Best 10 Home Remedies For Abscess Tooth With Swollen Face

Tooth aches could really take a toll on you and could stun your entire work. Sharp pains to dull pains, Head pounds, the throbbing, week gums, swollen face/jaw line, sore and tender mouth are few of discomforts and pains the tooth ache gives us. It might be a sharp pain or might be a blunt pain, the first step you can take is to reduce the inflammation that might be causing all the aches and discomforts, and thereby you can relieve yourself from sensation of pain hitting your head and nerves.

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Some might prefer to go with over-the-counter medications or for an ice pack, but in addition, there are simple and easy best home remedies that can be pain-relieving as well as anti-inflammatory and all natural.

Best 10 Home Remedies For Abscess Tooth With Swollen Face

1. Warm Salt Water Rinse

Warm Salt Water Rinse

A good warm saltwater rinse is an effective first line of defense and treatment against your tooth problems. The saltwater rinse can reduce the swelling or inflammation in very little time. It acts as a natural disinfectant and works against your tooth ache. The salt water will remove fluids, irritating debris that causes pain or inflammation as well as relieves sore throat.

How To Use?

  • Mix 1-2 tbsp of salt or rock salt into a glass of warm water (the level of warm or heat should be bearable by you i.e. not too hot not too cold)
  • Use it as mouth wash. Swish around covering gums and teeth with mouth closed for few minutes and spit it out

How Often ?

In case of tooth ache, use the warm salt water rinse as often as needed. Use it till you are clear of discomfort.



Clove is your best friend when it comes to solving all your dental discomforts. Cloves are used since history for numbing nerves that causes the tooth pains. The clove is loaded with a primary compound called eugenol which is an effective natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. They kill germs and relieve the pain without much time needed. Clove oil (oils from clove buds) is anti-microbial, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic. They can take care of bad breath too. Cloves are best for swollen face from tooth infection home remedies.

How To Use?

In Case Of Having Clove Oil :

  • Do not pour/apply the clove oil directly to the pain center as it might worsen your sensitive gums
  • Put two to three drops of clove oil on cotton ball and place it against the tooth itself or if you like you can place it on the pain area and close your mouth. Keep it until the pain reduces.

If You Are Using The Clove Buds :

  • Take a nice clean rough surface, add few drops of water and start to rub the clove bud with water into the rough surface. You will get a nice pate.
  • Apply them directly or with the help of cotton ball over the pain area.
  • You can use a wee bit of clove powder and place it on the tooth.
  • Simply, you can place the whole clove bud on the tooth. Chew them until you feel the numb sensation or if you feel your pain is relieved.

How Often ?

You can use clove as often needed. It causes no harm. But sometimes, the delicate gums might give a burning feel due to clove usage. In that case, take it out after sometime.

3.Peppermint Oil / Tea

peppermint oil for abscess tooth with swollen face

The tingling and cooling sensation of the peppermint will help alleviate the feeling of tooth pain. The active compound called ‘menthol’ present in the peppermint is a naturally strong anti-bacterial that will treat your tooth pain, will numb and sooth the throbbing nerves.

How To Use ?

  • Dip the cotton ball with two to three drops of peppermint oil and place it over the tooth and close your mouth. You can feel the pain getting numb.
  • If you have peppermint leaves, then powder them nicely. Take a wee bit of peppermint powder, add few drops of water, and dip it with cotton ball. Place them in the affected area to relieve your tooth ache.
  • If you have peppermint tea bags, brew a cup of tea with it. Allow it to cool or slightly warm. Then swish it in your mouth so that it covers the whole teeth and gums
  • You can also try another approach. Put the peppermint tea bag in the freezer for couple of minutes to chill it. Take it out and apply to the affected area. You can also apply over the swollen areas on the face.

How Often ?

No harm in using it often till you get rid of your tooth ache.

4.Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse for abscess tooth with swollen faceYou can use the Hydrogen Peroxide rinse as one of the simple way to relieve tooth ache, but temporarily. The Hydrogen Peroxide is known to be a good anti-bacterial and an anti-septic agent. It can also help reduce plaque and debris that is causing inflammation.

How To Use ?

  • It’s mainly for rinse and spit but not to be consumed after.
  • Get hydrogen peroxide that says ‘antiseptic’ and ‘oral debriding agent’ and not any other variant.
  • Take the hydrogen peroxide and water in equal parts i.e. 3% hydrogen peroxide with equal parts of water.
  • Swish in your mouth nicely so that it covers teeth and gum. Use it as a mouth wash.

How Often ?

You can use them thrice in a day; it’s an antiseptic so you will incur no harm. 

