10+ Proven Natural Home Remedies For Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are made of natural body salts that harden inside the kidneys. The size of a kidney stone can be as small as a grain of sand or as big as a pearl. Most often, they exit the body via urine. But, in some circumstances, if they are large, they become lodged in the urinary tract and cause intense pain while urinating. This is when the patient needs to visit a doctor. However, there are some natural ways to keep the problem at bay. After a deep research, we have listed some natural home remedies for kidney stones. Before we list them to you, learn about them in detail.

What Are Kidney Stones Composed Of?

what are kidney stones made of

The compositions of kidney stones include calcium, minerals, oxalate, and uric acid. These substances crystallize in the kidneys and form kidney stones. The stones initially form in the kidneys and eventually pass down the urethra to the urinary bladder.

The stones that form in the kidneys aren’t usually a concern. They exit via urine without any issue. However, the problematic symptoms begin when excess salts accumulate — leading to the formation of a larger stone. A larger stone may not easily pass through the narrow passage of urinary tract. Hence, they cause intense discomfort, eroding sensitive inner tissues in their path. If the symptoms are ignored, there are chances that it may lead to internal bleeding in the urinary tract and may cause a secondary infection.

Causes of Kidney Stones

The primary reason for the formation of kidney stones is “saturation of urine with salts and minerals”. However, if citrate production is ceased in the kidneys, stones can form. Citrate prevents the calcium from forming a lump and taking the formation of stone. They would attach themselves to the calcium particles and escort them to exit via urine.

Stone in the kidney is 80% calcium. The potential treatment techniques involve flushing out the minerals responsible for the crystallization of stones and preventing them from forming in the first place.

Classification of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are classified into two types:

  • Uric acid stones
  • Calcium stones (90% of people get this)

Symptoms Of Kidney Stones

symptoms of kidney stones

If the kidney stones stay in the kidney, seldom do they cause any discomfort. The challenge comes when they try to move out of the body via the tubes of the urinary tract. The movement of kidney stones may cause:

  • No symptoms, if the stones are tiny (very small).
  • You can suffer from severe pain that comes in waves. The areas affected are the back, below the ribs, abdomen, genitals, and groin.
  • You can suffer from nausea, dizziness or vomiting.
  • You get severe pain if the stone is in the ureter area. You will experience the same symptoms during urination.
  • In the case of a kidney infection, you can suffer from chills and fever.

12 Natural Home Remedies For Kidney Stones

Home Remedies for kidney stones

12. Juice Of Banana Plant’s Stem

home remedies for kidney stones

Did you know that every part of banana is edible? You will be quite fascinated to read that in tropical countries like Thailand and India, apart from the fruit, its flower and stem is also consumed.

Botanically, the stem of a banana plant isn’t a stem but a beautiful flower stalk. It develops thick to support the entire plant. When the outer layers of the stem are discarded, the inner stalk turns to an edible and fibrous food item. The juice made from the banana plant’s stem is one of the best home remedies for kidney stones. You can add to your daily diet. In fact, when it is consumed on a regular basis, it can easily dissolve the stone quickly. It is rich in fiber and possesses some medicinal values. Just follow the steps to try this tip:

  • Step 1: Take 1 to 2 grams of organic cardamom seeds and ground them nicely.
  • Step 2: Prepare 1 glass of banana stem juice – by chopping few pieces and grinding them in a mixer with water.
  • Step 3: Add the ground cardamom seeds to it.
  • Step 4: Mix it well.
  • Step 5: Strain and drink early morning on empty stomach. You can even consume two times a day (15 minutes before your meal).

How Does This Work?

According to Ayurveda, the stem of banana plant can significantly help in dissolving or passing the kidney stones. It has natural diuretic properties, which assist in reducing the stone size. The major compounds that assist in this process are oxalates, phosphorous, glyoxylic acid, and glycolic acid. Also, they help in treating gallstones.

