What Does A Heart Attack Feel Like?

Before I explain you what does a heart attack feel like, I strongly recommend you reading the article on what does heartburn feel like. The reason is that people always misunderstand the conditions heart attack and heartburn. The 2 are entirely different.

What Is A Heart Attack?

Heart attack occurs when a part of the heart muscle dies with the lack of blood supply. Heart functions smoothly when there is a proper blood flow but this supply loses when the coronary arteries (ones that supply blood to heart muscles) forms blood clot or a blockage. This is scientifically known as coronary thrombosis. As heart muscles die, patient experiences intense chest pain & electrical instability at the heart tissues. The pain is unbearable and easily leads to death very easily.

What Does A Heart Attack Feel Like

Learn What Does A Heart Attack Feel Like?

The feeling of heart attack is really worse and intense. A person experiences lot of sweat and  feels very hard to breathe. It is as if someone is choking and squeezing the chest to the core.  There is also extreme tiredness, pressure and pain.

Heart attacks usually come without a warning. They don’t even show any signs before. The symptoms build very slowly & mildly. It is only with the symptoms, one realizes what does a heart attack feel like actually. Let me list you down.

Symptoms Of Heart Attack

Heart attack is a very dangerous condition and as said earlier, it can easily cause death. This is why you require being aware of the heart attack signs and how it exactly feels like so that you can begin the treatment at the right time and save your life.

Note: Men & Women experience a heart attack differently. When compared to women, men more likely feel as if an elephant is sitting on the chest whereas a woman feels a heart attack with breath shortness, jaw pain, arm pain, neck pain and fatigue.

Hence, it is very vital to be aware of the signs of heart attack:

  • Chest pain — it could be mild discomfort, which goes away & comes back. It makes a person feel as if he or she has extreme pressure, someone is squeezing his or her chest, feels full and there is utter pain.
  • Shortness in Breath — During a heart attack, one feels it very difficult to breathe prior experiencing pressure and pain. In some cases, lack of breath can occur simultaneously with the pain.
  • Fatigue
  • Heart palpitations (irregular or racing heartbeats)
  • Arm discomfort (either one / both the arms)
  • Tooth or jaw pain
  • Stomach or back pain
  • Light-headedness
  • Nausea
  • Breaking out with lots of sweat
  • An impending doom sense — patients frequently tell doctors that they sense something wrong before the attack occurs

Apart from these the following will occur as a symptom of heart attack

Chest-Discomfort: The most common initial symptom is the unusual chest-discomfort that includes tightness in the chest, pain or heavy pressure in the chest.

Pain Spreading to the Arms: Another common symptom is sharp shock-like pain radiating through the arm to the left-side of the body.

Dizzy/Light-Headedness: Losing your balance, light-headedness, fainting, feel of someone’s pushing you down are all symptoms. But sometimes, if you haven’t had enough food or skipped breakfast too you’ll experience the same. So be aware. Get help immediately.

Exhaustion: Feeling of fatigue, exhaustion, fainting, unable to climb the stairs or even walk more than five/ten minutes are all another set of common heart-disease symptoms. So consult your doctor and check it.

Heavy Snoring: It’s normal for people to snore but it becomes an issue when you feel your chest tightened or feel heavy gasping or chocking during snoring. During this difficulty, some people tend to stop breathing causing major issue during night-sleep. Consult your doctor.

Muscle Tightness/Atrophy: In case of chronic heart failure, people may develop severe muscle in lower limbs. For some the chest pain may spread up to throat/jaw muscles. If the pressure/pain goes up to your jaw/throat, then it could be a heart-attack symptom. Seek immediate medical attention.

For many, heart attack feels like crushing pain inside the chest, which usually causes to buckle. However, for others, heart attacks are much different. Therefore, what a person feels a heart attack is entirely different with the other.

What Makes The Symptoms Of Heart Attack Unique?

Often the health conditions heartburn and heart attack is misunderstood. Knowing the key differences between the “chest pain from heart attack” and “chest pain from indigestion or acid reflux” is extremely important.

The pain in chest from indigestion or reflux gets better as soon as you consume an antacid / by drinking water or milk whereas pain from heart attacks will not go away easily. In addition, symptoms such as nausea, sweatiness, breathlessness and heart palpitations usually don’t accompany indigestion or reflux. Yet another key sign in heart attacks are repeated pain. It comes with activities like chest tightness while walking up stairs.

What Should You Do While Feeling The Symptoms?

If you feel as if you have a heart attack, then do not delay — ring 911 right away. Doctors choose people to call up 911 rather than driving all the way to reach a hospital. With the help of 911 service, possible first aid could be given at the ambulance itself. Suppose the heart stops to beat, the workers inside the ambulance use tools to make the heart beat again.

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