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    How Is Tuberculosis Transmitted ?

    how is tuberculosis transmitted

    What Is TB ? Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious bacterial infection which is caused by the bacteria named Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In the most cases, it affect the lungs but in some individuals it affects any part of the body. It spread from one organ to the other. When it’s not treated, it can cause a […]

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    Is Aloe Vera Good For Your Skin ?

    Aloe Vera is like a little piece of nature but with mountainous benefits of healing and taking care of your body from head to toe. Aloe vera is good for your skin as it’s loaded with bioactive compounds and vitamins that have the ability to heal repair and rejuvenate your skin from within a little […]

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    How Many Calories In A Slice Of Watermelon ?

    watermelon nutrition

    Nothing is better than having a refreshing fruit like a watermelon on your plate in the scorching heat of summers. Watermelon is a refreshing fruit which is known for its property to replenish the fluids that are lost in the blazing heat. The fluid content in watermelon is 91% and has very low calorie-content which […]

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    10 Natural Remedies To Diminish The Inflammation

    natural remedies for inflammation and pain

    Inflammation is generally an immune response which is produced when the cells of the body that usually protect us from infections counter the agents. The encounter can result in pain, redness, swelling, heating up of the site of encounter, and may even cause loss of function of that part. Inflammation can also be caused due […]

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    5 Home Remedies For Opiate Withdrawal : Symptom Wise

    opiate withdrawal home remedies

    Opiates or opiate are common or naturally occurring drugs or prescribed for the treatment of pains. These are naturally obtained from the opium poppy plant and can be produced synthetically too from morphine. Earlier these drugs were used to treat many sleep disorders and were known to ease the bowel related issues .Now, these opiate […]

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    Herbs To Treat The Anxiety & Stress

    herbs for anxiety

    Sometimes, experiencing anxiety can be a part of normal life. Most people feel anxious before a very important event in their life. This important event can be a big exam, or going out for the first date or even before a job interview as well. But, things get worse when you are feeling an anxiety […]

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    10 Best Home Remedies For Scorpion Stings

    best home remedies for scorpion stings

    A scorpion sting can be very painful, and in some cases, it can turn fatal if left untreated. This happens when a person is allergic to scorpion stings and in such cases there is numbness or itchiness with redness of the skin. This could be anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening condition. However, there are effective home […]

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