When Do Babies Crawl?

Being new to parenting has its own challenges, as well as privileges. You are responsible for the well-being and health of the newborn. Not only the health, but you have to take care of the baby’s psychological well-being too. Raising a baby for the first time keeps many questions hovering over your mind. When do babies crawl? When do babies start speaking? When do babies start smiling? – These are some questions that usually keep you curious. Do not worry. We are here to tell you most relevant things related to the growth milestones of your baby. Read on.


How Do Babies Learn Crawling ?

 Remember those times when the babies just lies sleeping or awake on his tummy. During these times, the babies develop their neck and shoulder muscles. Thus, they get acquainted with the art of holding their head and shoulder high and then supporting their entire body on their elbows. Then, they go ahead and try some other stunts, so that their core muscles can become strong enough, so that they can learn the art of crawling, such as:

  • The plank style. (They hold themselves on their hands and legs)
  • Pivotal turns
  • Balancing themselves on their shoulders and knees and going back and forth.
  • Moving ahead a
  • Moving ahead and then sliding backwards a bit.

It is not mandatory that before crawling babies will learn all the moves. Instead, they will be able to master any one of them for sure. Secondly, it is not a sure shot thing that babies will learn sitting upright before crawling. In fact, it so happens that the babies start doing belly crawling, before they even learn to sit up properly.

You can surely help your baby learn these moves. The best thing to do would be get down on the floor and make eye contact with the baby. Try to have a conversation with the baby and try to smile. Try holding the head of the baby up. Slowly and slowly, the baby will get stronger. Encourage the baby to come closer to you as you keep going ahead on this exercise,

In case, your baby is not able to move ahead properly, then try teaching the forward propulsion technique. Encourage the baby to move forward and then support the toes of the baby, while the baby tries to push backwards.

When Do Babies Crawl?

Most of the babies start to crawl when they are between 6 months and 9 months of age. By the time their first birthday arrives, they are likely to crawl well and be able to explore their surroundings by that. Remember that some babies will never enter the crawling phase and will move around by shuffling their bottoms instead. Some babies directly start to pull up, stand and walk. What matters is that your baby should be mobile at an appropriate age and not the way in which your baby does it.  So after having known the age of starting to crawl, you might also be eager to know- When do babies start smiling? Generally, babies start to smile when they are 6 weeks to 8 weeks old. But there is no rigidity about this fact. Some babies may start it earlier or later too. Moreover, newborns smile when they are asleep, but may hesitate to smile when they are awake.

Precautions To Take When Baby Starts Crawling

Once your baby learns to crawl, she will start exploring the world around her. You should try to encourage her as much as you can to keep her active and increase her ability to learn. But at the same time you should be careful about all the potential dangers that your baby will come across while crawling. Keep the following things in mind:

  • Keep your floor clean and dry. Babies who are teething have a habit of putting everything in their mouth. So be careful not to have any harmful objects on the floor. Even if your baby doesn’t put anything in the mouth, there is a possibility that she might get hurt or infected. Also, the floor should not be wet so that your baby does not slip. If the baby is hurt or falls shockingly while crawling or walking, it can prove to be a great discouragement for her.
  • If you have a fireplace in your house, get some gates attached to it. Fire always attracts the minds of babies and they tend to go towards it. Moreover, get some stair gates fixed in your stairways. Babies learn to cross the stairways much later.
  • Cover all the electric sockets so that your baby might not insert fingers inside. Also, be careful to get all the loose wiring fixed.
  • When the babies crawl, they tend open the drawers and the cabinets in the home. So installing latches is the most preferred step to take.
  • Check for all the sharp corners of the furniture, as well.

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