On the other hand, cardamom seeds assist in relaxing the urethral and bladder muscles. They ease the urination and expel calcium crystals that are formed in the kidneys. Apart from treating kidney stones, cardamom also reduces pain. Hence, when combined with banana stem juice, it can do great wonders.

The Remedy Is Not Good, If:

  • You have low blood pressure.
  • You suffer from latex allergies. It can cause anaphylaxis attacks in some cases.

11.Basil Leaves and Honey

natural herbs for kidney stonesDid you know that people in India worship holy basil? In fact, it plays an important role in the Indian tradition. Besides used for spiritual purposes in India, basil leaves have amazing healing power. Originally grown in the Middle East and Asia, basil is known to be cultivated and used for 5000 years.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and contains similar compounds that are found in medical marijuana and oregano. Many naturopathic experts prescribe basil leaves in the treatment of respiratory disorders, diabetes, allergies, infertility, and impotence. This is because they contain cinnamic acid, a substance that is known to improve blood circulation, control diabetes, and enhance breathing in people with respiratory diseases.

natural herbs for kidney stonesWhen we say honey, the one question you will have is – can I consume honey for kidney disorders? Well, the answer is “yes“. Honey has multiple benefits when it comes to kidney problems.

For instance, it can enhance the ingredients in blood, which in turn improves a patient’s cardiovascular functions.

Apart from this, honey also helps in expending the artery; thus, reducing blood pressure. Now, this particular function is extremely crucial for people, who have renal disorders. Both these ingredients are one of the natural home remedies for kidney stones, and the best thing is that they are easily available in your kitchen.

  • Step 1: Crush 10 -15 basil leaves and squeeze the juice out of it.
  • Step 2: Add one teaspoon of honey to leaf residue and stir well till they have mixed sufficiently. Have the mix once a day for better results.

 How Does This Work?

Basil leaves were used as detoxifiers and a diuretic since the good old days. Since one of the components of these leaves is acetic acid, the kidney stones will be easily broken, and the uric acid levels in the blood will come to normal.

This Remedy Is Not Good, If:

  • You have a history of bleeding It will decrease clotting of blood and cease to stop the bleeding.
  • You have renal failure. Excess consumption might worsen the problem.

10.Dandelion Root

cure for kidney stonesDandelion is often said to be a very pesky weed, which loves to take over all your gardens and lawns. They overwhelm soccer fields, golf courses, and meadows. In fact, they pop up at those cracked pavements and sidewalks.

Dandelion is pervasive and invasive. However, they are one of the best herbs with multiple medicinal values. In fact, they are used for decades in the treatment of kidney stones.

The root functions by cleaning the urinary tract, which makes it one of the best home remedies for kidney stones. It can also be taken in combination with other herbs. To try the remedy, here is what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Take two teaspoons of the dried dandelion root.
  • Step 2: Have a bowl of hot water ready.
  • Step 3: Mix the two together and let it remain for fifteen minutes.
  • Step 4: Steep the mixture and consume the drink while warm.

How Does This Work?

When you have a good amount of mineral in the body such as potassium, the blood circulation is increased in the kidneys. Having strong oxidants makes this one of the best home remedies for kidney stones. The antioxidants in high quantity are luteolin (and apigenin – both are flavonoid glycosides) and Vitamin C. It is also high in concentration of kynurenic acid that can assist in a proper digestive system.

Dandelion Roots Are Not Good, If:

  • You are allergic to ragweed, daisies, marigolds, and chrysanthemums. You will suffer the same allergic reaction.
  • You are taking antibiotics. The effectiveness will be reduced.

9. Watermelon Juice

how to get rid of kidney stonesWatermelon contains the highest amount of water content (92%) than any other natural fruit. They are diuretic, which means that they assist in increasing the urine flow. This is extremely important when there is a risk of kidney stones.

