Intestine Cleansing: 7 Days DIY Home Diet Plan For Detox & Removing Parasites

We, humans take rest when we are tired and when the Sun sets in the horizon. However, some of our body parts are always functioning round-the-clock such as stomach and its vital parts.

‘If you have a proper digestive system, then you can live a healthy and happy life.’

How true! Imagine you are suffering from acidity and you may have to burp in the midst of a conversation. Get to know about the importance of the vital body part in this article of Intestinal cleansing. Information has been given on the importance of intestine, the foods to be selected during the cleansing process as well as the seven day cleaning plan.

Intestine cleansing - 7 day treatment

Intestinal Toxins

If all the digested food is eliminated properly from the body, there will be no toxins. If some of the food remains in the digestive tract, then accumulation can result in toxicity. Lack of sleep in the night and consumption of food at irregular intervals might cause acidity which may lead to acid reflux and formation of toxins. 

Intestinal Parasites

When it comes to harmful organisms in the intestines, mention has to be made of tapeworms. The most common method of people getting infected is when they consume undercooked meat in infected animals.

Nutritional Requirements Of A Daily Diet

There are some who eat three meals per day and some who partake seven little meals in perfect duration. Let us look into the nutritional requirements of every day as per the recommendations of the Food and Development Authority (FDA) as per the calorie specifications.

Although fat is despised, you need 65 grams of total fat and 300 mg of cholesterol and  dietary fiber. With reference to vitamins, you need Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, riboflavin (Vitamin B2), thiamine (Vitamin B1), niacin (Vitamin B3), pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), folate (Vitamin B9), vitamin b12 (cobalamin), biotin (Vitamin H) and pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)..

Plan for Conquering Cravings

A proper plan has to be kept in place for keeping cravings at bay. You can try these few pointers:

  1. You can drink water.
  2. Walking can be termed as the best form of mild exercise during cleansing. Ensure that you do this activity in a green garden.
  3. If you are an avid reader, do not opt for books which has lengthy description of meals. 


Day 1

1. Breakfast

You can start the plan with a juice so that the consumption is made easy.

Have vegetable and fruits ready.

Intestine cleansing

Option 1: You can prepare a banana and apple juice for consumption – breakfast.

Option 2: You can have gluten free oats boiled in water (required) along with blue berries or cashew nuts

Option 3: Fruit salad of five strawberries, one apple, twenty raisins and one guava)

Option 4: Salad of fresh basil or thyme leaves, pieces of watermelon, one avocado and raspberries.

If you feel hungry, you can have these snacks

  1. You can have a relishing fruit salad of pineapple, kiwi, grapes and watermelon.
  2. Smoothies – Banana and apple with water

2. Lunch

Since your body needs energy for its day-to-day activities, it is advisable you consume fruits and vegetables which have Vitamin A and C. For Vitamin C, you can have oranges, lemon and for Vitamin A you can include apples in the juice.

Intestine cleansing

Option 1: Fruit salad of mango (if available), pineapple, banana,  apple, and papaya

Option 2: Greeny leaf salad with vegetables. Steamed potatoes with spinach, kale, coconut milk and rosemary.

Option 3: Salad of fine sautéed onions, fresh cut and boiled lettuces, pumpkin seeds and one kiwi fruit. Feeling more hungry, you can opt for a banana or apple or a cup of gooseberries.

If you feel hungry, you can have these snacks:

  1. The fruit salad you can make is of orange, coconut pieces, blue berries, bananas and mango).
  2. Salad – Mashed potatoes, garlic, steamed flax seeds, spinach or Swiss Chard

3. Dinner

You can take two tomatoes, one entire cucumber and two handful of parsley leaves.

Option 1

Intestine cleansing

Cut the tomatoes and cucumber to tiny pieces and put them in a blender along with two handfuls of parsley leaves. Consume the mixture at 8 pm and by 9 pm go to sleep.

Option 2: You can also make a juice of one celery, two beetroots, fresh minced thyme, egg plant and one avocado.

Option 3: One bowl of broccoli sprouts, banana and orange smoothie with one fresh sliced beetroot.

If you feel hungry, you can have these snacks

  • Parsley salad with cucumber and tomato. You can include a fruit such as guava or watermelon.
  • Watermelon and cucumber salad. You can add a little amount of herbs such as mint or basil for taste.

Day 2

The most important rule in any cleansing program – always stay hydrated. And the next point is flushing out of parasites and toxins from the human body.

1. Breakfast

Option 1: Prepare a fresh juice made of aloe vera gel, blue berries, pomegranate, pineapple and onion. The aloe vera juice can flush out parasites where as the guava and pomegranate seeds will make a cocoon around a tapeworm to be eliminated easily.

Intestine cleansing

Option 2: Prepare a fruit/vegetable salad consisting of garlic, coconut pieces, pumpkin seeds, pineapple and unshelled sunflower seeds.

Option 3: Coconut milk mixed with apple and banana juice.

If you feel hungry, you can have these snacks

  1. Fruit salad ingredients – watermelon, apple, guava, raisins, pineapple
  2. Smoothies – Banana and apple with water

2. Lunch

Option 1: To carry forward the process of intestine cleansing, you can opt for papaya, stonefruit and pear juice. More appetite, you can have beetroot and carrot salad.

Intestine cleansing

Option 2: Prepare a soup of horseradish, onion, garlic and tomatoes. Give a gap of thirty minutes and have a apple, papaya and banana salad.

Option 3: Consume three papaya seeds and give a gap of fifteen minutes. Have a smoothie consisting of pineapple, guava, pomegranate and banana.

If you feel hungry, you can have these snacks

  1. Watermelon and cucumber salad. You can add a little amount of herbs such as mint or basil for taste.
  2. Mashed potatoes, garlic, steamed flax seeds, spinach or Swiss Chard

3. Dinner

Option 1: The best remedy for removal of intestinal parasites and all diseases. You can take neem leaves (or neem flowers), crush them to extract the juice and consume with hot water.

Intestine cleansing

It is very difficult to drink the juice, agreed. But take the initiative, have two tablespoons of juice; give a gap of ten minutes. Then consume a fruit salad consisting of strawberries, avocado, amla, papaya and other fruits.

Option 2: Prepare an herbal soup consisting of thyme leaves, basil leaves, cayenne pepper and garlic. After a gap of ten minutes, consume a fruit salad of beetroot, kale and watercress. Also have a raw banana.

Option 3: You can prepare a juice of unripe papaya with hot water. Consume the mixture and give duration of ten minutes. Have a salad consisting of guava, flax seeds, sesame seeds along with jackfruit.

If you feel hungry, you can have these snacks

  1. Steamed tomatoes with half-onion, watercress, steamed sesame seeds, thyme, coriander leaves
  2. Salad – Raspberries, lemon juice, banana and straw berries.