Why Do People Smoke Cigarettes? – 5 Deadly Reasons You Need To Know

Most of us begin smoking when we are in teens and by the time we reach our adulthood, obviously – “addicted”. Have you ever wondered why do people smoke e cigarettes? If no, then here are some reasons listed, which you must read to know.

Why Do People Smoke Cigarettes?

Smoking is highly injurious to health”. We have read this everywhere and even know what sort of disaster can it do to our health but still continue to smoke quite often a day. Once you are addicted to it, it becomes your habit. You cannot stop yourself from smoking one from that packet. Since it is a very strong addiction, the reason behind isn’t just one. There are multiple reasons as to why people smoke. Check them out.

Major Reasons Why Youngsters Smoke?

Teens and youngsters are often seen smoking to look more matured or they even get this habit from their friends, who do it. Other reason can be trying to experiment. If their peers, parents, relatives or someone close to them smoke, this tempts them to do the same. They feel “smoking” to be very attractive and it is not hard for them to take one and sneak at the backyard without even being caught.

Reasons Why Adults Smoke?

Adults smoke for different reasons. It is because of stress, pressure, addicted and other personal problems. Soon, you will see in detail why do adults are seen smoking often.

Reasons Why Seniors Or Old Citizens Smoke?

Whether you are old or young, there are people, who are found smoking just to lose weight. And you cannot deny this fact. This is what the recent survey result shows. On an average, smokers weigh 7-pounds much lesser than the non-smokers. The reason is that smoking reduces your appetite and you look thinner. Moreover, it lessens the sense of smell and taste too. This could be one of the major reasons why ex-smokers put on weight after quitting it. The food seems tastier and better!

So, why is that even after begging and crying before the smokers so much, they still get into this habit? Now, let us look some more reasons in particular why do people smoke cigarettes.

5 Major Reasons To Smoking

1. Desires To Appear Cool

When it comes to the question why do people smoke cigarettes, the one common reason is their desires to appear cool in front of others. Yes, of course to a 12 to 16-year youngster, without much experience of life, sees himself or herself really cool and matured with a cigar in hand. Teens are still imitation creatures & if they view it as an “adult” thing, they will never mind doing it.

2. Peer Pressure

Yet another reason as to why do people smoke cigarettes is due to mild or extreme pressure. It is true that response towards pressure differs from one person to the other but kids are extremely susceptible towards its influences. Such are the times when they highly care for what their friends have to say. Unfortunately, it leads to something worse or something we haven’t imagined of.

3. Parental Influence

This is another way through, which kids learn to smoke and there is no surprise if they end up even becoming a chain smoker. Active smokers’ kids begin to smoke much earlier than the kids of nonsmokers. Every single day your kids watch you smoking and there comes an urge in them to try. By the time, they reach their adulthood they get addicted. It gets difficult for them to quit.

4. Occupied With People Who Smoke

Yes, even this is one of the major reasons as to why people smoke. Even if they wish to quit this horrible habit, they wouldn’t be able to if they are surrounded with smokers. This gives the urge to smoke more. They will easily take a packet and slide one out. If you are in a situation like this, take a step. Advice your buddies not to do so and tell the serious impacts they will face in their later life.

5. Risk-Taking Behavior

For few youngsters, smoking still offers a fertile ground to get that limit-pushing joy. Since it is illegal in multiple countries to buy tobacco (for minors), the process to get, learn, use and to finally smoke is accomplished by breaking all those rules. Teens get extremely thrilled after breaking these rules and this is enough to keep smoking. When they grow into adults, they find it too hard to quit cigarettes.


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