They are rich in potassium as well (about 170 mg for a cup). Potassium is also a form of salt, which helps the body to dissolve kidney stones. Besides this, potassium also lowers blood pressure. Not only the fruit but also its seeds support in maintaining your kidney’s overall health; those little black seeds cleanse your bladder and help pass the stones out via urine. Hence, watermelon juice is one of the best and effective home remedies for kidney stones.

  • Step 1: Take half a watermelon and add some water.
  • Step 2: Add the mixture to a blender. After blending for five minutes, your juice is ready for consumption.

How Does This Work?

The main components of kidney stones are carbonates, calcium and magnesium phosphates. Potassium (an ingredient of watermelon) is a vital ingredient for healthy kidneys, as it assists in the regulation and maintenance of the acid level in urine. Since major constituent of the watermelon is water, the stones are flushed out quickly.

Watermelon Is Not Good, If:

  • You are a senior citizen. Kindly refrain from taking large quantities of watermelon because it can give rise to indigestion, bloating, and diarrhea.
  • You have a kidney problem. Watermelons have high quantities of potassium, and the kidney may face challenges in eliminating the excess potassium.
  • You are allergic to latex, cucumber or carrots. You will also be allergic to watermelon and may suffer from swelling of the face or mild rashes to severe ones.
  • You are pregnant. It will increase blood sugar in the blood that might lead to gestational diabetes.
  • You are allergic to sorbitol (a type of sugar). Intolerance to sorbitol will give rise to symptoms such as loose stools and gas.

8. Kidney Beans

how to dissolve kidney stonesOne of the world’s healthiest foods – kidney beans are fortified with copper, dietary fiber, proteins, vitamin B1, manganese, and iron. True to the name, they are in the shape of your kidney and are highly beneficial for your health.

Since they are rich in fiber, kidney beans can be effective in the treatment of any kidney or bladder problem, including kidney stones. Apart from treating stones in the kidney, these beans assist in lowering cholesterol and prevents sugar level from rising rapidly right after a patient has his or her meal. Hence, they make a good diet choice for people, who suffer from diabetes, hypoglycemia or insulin resistance. Follow the below steps to try this remedy:

  • Step 1: Take twenty beans and put them in hot water.
  • Step 2: Let the beans boil until they become tender. The liquid should be strained to differentiate the residue and juice. Allow the juice to cool and have it five times a day.

Note: Do not store the liquid after a day, as its therapeutic properties will be lost.

How Does This Work?

Kidney stones have rich quantities of flavonoids and it helps in dissolving the stones and eliminate them out of the body. They are also rich in diuretic properties, which makes it one of the best home remedies for kidney stones.

 Kidney Beans Are Not Good, If:

  • Your diet is laced with raw Red Kidney beans. These contain phytohaemagglutinin, the toxin that causes poisoning. Symptoms are nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and dizziness.
  • Kidney stones possess fibers (insoluble) known as alpha-galactosides that can lead to flatulence and diarrhea in few people.

7.Nettle Leaf Tea

how to pass kidney stonesA plant from the British, Nettle Leaves is loaded with vital minerals and vitamins. Popularly known as stinging nettle, they have been medicinally used since 3 B.C. During medieval years, these leaves were widely used for treating joint pain.

These green leaves exhibit diuretic properties; hence, even today they are one of the popular home remedies for kidney stones. Their roots are employed in the treatment of urinary disorders that are linked with an enlarged prostate (or prostatic hyperplasia),  hay fever, and urinary infections. They are grown and harvested because of their multiple benefits. You can drink two to three cups of the tea every day to attain maximum benefits.

  • Step 1: Collect some nettle leaves (three teaspoons).
  • Step 2: Take six cups of water and low it to boil.
  • Step 3: Add the leaves to the boiling water and let it simmer for fifteen minutes.
  • Step 4: Let the mixture remain for ten minutes.
  • Step 5: Strain and drink it.

How Does This Work?

