Famous People With Autism – 12 People You Wouldn’t Believe Suffered It

Now here is an interesting post about famous people with autism. You certainly might have heard about this disorder. If not, then here is a quick introduction as to what it is all about.

So, What Is Autism?

ASD or Autism spectrum disorder is a complex disorder in brain development. It can be mild or severe. This disorder is been associated with difficulties in attention, coordination, lack of sleep, intellectual disability and even gastrointestinal disturbances.

Generally, autism is characterized with varying degrees like social interaction, repetitive behaviors, non-verbal communication and verbal communication. Autism appears in the early development of brain but the strangest autism signs emerge from 2 to 3 years. Early therapies can improve this disorder and there will be much-improved outcomes.

Symptoms Of Autism

  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of interest
  • Lack of response
  • Appears to be indifferent with surroundings
  • Difficulties in communicating
  • Problems in speaking
  • Resists cuddling
  • Finds loud noises, strange smells and sudden light intensities very unpleasant
  • They don’t like when being touched
  • Finds too hard to understand people’s feelings

So, now after reading the above information, you must be misconceiving with a thought that they cannot achieve anything in their life. To prove you wrong and almost shock you, there are some famous people with autism, who have excelled in many fields like math, arts, visual skills and so on. In fact, there are proven records of people (with autism) being able to think over the beyond of what we normal humans cannot. Just read and know what wonders these below listed popular and outstanding people contributed to the world.

12 Famous People With Autism

You’ll be shocked to see the man at page NO:1

12. Tim Burton

famous people with autism

A great American poet, film producer and an animator is autistic. He has produced and directed more than 30-films even including few hits like Planet of Apes, Batman Begins & Alice in Wonderland. Tim graduated at CalArts & began his career life at Disney. He made many low budget movies and were well appreciated. In the year 1989, Tim got a great chance with his 1st big budget film Batman. It went a huge hit and earned $400 million globally.

11. David Byrne

famous people with autism

A great musician and even Oscar winner David Byrne always had a deep interest in music. He is often listed in the list of famous people with autism. Apart from being autistic, he did great things in music field. The person, who has excelled music, was once rejected from school choir. However, his deep interest was always on and he kept learning & played guitar often. Finally, he opened up his band in 1971 called “Talking Heads”.

10. Courtney Love

famous people with autism

This amazing author, an actress, American musician and a song writer was autistic too in her childhood. However, it was a mild one. Her parents were divorced and after that, Courtney Love spent most of her time at foster homes. She began writing and came up with own music ideas. Finally, she kick started her music band in the year 1989. She had many terrible relationships. She married James Moreland in the year 1989, and then in 1992, married Kurt Cobain. Finally on her 40th-birthday in 2004, she committed suicide.

9. Daryl Hannah

famous people with autism

Talking about famous people with autism, here is someone, who cannot be missed out. She is a well-known American actress. She has worked in more than 50 movies even including some box office hits – Kill Bill & Splash. She began her career with acting during the year 1978 and she is only 17 by then. Recently she was spotted in Robbie’s video “Feel”. This popular actress revealed in an interview that she was autistic in her childhood and it has even affected her filming career. In spite of such issues, she accomplished what she wanted to.

8. Temple Grandin



If you aren’t aware of her then let me tell you that she is a skilled animal science American doctor. Her mom Eustacia Cutler and dad Richard Grandin knew that she was autistic at the age 2. Hence, she was admitted in a well-structured nursery school. She faced troubles in speaking but at the age 4, she improved and then moved to a boarding school called Hampshire Country school (built for gifted children). She graduated during the year 1966 and then she headed to her college life, which was at “Franklin Pierce”. She pursued her bachelors degree in Psychology during the year 1970 and in 1975, she done her masters in animal science from the Arizona sate university. She dint stop here. Further, in the year 1989, she completed the doctoral degree from Illinois University. She began to create awareness about autism and guided children, who suffered from it. This indeed is a great achievement and finally in 2010, she was listed among the top 100 most influential people. She is someone, who inspires us to live with a purpose!

7. Bill Gates

most popular people with autism

If you are shocked to see the giant company Microsoft’s CEO on the list of famous people with autism then here is something you need to know about him. Bill Gates, born and grown up in Seattle, a globally known American programmer and a businessperson is rumored to have suffered with autism but it’s not sure. He is counted in the list of world’s richest people too.

