20 Smart Ways To Handle Stress In Any Situation

Stress in inevitable. It is tough to find any human who has not felt stress at some point in life. Only infants are perhaps excused from this as they are at an age where do not understand, realize or comprehend things. Right from school days, stress is just a part of our lives.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another — William James, an American philosopher, and psychologist.

This is true since most often stress is caused by our thoughts and reactions to situations rather than the situation itself. It is, therefore, evident that if we can control our thoughts, we may achieve success in managing stress in our lives. So, here are 20 best ways to handle stress no matter what situation you are in.

positive ways to handle stress

Stress is best handled through many stress management activities that can along the way help in controlling and relieving it. Here is a list of 20 smart ways to handle stress in any situation.

1. Maintain An Everyday To-Do-List

This is one of the best ways to handle stress. A simple to-do list helps organize and prioritize your tasks for the day. Once you know what you have on your plate and how much time you have, then it is easy to plan and execute the tasks.

2. When In Doubt, Ask

Yes, it is as simple as that. If you are in doubt about something and not sure what to do, then reach out to the right person and ask. This could save time in redoing and the stress associated with it.

3. Learn To Delegate

Delegation is an art that many people fail to understand. Either you will find that people hold on to all tasks wanting to do it themselves or you will find that they pass on everything wherein they should have done by themselves as well. It is important to learn this art to ensure that the right amount of work is delegated to the right people. This will provide you with the leeway to concentrate on few other important things.

4. Take Breaks In Between

If you feel stressed at work or feel that you badly need a break, then please take it. You may be doing yourself a great service by doing so. It could just be a simple walk to the cafeteria and having a cup of coffee to clear your mind and relax your body. That would improve your focus and quality of work delivered. In the case of a long break like a vacation or something, plan it out after you accomplish a goal or so, but taking breaks are important.

5. Disallow Distractions

Please tell that nagging colleague of yours to mind his own business or put your phone on silent so that you are not tempted to peep at it and respond to non-urgent messages and end up wasting your time. This is an important step for stress management in the workplace.

6. Keep Your Weekends Free

As much as possible do not carry work home for weekends. Your body and mind need those two days to recover after a hectic work week.

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7. Find Some Activities That You Love Doing

It could be painting, singing, listening to music, playing some instrument, playing football or badminton, or just hiking and trekking or even cooking for some friends and family. Whatever it is that you love, find it and make sure that you indulge in it at least once in a week, if not more. This relaxes you like nothing else.

8. Plan And Prepare

This has to be done every single day, for every single meeting or occasion. If you know what is expected of you and what you expect out of it, then prepare, do your homework, and plan for it. This will save a lot of stress, as you will not be caught off guard.

9. Do Not Skip Meals

It is very important to ensure that you take your meals on time as much as possible. Food is important to keep your mind & body agile and help you think straight. Look up on some workplace diets to keep you going.

10. Do Deep Breathing A Few Times

This is one of the most common ways to handle stress. All you do is take a minute out, close your eyes and deliberately breathe in and out deeply.easy ways to handle stress

11. Practice Yoga Or Meditation

Yoga is an ancient Indian therapy that helps maintain overall mind and bodily health. There is some simple to complex poses or asanas in Yoga. One can easily find a teacher to start with the basics and then you are set for life with some stress relief Yoga. Yoga for stress and anxiety teaches you meditation techniques to calm you down.

12. Do Not Over-Commit

Learn to say ‘No.’ If you cannot do something, then say so. It is better to say so and face the consequences rather than taking on the job and the stress that goes with it. It achieves nothing. Learning to say ‘No’ is a very effective way of stress management in the workplace.

13. Prioritize The Tasks

Learn to draw the urgent, important quadrants and place your tasks in the appropriate ones. That should help you a lot to plan your day, week or month as well. Giving due attention where it is needed and not giving where it is not needed is an important aspect of stress management.

14. There Is Always A Tomorrow

Do not try to do everything in a day and realize that there is always a tomorrow that you can utilize.

15. Learn To Rationalize

Nothing is as bad as it seems. Just take a deep breath, step back and look at it again. You may see things differently.

16. Focus On Solutions Rather Than The Problems

It is true that most often we keep thinking about the problem rather than solutions for it. Change the thinking, and you could be a winner!

17. Start Your Day Early

As much as possible, start your day early with enough time on hand to plan and handle even a few unplanned ones.

18. Think Before You Speak

This is one of the best ways to handles stress. Limit your words to what matters and avoid unnecessary conflicts with others.

19. Eliminate Interruptions

While you might not be able to control the interrupters, you definitely can control the way you respond.

20. Think Out Of The Box

Sometimes all it needs to relieve stress is an out of the box solution that can only be achieved through thinking differently.


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    • You can try doing Hatha yoga which helps to relieve stress and help you relax.

      Yoga includes breathing, meditation, and exercises, called postures or poses, that stretch the body. You can do yoga to help you relax.
      The goals of yoga include improved physical and mental health and also “oneness” with a higher being, the self, or some form of higher awareness. But yoga does not need to be a spiritual practice for you to get the benefits.

    • You can do some all kind of meditation. Ultimate aim is to concentrate on the meditation and don’t concentrate on anything other than that. Specially not the things that makes you stressed up.

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