It has powerful diuretic as well as antibacterial properties. The excess minerals, as well as toxins, will be flushed out of the body, put a stop to the formation of new stones and the growth of existing ones will be stopped. The active components are said to be polysaccharides, as well as lectins that play an important role. The production of inflammatory substances known as prostaglandins is stopped. The kidney stones are washed away via the urinary tract. The immune system also gets a boost.

Nettle Leaf Tea Is Not Good, If:

  • You are pregnant. Uterine contractions will occur and you might suffer a miscarriage. Also, avoid this herb if you are breastfeeding.
  • You have a history of low blood pressure. The numbers might become too low. It is better to consult a naturopathy doctor before partaking the juice.

6.Horse Gram & Pomegranate Seeds Soup

treatment for kidney stonesIt is one of the best home remedies that you can use to help reduce the pain and to get relief. Since horse gram is enriched with polyphenols and iron, it naturally helps in getting rid of kidney stones.

Apart from treating this ailment, horse gram can also cure a common cold, fever, throat infection, piles, urinary diseases, jaundice, etc. According to various studies and research, adding this legume in your daily diet gives anti-calcifying effects on the kidney stones. Fortified with iron, calcium, and proteins, this legume is consumed in India.

natural treatment for kidney stonesIf someone told you that pomegranate seeds cause kidney stones, then they are completely wrong. Drinking its fresh juice can help eliminate the toxins from the body.

Also, it reduces the acidity level in urine. Thereby, preventing the formation of stones in the kidney. Thus, a blend of these two natural ingredients can do great wonders in treating this disease. Besides being one of the effective home remedies for kidney stones, it treats high cholesterol and hypertension. To try this remedy, just follow the steps written below:

  • Step 1: In a half-liter of water, add one cup of horse gram.
  • Step 2: Allow the water to steep till it is about 1/5 of the original quantity.
  • Step 3: Strain and collect the horse gram soup. Add pomegranate seeds to it and stir well.

Note: Have the soup once a day until you feel relieved from pain.

How Does This Work?

Pomegranates help in the reduction of the urine acidity level, which is an important factor for the formation of stones. Horse gram is well known for its diuretic & astringent properties, and a combination along with pomegranate can work wonders. The mixture will be useful in making the toxins flow through the body in the urine.

Pomegranate is rich in iron and polyphenols that have a high antioxidant activity. Soak one cup of horse gram in one liter of water overnight.

This remedy Is Not Good, If:

  • You have a history of low blood pressure. The blood pressure will drop even more.
  • You are planning for surgery. The blood pressure will be affected, and it is advisable to restrict pomegranates two weeks prior two weeks to a surgery.
  • You are on medications. Pomegranate will interfere with common medications such as the ones taken for cholesterol. Check with your physician.
  • You are suffering from asthma. People with asthma should be careful, and the symptoms are vomiting, nausea, hives, and breathing difficulties.

 5.Lemon Juice

best ways to treat kidney stones

Naturally acidic, fresh lemon juice is demonstrated to increase the levels of citrate in urine, a factor which discourages the kidney stones from forming. The fruit is well admired to contain a considerable proportion of Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) & Vitamin C. No matter what type of kidney stone you have, fresh lemon juice would be a great kidney stone remedy. According to various studies, citric acid can assist in reducing the acidity in urine; thereby making it one of the best home remedies for kidney stones. To try a remedy using lemon, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Take two fresh lemons.
  • Step 2: Extract the juice and add to one liter of water.
  • Step 3: You can drink the juice thrice a day (once in the morning, evening and if possible – afternoon).

Alternate method: You can also use the juice of a lemon in normal food such as meat, fish or other types of food.

How Does This Work?

Citric acid reduces the formation of kidney stones. They have in them a chemical called as citrate that can prevent the formation of calcium stones. It also can break small stones that might become harmful to the body when they become big. Since the acidity of urine is reduced, the formation of stones due to uric acid and calcium oxalate is reduced.

