15 Healthy Fruits and Vegetables For Full Body Detoxification

Even if we take suitable precautions to drink pure water and eat healthy foods, it is a fact that our body can get affected or suffer from ailments by toxins. The human body has the ability to eliminate toxins on its own. Liver, as well as the gall bladder, play a vital role in this function. Detoxification can be best defined as the process in which your body is protected from diseases, and immunity is improved leading to optimum health.

Your liver cleanses your blood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year NONSTOP.

Detox superfoods should be added to the diet and the medicinal components in these vegetables and fruits help the liver and vital organs eliminate the waste matter and keep the body healthy.

The process of detoxification has been, since the time man got to know about medicine and ways to get cured from simple ailments. The liver can be regarded as the best line of defense by the body as it prevents toxic substances from accretion in the blood stream. The purpose of this article is to give information on foods that assist in helping the vital organs get rid of toxins.

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

Top Fruits and Vegetables For Full Body Detoxification

1. Seaweed

Not rated as the best food in the Western recipes. A survey has clearly indicated that these sea weeds get attached to radioactive waste and then eliminate it out of the body. These ‘greens’ are well-known in recent times as containing abundant minerals and trace minerals.

The chemical compound known as algin helps in the detoxification process by alkalizing the blood and strengthening the digestive tract. Sea weeds can be used effectively in losing body weight. The ‘alginates’ are found in brown sea weeds and when combined with the citrus formula pectin, they make a wonderful combination in the digestive tract and discharge the pollutants from the body.

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

Sea weed has been known to detox the body from the radioactive strontium, stashes the other toxins such as cadmium and lead that can be present in cigarette smoke.

Chorella, one of the seaweeds is actually green algae that can be termed as containing abundant resources of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll can remove toxins such as heavy metals (mercury) as well as pesticides from the body. Wakame, another seaweed is known to contain rich sources of magnesium. It can improve functioning of the heart, reduces blood pressure and can act as a diuretic.


We all know that lemon is filled with Vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C is essential for preparing the medicinal compound called as glutathione as it assists in the detoxification process from environmental chemicals. The antioxidants found in lemon can ward off cancer damage and pollution.

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

Lemon may be acidic in nature, but it acts as a major contributor for the body pH levels. It also assists the digestive system to get rid of the waste. Lemon belongs to the groups of citrus fruits which are rich in antioxidant de-limonene. These compounds stimulate the liver enzyme in flushing the toxins out of the body.


Two of the medicinal compounds are pectin and betaine that assist in protecting the digestive system and liver. If the body pH levels are balanced, the detoxification process is made easy. Betaine is a phytochemical and it increases the acidity in urine. This process can assist in cleaning calcium phosphate as well as struvite build-up in the kidneys. The elimination of calcium in the kidney enhances the functioning of kidneys and reduces the formation of kidney stones.

This vegetable is always better when eaten raw in salad form or you can best drink the juice for getting maximum results. You can do the procedure for few days or weeks.

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

Note: Do not take beetroot if you have a problem of kidney stones as this vegetable contains high volume of oxalates.

4. Cranberries

Cranberries contain antiviral and antibiotic substances and it assists in making the body remove viruses and harmful bacteria from the urinary tract. Other benefits are provision of cardiovascular & immune support and enhances digestive health.

For a century, cranberries have been famous for prevention of urinary tract infections. The most important medical compounds are the antioxidant subclass known as proanthocyanidins as they possess the rare ability to eliminate the body of free radicals.

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

Vitamin C is abundant in cranberries and C is needed for producing glutathione, the detoxifying agent. Proanthocyanidins can easily bind to toxic metals and drugs for removal from the body.

5. Basil

The powerful anti-bacterial properties of basil can protect the liver and they are known as terpenoids. They enhance the digestion and detoxification properties of the body. Known for its anti-ulcer properties and antimicrobial effects, it prevents harmful molds, fungi, yeast and bacteria from causing harm to the body. Other additional effects are anticancer properties and helping with constipation.

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

The other polyphenolic flavonoids contained in basil are vicenin and orientin. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are attributed to eugenol, linalool, citronellol, limonene and citral.

6. Apples

 The de-toxifying compounds it contains are flavonoids, terpenoids and D-Glucarate. The flavonoids known as phlorizidin (phlorizin) assist in stimulating bile production. The other important factor – it contains fiber (pectin), reduces food additives and metals in the bloodstream.

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

It is advised to purchase organic apples for getting maximum benefit. The fiber pectin helps in eliminating the waste through the intestines. Apples can be considered as low glycemic – the essential nutrients are absorbed in a longer duration. Another important component is glucaric acid, as the body eliminates heavy metals and estrogen like chemicals.  The phytochemicals present in apples are flavonoid, terpenoids and D-glucarate.

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7. Artichokes

The medicinal components of artichokes assist in the bile production of the liver. It also contains protein, fiber, folate, potassium and magnesium. The second important antioxidant compounds are called as caffeoylquinic acids that can cure liver disorders by stimulation flow of bile from the liver. Bile is necessary for digesting fats and received from inflammatory substances contained in fatty foods.

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

The liver protective agents, cynarin and silymarin (phytochemicals) are present in artichokes and it acts as stimulant for both the liver and gallbladder. The other antioxidants in artichokes are gallic acid, rutin, lutien, quercetin and beta-carotene.

Another important compound in articholes is lutein. This carotinoid antioxidant prevents the negative effects of macular degeneration. Aqueous extracts in artichokes reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood.