6. Michelangelo



So, famous people with autism? Um… Yet another great man is “Michelangelo”. This artistic genius is said to have autism too. Two doctors named Professor Fitzgerald and Dr. Arshad said that “Michelangelo’s unusual lifestyle, single-minded routine of work, limited interest, poor social interactions & communication skills features autism.” He had an obsessed and tempered behavior, which were signs of being autistic. He used to set routines and if he couldn’t follow them, he ended up being frustrated. He is still described as a strange, preoccupied and isolated man. Apart from suffering such problems, this man could do great wonders. He was an outstanding architect, painter, sculptor and a builder too. I think this is enough to prove this world that autistics are creative people, who can do something out of the blue.

5. Thomas Jefferson

most famous people with autism

There is still a speculation that 3rd president & writer of the book “Declaration Of Independence” might have been with Asperger’s syndrome or autism. His behavior indicated that he suffered with it. He was shy, had hard time in communicating with people, problems in public speaking & was even sensitive towards loud noises. He even had difficulties with his finance. Regardless of this fact, he could still keep accurate records of transactions. He was very strange and was obsessed to remodel his entire house. Jefferson had some weird tendencies like – wearing slippers in important meetings. In spite of so many problems, you would be shocked to know the kind of things he invented. To name a few – wheel cipher, sundial, clock, portable copying press, polygraph, automatic double-doors, beds, bookstand and revolving chairs. Isn’t that great?

4. Charles Darwin

popular people with autism

Yet another man who is often listed among famous people with autism is none other than Charles Darwin. Professor Michael Fitzgerald done a study on Charles Darwin & supplied many facts supporting that he was autistic. He remained isolated most of the time in his childhood and even in his adulthood; he avoided interacting with people much. He wrote many letters but did not take part in face-to-face communication. He collected different things & was intrigued by gadgets and chemistry. Autistics usually think visually and spatially. And so was he. Even though he dint invent anything but he did discover a lot as a naturalist and scientist. He proposed theories on evolution and this had great effects on modern life science. Thus even today he is called “Father Of Evolutionary Thoughts”.

3. Isaac Newton

popular people with autism

Next onto my list of popular people with autism is none other than Isaac Newton. He was quiet and never used to talk much. However, he had extraordinary talent. I am sure you must have read about the “Newton’s law of motion”. Wasn’t that a great discovery? Can you believe that the man who came up with brilliant laws was actually autistic? Regardless of suffering from it, he was good in making friends. He still could keep up friends and maintain the relation so good even after not knowing how to communicate with people properly. On the other hand, he had his own routines and followed them very strongly. For instance, if he was supposed to present a lecture, he would make sure that it would commence on the right time even if the audience were present or not.

2. Amadeus Mozart

Famous People With Autism

If you haven’t heard about this famous man then learn it now. He is the father of “Modern Music”. This great music composer & even a talented violinist and pianist used to be outstanding in his time. He is often listed in the list of famous people with autism since he suffered from it. But what really shocks people is his thoughtful music experiments. He lived a very isolated life but still was dedicated and focused towards art. He had Asperger’s syndrome & was pretty sensitive to sound. Moreover, he had problems with intellectual conversations. He even had extreme mood changes. Many music notes of Mozart prove that he suffered echolalia, denoted as autism. Then a day came when Mozart was very bored, then he jumped few tables and meowed like cat. He even performed somersaults. This was another sign that proves he had autistic problems. However, the kind of magic he has done in music field is worth noting and is still inspiring this modern world.

1. Albert Einstein

Famous People With Autism

If you are shocked to see this brilliant man in this list then just pinch yourself because it is true – Albert Einstein suffered from Autism. When we talk about some popular scientists and physicians who contributed something unbelievable to this world, one man who hits first in our minds is “Albert Einstein”. His most incredible invention “E=mc2” is the base for all the advanced technologies we have today. Did you know that he faced many difficulties in interacting?  He was extremely sensitive about his personal life. Right from his school days he had hard time learning things, which were normal for other kids. Even though kids of  his age quickly grasped, he took time to know things. It is really shocking to know that a man with the highest IQ level & who made some amazing inventions was far behind in his school days. Apart from his intelligence, his poor social interactions made it hard for him to get a job after his studies. Regardless of the fact being so weak in his subjects, he performed fantastic. His creative inventions are still celebrated today. So people out there who consider them as abnormal or different must realize that it isn’t a bad thing. It is something that needs to be accepted as well as celebrated.

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