5 Little-Known Brain Benefits of Oregano

oregano health benefits

Oregano belongs to the mint family or Lamiaceae. As per the ancients, the plant originates from the Mediterranean, western and southwestern Eurasia. The herb (mainly because of its aromatic, warm, and balsamic flavor) is preferred in various Mediterranean dishes, Italian-American cuisine. The real botanical name for this herb is Origanum vulgare.

The other names of this herb are wild marjoram or Spanish thyme. It has plenty of medicinal values, and an important advantage is that it is available throughout the year. So, what are the brain benefits of oregano? Or what positive reactions do they produce in the brain? Learn them in detail in this post.

Chemical Components In Oregano

It has been found that this herb, when grown in cold climates, have less aromatic flavor compared to the ones in normal conditions. So climate and soil composition plays a key role. The chemical compounds contributing to the flavor are thymol, limonene, ocimene, caryophyllene, pinene, etc.

The herb contains valuable phytonutrients such as rosmarinic acid and thymol, which acts as antioxidants and prevents damage to cell structures in the entire body. Oregano is widely preferred for protecting the neuronal damage caused by cells.

Top 5 Brain Benefits Of Oregano

Brain Benefits Of Oregano

Studies have found that the Antioxidant level in Oregano is 40 times than the apples, 12 times than oranges and four times more than what found in Blueberries.

Oregano is a great ingredient to be included in your diet to not just enhance flavor but also improves brain-function. Oregano goes well with almost all favorite food items like tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, chicken, lambs, pizza, spaghetti, sausages etc. so feel free to use oregano in them.

Fresh oregano can be refrigerated and stored for about 2-3 days but make sure you don’t keep them wet inside the plastic bag and store. Dried oregano has loner shelf-life. Oregano is similar to the basil, mint, sage family so if you’re allergic to any of them you’ll find oregano allergic too. Oregano has blood-pressure lowering properties and works well with anticoagulant drugs.

1. Lightens Your Mood

It also has positive mood changing benefits due to the presence of its components, thymoquinone, and carvacrol. In recent times, carvacrol acetate, derived from carvacrol when associated with gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) calms the nerves down. The research paper published in the British Journal of Nutrition has specified that this particular plant have mood-enhancing benefits.

2.Protects Damage Against Neurons

Another research paper carried at Aristotle University in Greece found that the antioxidants in oregano provide protection against damage to neurons. This plant also contains antioxidants, which can fight against cancer and other heart diseases. The research paper found in Journal of Nutrition specifies that the herb has a valuable source of antioxidants.

3.Improves Concentration

Oregano herb is consumed (through diet); it can enhance the promotion of alpha-1 and beta-1 brainwaves. The benefits of alpha-1 are highly helpful in reducing anxiety. Also, it improves learning, concentration, and relaxation.

4. Helps You Sleep Better

The beta-1 waves, on the other hand, are associated with alertness. The other advantages of oregano are that it prevents the degradation of neurotransmitters such as noradrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. These neurotransmitters are the ones, which regulate the day-to-day health activities such as appetite, sleep, anxiety, and moods.

5. Lessens Inflammation In The Brain

The oil of oregano contains fat-soluble terpenoids; these components can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and are active within the brain. It has been found to boost dopamine, and then it goes on to boost noradrenaline and serotonin. The other functions the oregano oil components do is reducing the inflammation of the brain, which can resolve depression and boosts the mood.

These are some of the benefits of this herb. In case you know more, be kind enough to put a view in the comments box.

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