10 Facts About Nipples You Should Know As A Woman

One thing which most of the women worry about is nipple size. Are they normal, is what most of the women think about.This leads to us to the fact that they come in all sorts of shape and size. Another thing is that it is the nipple that can give women immense pleasure, get rid of some of the critical health problems and even feed their baby when they have the same. After going through this article, one will get to discover many unknown facts about nipples.

10 Facts About Nipples You Should Know As A Woman

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1. Sensitivity Of The Nipple

The hottest zones of the body of the women swell during the sexual intercourse as during this stage; they are sensitive to touch. Just as in men’s case, the penis becomes quite sensitive during the sexual intercourse and even after the sexual intercourse. Women need not worry if they are showing such implications within them as they are only for a temporary period. It is not always necessary that size of the nipple is increased only during the sexual intercourse but sometimes wearing a tight cloth can also cause an increase in the size of the nipple. If you want to avoid these things, then padded bra is the solution.

2. Size Of The Nipple

One thing which most of the women worry about is why their nipple size is larger or smaller than other women or is the random size. Women should know that size of the nipple of women is hereditary and depends completely on the size of the nipple. Some of the other factors, which this depends upon, include age, menstruation, pregnancy, and the body weight of the women. Apart from this, one should also know that color of the nipples may also vary which is, of course, normal.

3. Inverted Nipples

There may be many women who may have inverted nipples. This type of nipples is known as shy nipples. Such women should know that their body part is built differently from the others and it is not a thing to worry of. Another reason for which this may happen is during the stage of breastfeeding.

4. Dark Nipples

Dark nipples are blessing in disguise for the women who owns it as they have the capability to turn on the men more easily. There are many women in the society who even turn to dye their nipples so that men turn on easily. In case there is some hair around your nipples then do not feel bad about as one can simply wax it off and enjoy uninterrupted sexual intercourse.

5. Observe If There Is Some Change In Color In The Nipples

If a woman is observing a change in color in their nipples, then that is a symptom of breast cancer, and in such cases, they should ensure that they are immediately consulting to the oncologist and get all the necessary treatment.

6. Boob Job Can Be Avoided At Times

A boob job is bad for the nipples as this leads to implants, which may further cause loss of sensation in the nipples. The bigger the size of the implant the more they lose the sensation and thus should be avoided whenever necessitated. If you have been observing this thing in your nipple, then immediate protective actions can be taken.

7. Piercing Of The Nipple Affects Sex Life

Facts about nipples

This is one of the unknown facts about nipple and should be avoided. It is because no men or women can lick your nipples until and unless the piercing is completely healed. One should know that when the piercing has been done then it takes women 6 to 8 months to get it completely healed and until then they can say goodbye to their sex life.


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8. Connection Between The Ear Lobe And The Nipple

This is also one of the crazy facts, which many of the women may not be even aware of. If we speak in biological terms, then there is a great connection between the nipples and ear lobe of the women. All the woman’s ear lobe and size of the nipple is the same. This definitely might be sounding weird for most of the women, but this is a fact that should be taken into consideration. If you are not willing to believe the same then definitely a try must be given.

9. Nipples Comes Way Before The Sex Organs

During the sexual intercourse, one starts with the nipple, and then eventually they move to some other parts of the body. If we talk in biological terms, then the nipples are created way before sex organs inside the womb. It is because of this fact that both men and women have this part in their body.

10. Fluid May Leak Out At Times From The Nipples

It is not necessary that the fluid will come out from the nipples whenever breastfeeding a child. Even if you are not lactating, then this may happen. It the breast has been squeezed very badly then also the fluid may come out from the nipples, it is a normal thing, and one should not worry if this is happening. But in case if this is happening at regular intervals without any valid reason then that means there are some problems associated with the nipples and that particular woman should immediately consult with the doctor and get the things sorted.

With this, we conclude that nipple in women is one of the most delicate parts of the body and are hypersensitive. One should handle this body part with utmost care to maximize the pleasure. One should know that pregnancy leads to darker and bigger nipples and can bring about other changes in the body. So if you are one such woman who is observing such changes, then that’s not a big deal and a thing to worry of.


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