In recent times, although the world has become global, the fast paced life has given rise to a requirement for top-rated health information and the importance to adopt mandatorily proper health regime and practices. This is spot-on where comes in between by solving the loyal readers’ need and hungry-for-information-takers by giving quality-based content through its website and social media platforms.

The content provided is written in layman language and easy to understand. The team has covered all facets of health systems ranging from home remedies to body building to information on herbs. Loyal readers and health enthusiasts can also have conversations with the team both on social media platforms if they have queries.

Now let us know the vital aspect of the human body and how it can get affected by diseases:

The human body consists of five elements – earth, air, water, fire and ether (space). In other words, when looking at the Indian context, it can be best explained as:

English Elements Explained in Indian Language
Earth Prithvi
Water Jal
Air Vayu
Fire Agni
Ether Akash

Earth Or Bhumi

The element is best represented by the five senses which are Hearing, Taste, Smell, Sight and Touch. When it comes to the physical body, it represents muscles and bones.

Water Or Jal

This element has got no odor or smell, but it can be felt, seen and heard. To be explained in the human context, it represents blood and other fluids present in the body.

Fire or Agni

Easy to distinguish, it represents the temperature in the human body. It can be felt, seen and heard.

Air or Pavan

This element can be felt, heard but not seen. In human body context, it can be best explained by oxygen and carbon dioxide. Yoga, one of the most beautiful body exercises that stress on the use of breathing called as Pranayama regulates the incoming and outgoing air from the human body.

Sky or Aakash

It can be best explained as the cosmos or in other words, the medium of sound which can be heard, but cannot be accessible to all the other senses. The Soul or the Aatma is referred to Space.

These are the five elements of nature, and if all the five are kept in equilibrium, then the human body will be healthy. If a slight change occurs, then simple diseases such as cough and cold can occur. Not to worry, however. Mother Nature has offered more than the required plants, herbs and natural resources which a human being can make use of, to bring the five elements back to equilibrium stage.

It has to be accepted that once upon a time, before the dawn of civilization, there were human habitats, and people lived in tandem with nature in every country. Some countries have had a high temperature and in some countries, the environmental conditions were very cold. Mother Nature was kind enough to provide every country with plants and natural resources by the use of which they could take care of natural ailments.

Every country had a great natural doctor, and they had disciples running into generations. In countries, there were some cults that followed different ways of using the same herbal plant in various methods/ways for the benefit of mankind. In this website, we emphasize upon simple home remedies that can be either made in the kitchen or use of different herbs that can be easily available to get relief from the normal ailments affecting human lives. This aspect could be due to the change of lifestyle, low body immunity or change of environmental conditions.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

These are the famous words from the old, wise man known as “Hippocrates” popularly known as the “father of Western medicine”.

If you take a look at the good olden days, our forefathers used to have food that kept them healthy and away of ailments. Agreed, there used to be epidemics such as the plague where total populations used to die, but they lived in tandem with nature.

In recent times, since we are living a fast, mechanical lifestyle, our body is devoid of exercise, the pollution from the vehicles have given rise to many diseases. If the same Hippocrates had lived today, he would have made the statement –

“The more cure you find for existing diseases today, the more new diseases are emerging.”

Our website stands out from the rest for two reasons – we do not write articles just to get reviews, but to inform our loyal viewers, the easy grandmother’s old remedies to get relief for common ailments. Our main goal is to spread the treasure of natural medicinal information that our ancestors have painstakingly preserved in the form of ancients texts, writings on palm leaves and from ear to ear.

The articles in our website play a key role in bringing to light the medicinal properties of normal items (vegetables, fruits) found in the kitchen. We also provide information on the medical ingredient in kitchen items responsible for the cure.

We also understand that, even among natural remedies, not all vegetables/fruits can be ingested by everybody and, it is mandatory that instructions have to be followed to the core.  If it is a long-term disease, it cannot be cured, but its symptoms can be reduced on consistent partaking of the natural remedy mixture. website has been designed to make the world ‘a better place for everybody’ to live in. Through the ‘do-it-yourself’ option of using simple vegetables and resources from the kitchen, you can have a healthy environment and long lifespan.

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