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Why Is Castor Oil A Popular Remedy To Lessen Scars?

Scars can occur on your skin one way or another, sometimes due to acne, other times because of wounds that do not heal properly. While acne or wound itself is painful, it’s the scars left behind that truly pose a problem of emotional stress. Luckily, there are safe and inexpensive remedies to reduce the appearance of scars—one of the most popular ones being castor oil.

Castor Oil: A Possible Life-Changer for Scarring Problems?

Are you stressed about the scars on your face and body, longing to eliminate those stubborn marks as quickly as possible? Try the natural remedy of castor oil application if you want to minimize scars and smoothen skin in a short period of time.

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Not all scar remedies undergo clinical testing and receive approval from experts in the field. However, castor oil stands out as a tried and tested solution. Castor oil comes from the castor bean, coveted for its medicinal properties since ancient Egyptian times.

It is a great help to skin, which can be a tad surprising from a viscous oil. Studies show that castor oil amps up skin cell growth and increases collagen fibers, as well as repair skin tissue.

Castor oil is a superb solution for minimizing scars due to its key ingredient: ricinolein acid. This fatty acid not only helps fade constantly emerging acne scars but also works wonders on stubborn old wound scars.

How Does Castor Oil Target Scarring? 

When treating acne scars with castor oil, you may most probably start to notice results almost immediately. Wound scars however typically take longer when you use castor oil to lighten them. Let’s find out how castor oils works its magic:

1. Speeds up the healing process

Right off the bat, castor oil is rich in fatty acids that provide moisture and up your skin’s hydration levels. Apply it to your skin regularly, and gently massage it onto any acne and wound scars. What you do is provide your skin with nourishment to heal faster.

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The ricinolein acid in castor oil contains antimicrobial properties as well. Since bacteria and fungus are a big reason behind delaying wound healing, castor oil protects your skin—particularly the scars. And, since this oil has a good absorption rate if applied carefully over affected areas, it promotes scar healing and lightening from the inside out.

2. Clears up open pores

Open skin pores are basically a settling ground for dust, dead skin cells, and various pollutants. This is not ideal if you are in the process of trying to minimize scars, since the skin over scar tissue is often much thinner and sensitive than the surrounding area.

Thus, open pores need meticulous cleansing so that you can maintain healthy skin. By adding organic, high-quality castor oil into your skincare regimen, you can minimize open pores. Castor oil is also an excellent choice for removing makeup, keeping chemical particles from settling into pores—over the scars and overall skin.

3. Acts as an exfoliating product

Think of castor oil as your multi-purpose skincare solution. It soothes the skin and lessens scars, plus acts as a gentle exfoliator.

By getting rid of dead skin cells and impurities, it keeps bacteria and oil at bay. These impurities when embedded into your skin, keep the scars from getting better, possibly even making them more obvious. Castor keeps impurities from worsening scars.

Provides essential nutrients to skin…

Castor oil is a treasure trove of nutrients: ricinolein acid, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, phenolic acids, amino acids, and more. These work harmoniously to give your skin a radiant and healthy glow. Moreover, vitamins and minerals help lessen scars by promoting healthier skin.

Incorporate castor oil into your skincare routine, and chances are that you will soon enjoy a near-perfect complexion.

4. Prevents new acne formation

Hormonal changes, sugary diets, pollution, UV rays, and other factors now work stronger than ever these days—resulting in mild to severe acne formation. And these breakouts and pimples leave behind scars too.

By dealing with pimples and blackheads as quickly as possible, and keeping new ones from surfacing, castor oil provides preventative treatment for scars.

5. Minimizes stretch marks…

If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight in a very short span of time, chances are you’ve got stretch marks up all over your body.

It can be embarrassing wearing off-shoulder tops and shorter bottoms when you have extensive stretch marks that almost take the appearance of scarring. Lucky for you, castor oil is one of the top natural solutions for lightening stubborn stretch marks.

How To Use Castor Oil To Lessen Scars

Step 1: Wash the scar area well with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser. By cleaning the area, you eliminate surface oils and residue from skincare products and makeup that can hinder the efficiency of castor oil.

Step 2: Use a clean finger or a cotton swab to dab a small amount of castor oil on the scar. When it comes to castor oil, a little goes a long way. You’re aiming to gently soften the scar tissue and address any inflammation.

Step 3: Gently massage the castor oil on the scar for at least three minutes. This stimulates blood flow and improves nutrient absorption. Best of all, massaging the castor oil means you set push the skin healing process!

After you’re done, wash your hands well to keep the castor oil from spreading. Don’t forget, it stains easily, and the marks stay for a long time!

Repeat this castor oil routine once or twice every day. And remember, you’ll have to be patient, as it takes some time before your scars start to lighten.

Note: Castor oil allergy is not very common, but you can be on the list! Halt the use of castor oil if your scars become red.

Bottom Line

Castor oil is a massive help in the healing process of scars. However, it’s important to note that while you apply castor oil to a scar with the intention to make it disappear it, there is not actually new skin growth or complete scar removal.

What castor oil does is nourish your skin and smoothens scar tissue. This will result in a less visible scar. Castor oil is a great ‘clean’ skincare option as it won’t clog your pores or trigger excess oil production. Opt for it and see the incredible changes occur!

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