50 Common Health Myths Proved Wrong By Science

Much of what we have heard and taught about our health is often tales that has been passed on for generations. Somehow or the other, we all have been a victim of those little nuggets of wisdom which once our grandparents and parents said when we were young. However, such health myths have no proper basis and are rumored to a point where people begin to believe them blindly.

50 Misleading Health Myths Most People Still Believe

Despite huge advancements in the industry of health & wellness, these old misconceptions don’t seem to die. Behind every health myth, there is a clear kernel of reality, which science has already debunked. So which silly health myth are you still believing and spreading it to others? Check if they are in this list. It is time to put a full stop to all the beliefs, inaccuracies, and misconceptions.

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  1. The fact you wrote about chicken soup is wrong, it will cure a cold. It worked for me. So it’s not sure you said. But the bottled water you said. Can be agreed!

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