Tackle The Wisdom Teeth Removal Pain With These Simple Tips

With age comes Wisdom and so does the Wisdom Teeth, but not everyone gets the wisdom and so does the wisdom teeth J Bit of a fun irony right! Jokes apart, let’s get into the serious business of knowing everything about wisdom teeth and why should you remove the wisdom teeth and its pain removal.

Wisdom Teeth – What Are They?

wisdom teeth removal pain

They are your third set of molars also known as wisdom molars or third molars.  They usually appear at the farthest ends of the tooth line or to be clear, at the very ends of your dental arch. Wisdom teeth will be the last one to appear if they ever come out.

There are 4 wisdom molars, 2 to the upper jaw and 2 to the lower jaw. Third or wisdom molars usually erupt when an individual has crossed adolescence and are around the age of 18-25, the age where people tend to become wiser & maybe that’s why the name ’wisdom’ stuck.

Who Will Have The Wisdom Tooth?

They usually erupt when they have room left at the back of your dental arch. In most cases, people get wisdom tooth eruption due to space available at the back of their molars. The chance of wisdom tooth eruption is more likely high for individuals who have space behind their molars than those who have tightly packed teeth alignment. Other cases of wisdom tooth eruption results in tilted, sideways or in uncomfortable positions with your jawline.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is based on how and where it is presented before removing it. The four most common scenarios are

  • Wisdom molars are fully erupt
  • Wisdom molars are partially erupt
  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Troubled shapes

In these cases, wisdom teeth extraction is suggested.

wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is just a simple dental procedure which you don’t need to be scared off and you don’t have to stress about your recovery too as its very quick.

The complications in wisdom tooth extraction depend upon the wisdom tooth, their position, whether they have erupted fully/partially or if it has becomes an impacted wisdom tooth.

In case of fully erupted wisdom tooth, they can be extracted just like that in a jiffy. You don’t have any complications; just extraction is enough and no dental procedures.

In-case of Semi-Impacted and Impacted Wisdom Tooth, you’ll have minor surgical procedures and that too depends upon the severity and their position.

Extraction procedures are not as painful as it depends upon the tooth nature.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Pain Management
You can manage your wisdom tooth pain with some home remedies till you get it corrected by your dental surgeon. Once you get your tooth extracted, following what your oral surgeon says will be appropriate & important. Avoid following/trying home remedies around your affected area post extraction at any cost.

Home Remedies For Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief (Before Tooth Extraction)

You can follow some home remedies for wisdom tooth pain relief. But remember, home remedies for wisdom tooth are not permanent but just a temporary relief until you get yourself to a dentist/oral surgeon.

You can follow these home remedies when the wisdom tooth erupts or about to when they cause swollen gum, pain, headaches. To be put clearly, it’s during the initial stages of wisdom tooth.

Clove/Peppermint Essential Can Help: Take a few drops of either clove or peppermint oil and apply around the gum area surrounding the wisdom tooth.

You can add few drops of any of the oil into a soft cotton ball and place it over the wisdom tooth area. Make sure the cotton covers the whole skin and gum. Close your mouth. Clove oil will create a feeling of numbness and loss of pain feeling. You can use vanilla essential oil too.

Ice pack: Ice pack over swollen areas like gum or cheeks can reduce the inflammation

Salt Water Rinse: a warm salt water rinse will alleviate pain and inflammation to a certain extent and it’s one of the good home remedies for wisdom tooth pain relief.

Onions, Garlic cloves are good toothache remedies. You can remove the outer layers of onion or garlic and can place them over the aching tooth. Occasionally bite them to let the juice come out.

Oil Pulling can help, but sometimes you have pain that you can’t open your mouth. Then try clove or peppermint oil tip.

Anti-Septic Mouth Wash Rinse could stop further infections to follow with the wisdom tooth affected area.

Tea Bags can help too. Cold tea bags are preferred than hot ones.

Guava Leaves are known to alleviate toothaches. They are anti-bacterial too. You can start by simply chewing the washed guava leaves slowly and the juice released will begin to soften the pain. You can also try boiling the leaves till the water is reduced half and use it to rinse your mouth.

