Get Rid Off Dry Scalp Problems With Home Remedies

For starters, the dry scalp is a condition that stands apart from dandruff. It is a misnomer that many still continue to believe. Here is how you distinguish dandruff from the dry scalp. Dandruff isn’t triggered by dry skin. Dandruff is caused by excess oil (sebum) in the head. The yeast in the scalp feeds on the excess oil and the dead skin cells. But in the case of dry scalp, the triggering factors are the usage of harsh chemicals that are being found in the hair products. These chemicals can make your scalp and skin dry. Apart from the chemicals, you also have other contributing factors like the weather, water, diet, hormones, etc.  In this article on home remedies for dry scalp, the information will be given on the causes and DIY methods on simple natural ingredients from the kitchen you can use to prevent the discomfort.

Unfortunately having trouble with the hairdo not pass off lightly among many, especially, those who treat the condition of the hair as a matter of self-esteem. Dry scalp can be extremely itchy and will leave your hair looking parched and damaged. In a matter of time, your once-upon-a-time happy mane will quickly look dull, lacking shine or lackluster. Enough reasons to make you feel somber, agree not? Do not fret too soon; your help is here in this article where you will discover the tips to keep your hair looking great by natural means. But before we reveal the best-kept secrets of the natural remedies for your hair, we will also tell you the causes, symptoms, and everything you didn’t know about the dry scalp.

Home remedies for dry scalp


Some hair facts you didn’t know. Each hair is made of a steel protein called as keratin. It is strong and tensile compound. Your nail is also made of the same protein.  Each strand of your hair has the potential to last 6-7 years from the moment it sprouts from the roots. All this mysterious growth occurs while you never realized it.

It is compulsory that there be a balance of natural oil in the scalp. If the hair is completely stripped off its essential oil, or if they are not sufficiently lubricated, they will obviously look dull and lose their shiny, glossy appearance. If you catch yourself staring in the mirror at your bland and dead-looking hair, you can assure yourself that there is an impending dread that is headed your way. So look for early symptoms and deal with the damage as soon as possible.

Albeit, there isn’t a particular cause you can point fingers, dry scalp can be caused by several contributing factors and it can differ from one person to another. Their genetic build plays a prominent role in the scalp response to the acting trigger. Some facts influencing the dry scalp are:

  • Changes in the hormonal behavior
  • Deficiency of Vitamin-E
  • Unhealthy or irregular dietary pattern
  • Extreme temperatures (weather)
  • Excessive shampooing
  • Hair products that are rich in alcohol
  • Eczema

One of the best suitable ways to start treating the dry scalp is to determine the cause of the dry scalp. Hence, a robust diagnosis is necessary to know the exact cause of the trigger. Signs that you are suffering from the dry scalp are small white flakes on the head, around the hairline, and behind the neck region. One of the common symptoms of dry scalp is the itchiness and dandruff (flaky scalp).

You can experience symptoms such as itching and irritation in the areas of the head. The symptoms of the dry scalp can be easily seen by the white flakes of skin falling off your head in small pieces.

Dry scalp as a standalone condition isn’t life-threatening or devastating. But, if they are ignored or left untreated for a prolonged period, it can lead to other complications like intense itching, hair loss, and flaking scalp. It can last several years or a lifetime if they are left untreated.

1. Lemon Juice And Honey

Yet again, the lemon and honey come to the rescue. It may seem like one ingredient that solves all the issues. Honey and lemon juice isn’t just a cold deterring substituent from the kitchen. Due to the rich antibacterial property of honey, and cleansing the property of the lemon, they work hand in hand to treat the dry scalp.

kitchen home remedy for dry scalp

Step 1

Take a lemon and squeeze the juice. Combine two tablespoons of lemon juice and honey to make a mixture.

How Does It Work?

Lemon has acidic properties (Citric acid) which eliminates infections and honey has antibacterial properties. The combination makes a perfect duo for the treatment of the dry scalp. The acid cleans the scalp of dry loose skin.

Not Good, If:

You have irritation in the skin. The acidic content of the lemon juice can make the problem worse.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Your kitchen is a place of an unimaginable level of a cure for several ailments. One of the several iconic remedies for treating the dry scalp is the apple cider vinegar. The itching will be controllable from the first application of this element.  Apple cider vinegar balances the pH level of your scalp, and you will have immediate relief from the irritating symptoms. Remember, you must always apply a diluted version of the acidic substance.

remedies for dry scalp

Step 1

Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and add to a cup of water.

Step 2

Mix them well and put the mixture into a spray bottle.

Step 3

Spray the mixture on your hair and scalp. Massage the scalp gently till the mixture is evenly distributed.

How Does It Work?

Apple cider vinegar balances the pH level of your scalp, and you will have immediate relief from the irritating symptoms. It is rich in malic acid that kills the fungus and yeast responsible for dry scalp. The clogged pores are opened, and they will act as a mild conditioner. The alpha-hydroxy acids and vitamins such as C, B1, A, B6 acts as exfoliators and remove the top layers of dead skin.

