5 Common Mistakes People Make When Using Chia Seeds

In a nutshell, chia seeds are amazing to look at and have many health benefits. There are also plenty of yummy recipes that these seeds have been adorning for years. However, who knows, you might have failed to utilize chia seeds properly to make good use of their texture and nutrients.

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Simply put, we are going to put forth some mistakes for you to avoid while using chia seeds.

5 Chia Seeds Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Consuming a Huge Quantity of Chia Seeds Instantly

Having balance in anything you incorporate into your routine life is very important. In other words, your entire life should depend on it. In case you lose modesty, you will experience health and emotional issues. As per the aspect of using chia seeds, we would like to say to avoid excessive consumption.

A source has mentioned 2 tablespoons as an adequate amount of chia seeds on a daily basis. However, another source has cited 50 grams as an apt quantity for daily intake, which is approximately five tablespoons. Here, you severely require the suggestion of your doctor.

Moreover, you should comprehend beforehand what the larger consumption of these seeds can do to your body. First is the weight gain. In case you are taking these seeds to lose weight, the massive quantity can lead you to an alternative situation. Next are the digestive issues.

Furthermore, overeating chia seeds can result in diabetes and high blood pressure, too.

Not Using Chia Seeds in Diversified Recipes

The taste of chia seeds is a controversy in itself. Some call it nutty flavored, and a few state its similarity with poppy seeds or alfalfa sprouts. We have found a source that has mentioned the absence of its distinct flavor and even called these seeds suitable as a thickener to the host.

This mild to none tang is a necessary aspect to diversify its use. To put it briefly, you should add chia seeds into various food recipes to enjoy various tastes, somehow on a routine basis. This will eliminate the chances of boredom that you will experience, in case you consume the same chia seeds dish or their raw form frequently.

Creating Chia Gel Waste

If you know that chia seeds are nourishing, that does not mean you create excessive chia gel. Although you can cover up the gel for almost a week for protection, how much do you actually require for this much time? After a week, your chia gel will inaugurate to become a waste because of the possibility of spoilage. Because just like other food items, this gel can also become a host to bacteria or mold spores.

Besides, you should remember the 9 to 1 ratio of making gel from chia seeds. This means adding nine tablespoons of water to 1 tablespoon of these seeds if you require a higher quantity. For smaller portions, you can add only three tablespoons of water in 1 tablespoon of seeds as well.

Not Soaking Before Serving

In accordance with a source, taking dry chia seeds is inadvisable, particularly when the consumer is a patient with swallowing problems. This is because chia seeds have the tendency to absorb liquid 27 times their weight. In case you are eating raw seeds, they might absorb water in your mouth or throat, getting stuck in the esophagus.

Moreover, in order to soak chia seeds, you should not limit yourself to water only. Try out various fruit juices, milk, and tea. Although we have found a source saying 30 minutes are enough, give the seeds a few hours to do their magic.

Undervaluing Their Nutritious Benefits

The following are chia seeds’ nutritional facts in 28 grams or one ounce.

  • 131 calories (kcal)
  • 8.4 g of fat
  • 13.07 g of carbohydrate
  • 11.2 g of fiber
  • 5.6 g of protein
  • 0 g sugar

Also, there are zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. However, there are quite smaller amounts of copper, vitamin A, and folate.

If you read the list above, you will acknowledge how nutritious these seeds are for human life. There is plenty of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which can combat various health problems. Their antioxidant properties are best for the skin and are effective for heart disease. A higher level of fiber helps deal with high blood pressure.

Furthermore, you can relish stronger bones, weight loss, increased energy and digestion. Also, we have found an article marking the use of mucilage of chia seeds in skincare products for the future.

Is There a Wrong Way to Eat Chia Seeds?

As told already, larger quantity of chia seeds is not appropriate, especially when you take them in raw form. For taste variation, you should add these seeds to various food recipes.

What Are the Precautions While Taking Chia Seeds?

We could not find enough information on pregnant or breastfeeding users. However, as mentioned earlier, larger amounts of these seeds are a big no-no. They can lead to stomach discomfort.

What Not to Do with Chia Seeds?

You should avoid taking chia seeds with medicine as they are already rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can react with medications.


With their mild nutty to almost zero taste, chia seeds have gained wide popularity among all ages. However, their usage requires proper care, and people oftentimes do not efficiently perform this task. Our guide above explained five common mistakes that you might have most probably made while using these seeds in your lifestyle.

First comes the unbalanced consumption. We will never recommend larger amounts, for instance, more than two tablespoons; however, your doctor is more proficient in this matter. Moreover, you might have consumed raw chia seeds, which have the tendency to create discomfort in your throat because of their extensive absorbing quality.

Furthermore, if you are not diversifying the use of these seeds, you are creating obstacles in order to enjoyably devour. Also, you should thoroughly understand the nutritional facts of chia seeds because they are rich in so many nutrients and minerals. For example, there are omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. You have to make sure not to combine its consumption with medications.

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