Lemon Juice Is Not Good, If:

  • You have a sensitive stomach. You can suffer from acidity.
  • You have a problem with GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disorder. You can suffer from nausea, vomiting, and heartburn.
  • You suffer from stomach ulcers. The acid content in lemon juice can make the situation worse.

4. Wheatgrass Juice

dissolve kidney stonesThe juice of wheat grass is regarded as one of the most effective home remedies for kidney stones. The juice can be consumed as a single ingredient or it can also be mixed with lemon juice and basil leaf juice (one teaspoon).

You can partake the juice two to three times every day. Kindly note, that this grass is an excellent source of iron, magnesium, potassium, B Vitamins, Chlorophyll, and amino acids. Here is what you need to do to help dissolve your kidney stones with organic wheatgrass:

  • Step 1: You need to have 50grams of wheatgrass (fresh), pestle, mortar, and filter cloth.
  • Step 2: You can place the grass in a mortar; add ten drops of water and then using the pestle grind into a fine mixture.
  • Step 3: The mixture you get will be dark green. You can make use of the cloth filter to separate the wheatgrass from the juice.
  • Step 4: You can put the grass in the motor and then do the same procedure of grinding.
  • Step 5: Use the straining method once again. The juice is ready.
  • Step 6: Consume the mixture within thirty minutes.

How Does This Work?

Most of the patients having a kidney disorder have a problem with the endocrine glands. They also suffer from reduced red blood cells. Wheatgrass can provide assistance in the form of enhancing the hemoglobin in the blood as well as blood content. This leads to increase of blood and oxygen supply in the kidneys.

Chlorophyll in wheatgrass contains Vitamins A, C, B and also minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, etc. The toxins in the body are neutralized, and you get relief from kidney stones. Chlorophyll also promotes the good functioning of the lung and heart.

Wheatgrass Is Not Good, If:

  • You have a heart problem. Since a large amount of potassium is present, the heart can skip a beat and cause danger to life.
  • You can experience nausea or dizziness as the toxins get neutralized.  This will be only in the beginning stages and you will soon get over it.
  • You consume a large amount of this grass. Indigestion can happen due to excess chlorophyll. So it is essential to introduce in small amounts.
  • You are allergic to wheat and if you have celiac disease. You can suffer from allergic symptoms and in the case of celiac disease, the situations may worsen.

3. Organic Celery Leaves

home remedies for kidney stonesOriginated from  North African regions and Mediterranean parts, celery was found inside the King Tut’s tomb. It belongs to the family of Apiaceae and is widely consumed as a vegetable. In fact, it is a healthy ingredient used in almost all cuisines of Ireland, America, Australia, and Japan.

Apart from its culinary use, it is loaded with multiple health benefits. It is fortified with vitamin C, which helps in lowering your cholesterol, assists in preventing cancer, prevents obesity, manages the pain that comes from arthritis, detoxifies the entire body, and lowers high blood pressure. It has been noticed that consistent use of celery seed as a tea or as a spice can prevent the formation of kidney stones. This is one of the effective home remedies for kidney stones. Hence, to try the remedy, follow the steps given here:

  • Step 1: Choose straight celery stalks with green leaves. They should not be yellow or wilted in appearance.
  • Step 2: They have to be cleaned properly so that soil is removed. The tip and the tail of the stalks have to be removed.
  • Step 3: The stalks have to be cut to pieces that can fit your blender. Add sufficient amount of water.
  • Step 4: Run the blender and the juice will be the output.
  • Step 5: Strain the mixture and you can drink only the pure juice.

How Does This Work?

The sodium and potassium present in celery juice can assist in the regulation of fluids in the body as well stimulate the production of urine, which will eliminate the excess fluid. Since the toxins are eliminated, the formation of kidney stones also comes to an end, and you can have relief. The regulation of fluids in the body is achieved through minerals such as sodium, potassium, etc.

