Can You Get Pregnant Right Before Your Period?

Again a frequently searched question on the internet: Can you get pregnant right before your periods? After researching about it for a while now, I have come up with some answers, which I will be sharing with you in this post.

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Can You Get Pregnant Right Before Your Periods?

Can You Get Pregnant Right Before Your Period

So, can you get pregnant right before your period? Yes, there are possibilities but isn’t common though. Fertilization occurs when a woman ovulates and this happens between her Day-12 and Day-16 of menstrual cycle. There are certain reasons as to why this may happen.

The ovulation time, fertile egg will often get you confused in interpreting them with respect to your menstrual cycle, but knowing about them can help you a lot if you are trying to avoid pregnancy.

If you have a question of ‘can I get pregnant right before the period’? , Then you should also know about what actually happens before and after your menstrual cycle and how it works. Each individual is different and so are the menstrual cycle and ovulation time. Typically, the fertile window i.e. the time you could get pregnant (every month or ovulating time) is around 4-5 days before the ovulation and sometimes the day after. If uterus recognizes that the egg isn’t fertilized it gets ready to shed its endometrial lining and pass the unfertilized-egg. For those who have regular 28-day cycle menstrual cycle, the ovulation time will be easy to know (they even have period-tracker apps for it). For Ex: take your first day of your period as Day 1 of your cycle, then the ovulation will come somewhere around 11th – 20th day.

Understand Menstrual Cycle First

A female’s menstrual cycle begins at the 1st day of periods & is measured until the 1st day of her next period. Now, this cycle is normally from 28 – 32 days. Besides, some may have longer or shorter ones.

“Ovulation” is the time when a woman gets pregnant. This is when egg is released from her ovary and this occurs between 12 & 16 days from next period. She is extremely fertile at this phase and if you happen to have sex at this point, then there are higher chances of getting pregnant.

Apart from ovulation, timing of your sex also plays an important role. Sperm of your partner can survive for 7-days and even a little thing can make you pregnant. It is highly recommended to use protection if you are not expecting a baby.


Can you get pregnant right before your period? I would like to conclude by answering that even though there are possibilities it is hard. Why? Ovulation takes place about 2-weeks before your next period. This is the case for women who have a proper or regular menstrual cycle. On the other hand, if a woman has irregular cycle then ovulation takes place after the expected mid cycle. It can be for instance on Day-24 instead of Day-14. If implantation and fertilization takes place at such a time then you can get pregnant right before your period. Therefore, it all depends on the ovulation time and when you have sex.


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