8. Almonds

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

These fruits are high in fiber, magnesium, calcium and other proteins which assist in stabilizing blood sugar. Almonds have abundant resources of phosphorus, iron, magnesium, folate and phytochemicals which can enhance the immunity of the body. They are rich in fiber – which helps in removal of impurities from the bowels.

9. Cinnamon

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

The medicinal compounds of cinnamon are cinnamyl acetate, cinnamyl alcohol and cinnamaldehyde. Its medicinal effects on blood platelets assist in preventing clumping of blood cells and elimination of toxins from the blood stream. It is used in alternate medicine for treating symptoms from nausea, menstruation to diabetes. To get the maximum benefit, mix cinnamon with honey. 


Similar to other detoxifying foods, glutathione is present in avocados that have the ability to block thirty different carcinogens.

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

They contain only moderate amount of fat and are rich in monounsaturated fat (healthy for the heart. This fat is required during the detoxification diet as it assists in the release of bile and along goes toxins from the body from the gall bladder. The absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K takes place at this juncture.

11. Onions

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

The flavonoids are the important substances. The metals eliminated from the body are tin, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. Some of the benefits of onions are it reduces the activity of macrophages, the specialized white blood cells which can play a major role in the body immune system.


fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

It makes the heart healthy, has anti-aging effects and is known to help the liver in throwing out waste from the body.

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fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

Considered as a weed, it has several medicinal properties that assist in functioning of the liver. It is also known as a diuretic. One of the major medicinal properties of its root is ‘taraxacum officinale’ that enhances its positive effects on the pancreas and liver by filtering and straining wastes and toxins from the bloodstream. The phytonutrients and antioxidants assist the liver in cleaning the digestive tract.

14. Garlic

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

Known since ancient times as a strong detoxification food, the sulfur containing compounds help in fighting the yeast and harmful bacteria in the intestine. It enhances production of glutathione, the compound which contributes majorly to the detoxification process. Vitamin C is found abundantly in garlic and to enjoy the benefit, it has to be either chopped or crushed to release the sulfur compounds.

 15. Ginger

The two medicinal compounds called as gingerol and shogaols in ginger assist in movement of food through the intestines thus promoting removal of toxic waste from the liver, colon and other organs. Other than the two medicinal compounds mentioned above, it also contains other important components such as capsaicin, curcumin, salicylate, and caffeic acid.

fruits and vegetables for full body detoxification

When drunk in liquid form with all the medicinal ingredients on a cold day, this root enhances the heating of the body and promotes healthy sweating, that can act as a forefront of detoxification.

So, given are some of the top foods for detoxification. There might be many more depending on countries. If you know some, be kind enough to put a message in the Comments Box. We would greatly appreciate it as well, if found suitable include them in this article.

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In olden days, our ancestors used to stress on the importance of ‘fasting’ at least once in a month. This practice (or shall we call it a ritual) was meant to give rest to the digestive system. The nature of fasting was different based upon age. Normally a person above sixty, if he/she remained in fasting, they were under the supervision of young family members. For youngsters, they will not be given solid food on that particular day, but will be given juices which will help in digestion such as lime juice and other fruit juices.

Detoxification Tips To Follow

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating clean fresh healthy foods will help the body reduce toxin load and certain detox-diets will support in effective full-body detoxification in the system.

  • Foods high in sulfur such as onions, garlic, and broccoli will help the body in removing heavy metals For Ex: Cadmium.
  • Try Chlorella Algae: Chlorella is a type of algae that has many micronutrients in them that helps the flushing the toxins and heavy metals from the system. But make sure you consult your doctor before taking this Chlorella.
  • Cilantro helps the body in flushing out toxins, excess-fat and other unwanted substances in our system.
  • Enhance Glutathione (a powerful antioxidant) by adding foods like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, selenium-rich foods, sulfur-rich foods, peppers in your daily-diet , which helps in toxin-flush easily.
  • Go Natural when it comes to skincare, Haircare and body-wellness. Avoid harsh chemicals, hair-colors, cosmetics and such. Replace harsh cleaning-bars with mild cleaning agents in home. Reduce the use of fragrant room-sprays and fragrant-gels and go for essential oil diffusion and such (natural alternate).

The kind of detoxification will vary from person to person according to situations and physical conditions. However it has been seen, a combination of behavioral therapy and medication can assist in curing health positively. Moreover, the most important factor to be taken care of is relapse.

You also need to exercise as, through the sweat the toxins get eliminated. Running or jogging for long distances assists in this measure. Also, take care, a wrong detoxification plant may also go the worse way.

In this fast-paced world, it is not possible to avoid stress but you can manage them with meditation, prayer or through simple goals. The triggers of ‘snacks’ and ‘comfort foods’ needs to be taken care of.

Other important factors are negative thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that can cause mental disturbances leading to production of toxins in the human body and lead to distress. A body having toxins can also affect the behavior and mental state of the same individual.

You should take care that during the detoxification process, whatever the occasion, you should refrain from taking red meat, fatty foods and dairy products. So,  no corn, nuts, strong spices, and caffeine. Some of the mentioned foods your stomach will find hard to digest and contribute to toxic load.

Sleep! The one factor that can give the human body rest and revitalize all the organs. If you are not getting enough of this component, the schedule should be restructured. Try the natural way of getting sleep for at least six hours every day and you will be surprised by the body’s natural rhythm.

When you start any detoxification program, you will find it difficult for the first few days. It needs guts and a proper family to stay healthy and get rid of unhealthy habits.

As a human being, it is our duty to create and leave a healthy environment for the future generation. If you stay healthy, it is a vital contribution when you detoxify yourself and keep the environment clean.  A proper healthy lifestyle can assist in controlling the levels of toxic wastes by which the environment gets polluted.

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