Celery Is Not Good, If:

  • You are pregnant. It might cause a uterus contraction and lead to miscarriage.
  • You are allergic to birch, dandelion, mugwort and wild carrot. You will experience allergic reactions.
  • You have a bleeding disorder. You might face the risk of bleeding.
  • You have a history of low blood pressure. The number will become low on account of using celery.

2.Uva Ursi Herb

best home remedies for kidney stonesUva ursi, a natural herb is primarily used for treating urinary tract diseases, even including kidney infections, bladder infections, and urethra infections. Apart from this, it also heals swelling (inflammation) in the urinary tract, treats painful urination, increased urination, and urine, which has excess acids or uric acid.

This herb has amazing medicinal properties and dates back to the second century. It is widely used as astringent, antiseptic, and diuretic. Health experts recommend Uva Ursi to use as a kidney stone remedy, chronic cystitis, and nephritis. This herb is also being employed as a tonic for weak kidneys,  pancreas, and liver. Having three to four cups of this herb called as bearberry or Uva Ursi as it is known can assist in the reduction of uric acid, the main contributor of some kidney stones.

  • Step 1: Take one and a half grams of bearberry leaves and three cups of water.
  • Step 2: Soak the leaves overnight.
  • Step 3: You can boil the leaves and then simmer for thirty minutes.
  • Step 4: The water should be lessened to two cups of water.
  • Step 5: You can use them to make tea the similar way.

How Does This Work?

The medicinal component is arbutin which can increase the flow of urine. The urine becomes alkalinized, and thus, the stone is dissolved. However, you have to drink it single, and it should not be combined with other fruit juices. The components present are flavonoids, piceosides, triterpenes and tannins that have antibacterial properties and can be considered to heal infections of the urinary system. The herb also has hydroquinone known for its antibacterial properties.

The harmful organisms, if you have a urinary infection, is neutralized by arbutin and soothes mucous membranes and reduces inflammation of tissues. This method is especially useful in the chronic inflammation of kidneys or bladder. The anti-lithic properties assist in the crystals getting dissolved.

Uva Ursi Is Not Good, If;

  • You are pregnant. You may experience labor pain. Also, avoid taking bearberry if you are breast-feeding a baby.
  • You are administering to a small child. The drink should not be given to children.
  • You have a problem with retina. The retina can become too thin.

1. Horsetail Herb

how to treat kidney stones

Believe it or not, you will get relief from kidney stones if you drink nearly four to five cups of horsetail tea every day. Horsetail is a sterile and thin perennial plant that has a clear rhizomatous stem. It looks similar to the tail of a horse and thus, the name – Horsetail.

Also called Pewterwort, (as it is used to polish pewter & wood), this herb has some other common names too, which are Candock, Shavegrass, Bottlebrush, Paddock pipes, Field Horsetail, Horsetail Fern, Giant Horsetail, and Common Horsetail. Ancient Greeks, Chinese, and Roman herbalists used Horsetail for multiple health problems. Its leaves are widely used for natural dyeing and its stalks for making whistles (hard to believe but to call evil spirits). However, they are helpful in treating kidney stones as well. To try the remedy for your ailment, here is what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Take four teaspoons of dried horsetail herbs.
  • Step 2: You can take two cups of water.
  • Step 3: Boil the mixture for five minutes.
  • Step 4: Strain the water and consume it.

How Does This Work?

The diuretic action is mainly defined as to the presence of saponins and flavonoids making it one of the best home remedies for kidney stones. Kidney stones formed because of uric acid is linked to gout disease. When the uric acid stays in the body it leads to the formation of kidney stones. This is due to many components such as equisetin as well as potassium.

Horsetail Is Not Good, If:

  • You have a heart, diabetes or kidney disorder. You should not partake horsetail tea.
  • Regular consumption might cause Vitamin B1 levels to drop. Do not consume alcohol.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding a baby.