5.Ice pack

Ice Pack for swollen face from tooth infection

How to get rid of swollen face from tooth infection ? Through ice pack. It is the essential and very quick fix for tooth ache. You can use the ice pack externally for swollen area due to tooth ache. It can easily numb the nerves that cause pain and inflammation. The sharp chill from the ice cube can send a signal to brain that will shadow the actual pain caused by tooth ache. 

How To Use?

  • Wrap a small ice cube in a plastic bag and roll it in a small cloth and apply it on the aching tooth for about ten to fifteen minutes, and by this time the pain causing nerves will become numb.
  • Alternatively, try another ice cube wrapped in a small cloth and apply it outside in cheek and jaw areas to sooth swollen area.

How Often ?

Icing your tooth will give you good amount of numb time so you don’t feel the pain till you can get ready to visit a dentist. 

6.Ginger & Cayenne Pepper Paste

Ginger and Cayenne Pepper Paste for abscess tooth with swollen faceGinger is a potent pain killer and anti-inflammatory agent, has the ability to alleviate the tooth ache due to their warming effect. Cayenne pepper has an active compound called ‘capsaicin’ which is an effective pain management remedy. Both mixed will definitely gives you a quick fix for tooth pain. These are best home remedies for abscess tooth with swollen face.

How To Use ?

  • Take a small piece of ginger root; add a small teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Together make a nice paste by adding little water.
  • Dip a cotton ball in this paste. Then place the cotton ball over the aching tooth.
  • Leave it on for few minutes and no problem if it stays longer since all the ingredients are natural and harmless. 
  • You might experience some burning sensation due to ginger and cayenne pepper, but it will be bearable. If you feel discomfort with keeping it longer, take it out.

How Often ?

You can use as often needed. 

7.Try Baking Soda

packing soda for swollen face from tooth infectionYou can use baking soda either way as a mouth rinse and as well apply directly to the affected area using a cotton ball. 

How To Use ?

  • Take a cotton ball and moist it with water. Cover the entire cotton ball with baking soda.
  • Place it against the aching tooth to relieve from pain.
  • Dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in warm water and use it as a mouth rinse

How Often ?

Using the baking soda twice or thrice a day will help.

8. Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon Powder for abscess tooth with swollen faceCinnamon is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties other than a sweet spice. Cinnamon can provide effective remedy for tooth ache at the reach of your kitchen.

How To Use ?

  • You can use it along with clove. Mix little amount of clove and cinnamon powder and make a paste with water. Dip the cotton ball in this paste and apply directly over the affected area. The warm or slightly burning feel will slowly alleviate your tooth ache effectively. 
  • You can mix little amount of cinnamon powder with a good quality honey and get a paste. Dip it with cotton ball or you can apply the paste directly to the affected area to reduce the tooth pain. 

How Often ?

Repeat it twice or thrice until you are free from tooth pain.

9.Garlic Clove

Garlic Clove for abscess tooth with swollen faceSurprisingly the garlic clove can be used to treat tooth aches and reliefs. The active compound in the Garlic has anti-microbial and antibiotic properties. The sulfur compound called ‘allicin’ that will be released upon crushing the garlic cloves is a potential antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substance, but yet the reason behind the string odor of the garlic. 

How To Use ?

  • Place once garlic clove (remove the papery white skin) over the infected tooth and crush it to release the juice that will help you with healing from tooth aches. Hold it for few minutes. The released juice might give you discomfort but will soon shrink your pain drastically. Spit it out after few minutes.
  • Dip a cotton ball over the garlic powder and apply directly over the affected tooth. It might sting but it should be alright after few minutes. Wait for good fifteen minutes. Once the pain recedes, rinse the whole mouth with warm water.
  • Make juice out of garlic cloves by adding water. Take a teaspoon of the juice; add some warm water plus a teaspoon of rock salt/plain salt. Mix it. And use it as a mouth wash. Swish around for a minute or two. Spit it out.

How Often ?

Use any of the method about two to three times a day for reducing tooth aches and infection.

10.Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin Olive Oil for abscess tooth with swollen face


The virgin olive oil has various Phenolic compounds that show anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the pain and relieve from aches due to infected tooth. 

How To Use?

  • Dip a cotton ball with little olive oil and apply directly to the infected areas

How Often ?

Repeat it twice or thrice a day to reduce your tooth ache. 

Tooth aches will cause you discomforts. Here we gave the best home remedies for abscess tooth with swollen face that could get you relieved from pain and inflammation and other worries in little time. The solutions through these home remedies might vary depending upon the severity of your tooth problems. They might solve them completely or might give you temporary aid, more like a first line of defense against further troubles. It’s always the best idea to consult the dentist so that you can get to know the actual problem and find a solution to solve it permanently.

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