known free online baby picture generator that uses advanced face-detection technology to help you guess what your baby will look like. All you have to do is to upload your picture and your spouse’s picture. There you go! You will have your baby in few seconds. The best of all, you can even merge your picture with celebrities and unveil how will the baby look like. Sounds interesting? Also, you can share it on Facebook, tweet it or even mail your baby pictures from an iPhone? Click the link below to try it.

2. FutureBaby (Online And Free)

Yet another amazing online app that answers your question – what will my baby look like is none other than “Future Baby”. It has easy navigations and a simple interface. You just have to your picture and your partner’s picture. The software then generates the possible face of your future baby. The best thing – you don’t even have to signup.

3. MorphThing (Online And Free)

This popular app is a great way to determine how your future baby will look like. Once you open the website, you will see a big button named “Start Morphing”. Click on it. You will then be redirected to the actual morphing page, where you are supposed to upload you and your partner’s picture. Once both the pictures are uploaded, select the skin tone of each person and the gender of your baby. Finally click the button “Morph Baby”. There you go – you will have your baby’s picture made in seconds.

4. BabyPictureMaker (Online And Free)

“BabyPictureMaker” has expert quality assurance and utilizes a special face recognition algorithm to create highly probable picture of your baby. All you have to do is to upload your picture and your partner’s picture. The app automatically produces the most suitable look. Once this analysis is complete, an expert confirms the generated picture and then it is sent to your email.

5. KnowYourFutureBaby (Free For Android)

This android app helps you picture how will your baby look like. Just upload your picture and your partner’s picture from gallery. Then the application generates an image of your future baby. It has been rated with 3.9 stars and requires 5.5MB memory and an android version of 2.3 or above.

Download Here

6. MakeABabyBooth (Free For Apple Devices)

“MakeABabyBooth” makes use of unparalleled face blending methods to determine your baby’s facial characteristics. Once you download and install this app on your Apple device, you need to upload the pictures. Once this is done, the app automatically generates your future baby’s picture in seconds. You can even share this with your friends via Facebook, text and Twitter. This app is compatible with all the versions of iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

Download Here

7.Your Baby (Android/ iPhone)

 One of the highly used applications available on google play store and the ios store. With one million downloads in store, this application helps in generating the feature of your future baby. The application run on a simple user interface that is simple to use and understand.

All you need to do is download it and then upload the picture of you and your partner. You can adjust the skin lines and other features. Then click on the generate picture option, and voila! You have a picture of your future baby.

The best part is that the application is available  free of cost and is available on both android and iPhone play stores.

Download Here

8.Baby Maker: Predicts Baby Face (Android / iPhone)

 The baby maker app is available on google android as well as the iPhone store app. Just download the application and add in your picture and the picture of your partner. Then you can adjust the fine lines and correct it for an appropriate prediction. Further, click on the generate button and get a picture of your future baby.

The application is easy to use and easy to understand. All you need to do is download it, add in the picture of you and your partner and go ahead to generate the prediction of your future baby.

Download Here

9.My Future Baby Face Prank

 This application is best used to play a prank on your partner. All you need to do is add in you and your partner’s picture and then generate the picture of the baby. You can then send this picture to your friends and family members, to give them a glimpse of your future child. Just download it on your phone and send it over to people. The interface is pretty easy to use and understand.

Download Here

Apart From Baby Generator Apps, Is There Any Serious Technology To Help You Determine Your Baby’s Looks?

If you are serious about knowing your future baby’s looks, then certainly you might not be interested in using those apps. There is a highly advanced DNA simulation technology, which shows how your baby will look like. This new, revolutionary DNA simulation approach is FBI-grade software, meaning that it is something that even the FBI uses it to replicate a subject’s face. Say for example, if the FBI suspects a criminal and they want his or her present picture, they will just get the criminal’s picture (probably 10 years old) and run the picture through this DNA technology. Finally, the suspect’s looks will be revealed, as in how he or she looks today. According to them, this is almost 90% accurate. The process of this technology is straightforward and simple. Just upload your photo and your partner’s photo. Your partner could be your spouse, a celebrity or your crush. This amazing DNA simulation technology then shows what your baby will look like.

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