Not Good, If:

You suffer from burning of the skin. You have to dilute the vinegar and then apply on the scalp.

3. Sesame Oil (Queen of oils)

It is excellent nourishment oil and the best natural moisturizing element. Treating the dry scalp has never been easier than using sesame oil. It is an excellent nourishing agent and keeps the scalp moisturized.

natural remedies for dry scalp

Step 1

Rub the oil into the hair and massage the scalp for 10 minutes.

Step 2

Then, wash off with a mild shampoo.

How Does It Work?

This oil is rich in mineral sources such as calcium, magnesium, protein, and vitamins such as E and B. These ingredients strengthen the hair at the root and can give nourishment. The circulation of blood in the scalp is increased due to sesame oil because of its high ability to penetrate easily. Multiple resources of zinc are found in sesame oil that is essential for the production of collagen. Zinc also is needed for curing damaged tissues.

Not Good, If:

You are allergic to sesame oil. It can cause hormonal imbalance and can dry the hair follicles. The hair fall will be severe, and you can suffer from complete baldness. If you suffer from symptoms such as inflammation, irritation, and redness, you can stop using sesame oil.

4. Mayonnaise

When you combine the eggs and oil, you get mayonnaise. Mayonnaise also contains vinegar that gives it an edge to treat the vilest form of dry scalp. The vinegar in the mayonnaise will actively disinfect the fungi or bacteria that pervades your scalp. Once you bring the manifestation within the control, then you can effortlessly control the itchiness and the dryness too.

Home Remedies For Dry Scalp

Step 1

Massage half a cup containing a mayonnaise in your dry hair. Make sure the content reaches the roots and wears a shower cap to keep the head covered

Step 2

Let it remain on the hair for the duration of 15 minutes and then wash off the excess with warm water.

Step 3

Shampoo your hair to clean it one more time for any excess or stray dead skins.

How Does It Work?

  • Mayonnaise is made of eggs and oil that can give deep nourishment. Since it also contains vinegar, the area is disinfected from bacteria or fungus that causes dryness and itchiness. The high protein content assists in strengthening the roots of the hair and can prevent easy breakage of follicles.
  • L-cysteine, powerful amino acid and antioxidant found in eggs give the strength, structure and perfect shine to the hair.

Not Good, If:

If your scalp is allergic to the ingredients in mayonnaise, then the scalp will suffer from severe irritation.

5. Yogurt And Egg

This is not a wrong breakfast recipe. But an effective dry scalp recipe both of them have unique properties to strengthen your scalp.  Yogurt will help in soothing the skin and it also helps in exfoliating. Eggs have a lot of fat and protein content which nourishes the scalp. It prevents free radical damage.

dry scalp home remedies

Step 1 :  

Take a tablespoon of plain yogurt which must be unflavoured.

Step 2 :

Mix the mixture with one beaten egg.

Step 3 :

Now take the mixture and massage it to your hair. Massing it to your scalp along with it is okay. Leave this mixture for 10 minutes before washing it out.

Step 4 :

Now wash your hair with cold water or lukewarm water. If the egg is hard on your hair, use a mild shampoo to wash your hair. Otherwise, the hair will be very sticky

How Does It Work?

Both the yogurt and egg are very rich in high protein sources. Protein sources are really helpful in making the scalp stronger.

Not Good, If

If you do not like the egg smell, this remedy will not work to you. If you are a vegan chance of getting yogurt and egg have become zero.


  • Don’t over-style your hair.
  • It is understandable if you wanted to look stylish but make sure you do not do it at the cost of your precious hair. Do not subject it to a barrage of unsparing styling agents. Your hair does not appreciate the steaming hot iron curlers and straighteners running up and down on your delicate hair.
  • Keep your adventures with hair damaging gadgets at a minimum. If you must style your hair, do so occasionally.

You Are What You Eat

  • The food you eat will make every bit your body. Yes! Even the hair. If you eat healthy, vitamin-rich, nutritious food, it will be reflected on your hair. You will see your hair looks shiny. Your scalp will be free from dryness and other condition that arise out of lack of vitamins. Have sufficient fibrous food; maintain a balance of protein-rich food, and eat lots of leafy veggies.
  • Food rich in omega-3 fatty acids is essential. It gives texture, quality, and health to your hair. There are also several healthy tree nuts that you can eat to keep your skin and hair looking great, like walnuts, flax seeds and many more.
  • Eating a fresh salmon will enhance the quality of hair as well, due to the rich presence of skin-friendly proteins and nutrients.

Natural Remedy Vs Pharmacy

  • You can be prescribed anti-fungal creams as they are effective in reducing the number of yeast infections in the dry scalp. Over-the-counter creams are miconazole cream and clotrimazole cream.
  • Over the counter, shampoos are Tar (T/gel), Zinc pyrithione (like Head & Shoulders), Salicylic acid (T/Sal). Other hair products include Ketoconazole (Nizoral) and Selenium Sulfide (Selsun Blue).

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