Over-The-Counter Medications like good quality numbing gel might help you temporarily. Avoid sugary sweet food items if you’re suffering from the wisdom tooth pain.

Some Tips To Follow After The Wisdom Teeth Removal

 These are the best wisdom teeth removal aftercare. So follow it very strictly.

wisdom tooth pain relief

1. Follow Your Dental Surgeon’s Advice

Follow instructions given by your dental surgeon. There is no effective home remedy for this dental procedure.  So to heal your tooth surrounding the area and the troubles caused by the wisdom teeth, please follow your surgeon’s advice.  The healing will begin right away as soon as your procedures are done.

2. Use Pain Killers If You Have Bleeding After The Tooth Extraction

You might experience some bleeding post wisdom tooth removal on the very day but usually not after. Don’t try spitting the blood out often as you might dislodge the blood from the socket. Your surgeon will prescribe you with medications to wisdom teeth removal pain. For those who have undergone bone removal and little complex procedures, the surgeon might add some healing medications along with a pain killer.

3. Ice Packs Could Help You With Swelling And Bruising

Swelling and bruising around the tooth removed area can give you difficulty. Ice packs will help you. Bruises will take no more than a day or three to resolve. Swelling fades in a day or two.

4. Take Rest After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It is much needed. Stay put the entire day. Don’t strain yourself with any activities even if you feel better after some time. Let your bones, gums, tissues, and wound settle and heal.

5.Concentrate On Foods To Eat

To avoid the wisdom tooth extraction pain follow the foods listed here. Yogurts, soups, ice-creams, semi-solids like smoothies, oatmeal, and apple sauce. Gradually go from fluids, semi-solids to solids.

6. Don’t Brush And Don’t Rinse A Day

Do not brush your teeth or rinse your mouth post wisdom tooth removal for the first 24 hours. Follow your dentist’s advice and resume your brushing accordingly.

7.Strict No To These Beverages

Strict NO to Coffee, soft drinks, alcohols, soda’s, tobacco’s, chewing gums, meat, hard to chew foods, bread and buns, spicy foods, sticky or cheese foods – at least maintain this resolve for some days (to a week) or as per your dentist advice. Do not use straw or any suction activity.

Do not miss your post wisdom tooth extraction checkups. If it’s scheduled by your oral surgeon, do not skip at any cost.


Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is The Best Way?

The troubles caused by wisdom tooth can be from normal tooth pain to that of severe pain, throbbing headaches and other oral difficulties. On the other hand, wisdom tooth extraction ensures your oral health and gives you a permanent solution to any problems further due to the wisdom tooth. Getting a dentist’s opinion will help you make a decision.

What If Your Wisdom Tooth Is Well-Functioning & Doesn’t Cause Any Trouble? Is It Good To Retain Them?

Retaining or Extracting your Wisdom Tooth should be strictly based on your dentist consultation, examination, final opinion, and recommendation.

However, there are a few exceptions.

If your wisdom tooth is well-positioned, fully erupted and with no surrounding gum flap/if the gum flap is removed, if it’s easy to clean and brush then it can be retained.

Wisdom molars are retained in a case when you don’t have any teeth ahead of them in the dental arch or sometimes they are retained when an artificial tooth prosthesis has to be fixed.

There is another case in which the wisdom tooth is retained where it is fully erupted and has an opposing tooth in the opposite arch, then there’s no need to extract. But it’s very rare.

How To Prevent Wisdom Tooth Problems?

Wisdom tooth problems are inevitable and unpredictable. You cannot say for sure that you will not get them or even if you get there won’t be any problems. Like we said before, the cases of wisdom teeth being retained are so rare. Not everyone gets to keep their wisdom tooth. It’s always wise & best to remove your wisdom tooth before they cause you oral troubles.

Our Final Thoughts

When it comes to Wisdom Tooth, they are unpredictable and in most cases, they are inevitable. You might get them or you might not. Home remedies for wisdom teeth pain removal described will only give you temporary relief, but the real solution lies in removing them out for good. It’s a very common oral issue across globe so you’re not the only one. Medications and procedures are becoming easy. So follow the suggestions given here and manage your wisdom teeth removal pain. Don’t stress and handle the rest with ease.

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