What is Low-Oxalate Diet? How Does It Help To Prevent Kidney-Stones?

Oxalates are natural nutrient substances usually found in many plants and animal species but they are not actually necessary for our body. If it’s normal level, it is well and good as it functions mostly as a probiotic. But, excess of oxalates in our system causes kidney stones.

Usually, like others oxalates are excreted by the system in both urine and stools( feces) but if it’s in higher rate, it has to travel through kidney to be excreted and that’s where excess gets stuck and becomes stones. Oxalates have the tendency to bind with calcium while moving through the digestive tracks so if the calcium level is also too high then it’s troublesome too. For a healthy functioning, you need Calcium-Oxalate balanced diet.

Vitamin C Rich Foods: They are good when it comes to maintaining required oxalate quantities and helps flush kidney stones. The Vitamin C has the tendency to convert the excess oxalates and thereby makes the natural oxalate level maintained.

Avoid processed junk foods:Good Guts with Good Bacteria can help get rid of excess oxalate in the system

Tips To Note

1. Have A Controlled Meat Consumption

Animal protein is the chief contributor to the kidney stones. They accelerate the formation of uric acid and calcium in the bladder resulting in the formation of kidney stones. Also, avoid the food that has purines, because purines break down to form uric acid. Avoid the purine-rich food like sweetbread, heart, liver, brain, and wine. Avoid over-consumption of fish like Shrimps, mackerel, and sardines.

2. Regular Exercise

Since it is known that the kidney stones are made of 80% calcium in the bladder, it is compulsory that you do regular exercise. When you exercise frequently, the calcium in the body will be carried through the bloodstreams and to the bones rather than your kidneys.

3. Watch Your Calcium Intake

While Vitamin C is critical for the better functioning of the body, it acts as contributing factor to the kidney stones when there is an excess presence of the supplement. It is safe to consume up to 90 mg of vitamin C for men and 75 mg for women a day. Fruits and vegetables are the best source of Vitamin C, rather than having it in the form of supplements.

Despite the fact that excess calcium intake being the chief troublemaker causing kidney stones, it cannot be completely avoided. Hence, balance your calcium supplement and you will not have to worry about the kidney stones. Also, if you reduce the calcium levels in the body drastically, you could be at risk of developing kidney stones as it leads to the formation of oxalates.

Hence, the recommended dietary intake of calcium in the body must not exceed 1200mg a day. Roughly equivalent to 3 glasses of milk a day. Although it is unnecessary to have 3 glasses of milk to balance the calcium, you can maintain the calcium levels in the body by consumption of other calcium-rich food.

Hence, balance your calcium intake by following these instructions:

  • Have milk and other dairy products daily in the balanced quantity.
  • Avoid any over-the-counter antacids as they have high levels of calcium in them.
  • Exercise regularly to have a better functioning body and to allow the calcium to be absorbed into the bones.

To avoid kidney stone formation in the body, one must avoid:

  • Antacids that are sold over the counter that is rich in calcium.
  • The calcium leads to increased risk of kidney stone formation in people prone to this disorder.

When To See A Doctor?

In most cases, you will not need a doctor’s help. However, if you experience any of the following conditions, then you must consult a urologist.

  • Blood mixed with urine
  • Persistent stinging pain in the lower back and the side
  • If you experience chills and fever
  • Vomiting episodes
  • Stinking urine
  • Inflammation or burning sensation while urinating

Diagnosis will be made after evaluating your urine and conducting internal imaging for blood or stones in the bladder.

Natural Remedy vs. Pharmacy

For calcium stones formation in the body, your doctor might prescribe a thiazide uretic or potassium citrate containing drug or orthophosphate. For uric acid stones, the medications are allopurinol (Zyloprim, Aloprim) for reducing the acid levels in the blood and urine. There are also other medicines such as penicillamine, tiopronin and potassium citrate for cystine stones.


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