14 Best Known Foods To Gain Muscle

Healthy eating is all about tricking yourself into eating healthier. Cutting out all junk food might be the solution to your weight problems, and it would impact your overall good looks. Do not eat bread crumbs; do not treat your body like a dustbin. If the food is going to waste and you eat it, it does not mean you are eating healthy. Health and happiness go hand in hand. Eating healthy and making the right food choices mean you are eating best foods to gain muscle. Eating clean is also a way to increase your self-esteem. When you are buying your groceries, go to a super mart which offers healthful food. When it comes to building muscle, add supplements like steroids. To maintain a good, healthy muscle knowing about the steroid cycle is important .Get to know them before building your muscle. .

Let Us Take A Peek At 14 Best Muscle Building Foods

best foods to gain muscle


Eggs happen to an inexpensive way to put proteins into your body. Egg white contains the most amount of protein. It also contains antioxidants which are the ingredients for health and beauty; it prevents heart diseases. Vitamin D present in eggs means more oxygen goes into muscles that you are building. Eggs also contain vitamin B6 which means better immunity, better metabolism, and thus you do not tend to gain weight any longer. Eating one to three eggs is considered enough because all your food intake meant for lean muscle growth should not come from eggs.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is the yummy food which can give you lean muscle. This also has Vitamin D found in eggs which means stronger muscles. Two packets of Greek yogurt every day means you get 50 grams of proteins which is sufficient.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese contains casein which can be had before bedtime. This makes for a regular supply of ingredients which help to build muscle. The sodium in cottage cheese means your blood pressure remains regulated during a workout or high activity.


Cinnamon happens to be easily found in grocery stores, and gives you a high metabolism, and helps in burning fat. Scientists are declaring cinnamon a lean mass marvel. This helps moving carbohydrates to muscles instead of moving the same to the fat. You can thus spruce up your health with these sweet smelling spices.

Brown Rice

 Brown rice contains manganese which acts as a medicine for the body. It is counted as one of the healthiest food, it is as essential for gaining muscle, and nothing could be better. It helps with feminine muscles for when a woman is going through her menopause.

Soya Bean

Soya bean means phosphorous which in turn gives you a healthy body, and it also happens to make you energetic. Soya bean makes for a  substitute for meat and dairy products, especially for vegans.

Chicken Breasts

It contain niacin in the right quantity, and it gives you lean muscle, and the ancillary benefits are many. The lean muscle growth is because of this food promoting healthy metabolism. Eating chicken wings is one of the best ways to gain muscle.


Potatoes are surprisingly good for a healthy muscular body. Potatoes contain Vitamin C which gives you the energy to work out, there is protein for the muscles, and there is Potassium which works towards proper muscle development. This is a standard and healthy dietary inclusion. So without any doubt potatoes are one of the best foods to gain muscle.


There was long term research done on Spinach ability to give you muscle, and doctors have proved it to be in the affirmative. Spinach converts protein into muscle mass and directly makes you muscular.

Stay Hydrated

Apart from eating the foods to gain muscle, staying hydrated is important. It is not for nothing that they say that your body should remain hydrated during workouts. Have a glass of orange juice before exercise, and after the workout, you should let your body cool down before you drink water or juice. Intracellular water and extracellular water both reduce fat, helps build muscle, and stops the risk of obesity.

Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans digest slowly and control sugar levels and give you lean muscle. Your digestion improves, and you do not face problems such as constipation. It is also easy to find and good for money saving.


Milk contains calcium which improves your muscle growth. Milk has both slow and fast protein, and wisdom suggests a glass of milk after the workout works the same way as protein shake should be taken before exercise. You could also mix some oatmeal in the milk, and have a savory and healthy dish.

Beet Root

Beet Root is as healthy as it gets. This improves the power of your muscles, and you feel healthy and can do weights in the gym as this beetroot gives you raw power. This food helps those who cannot eat meat because it is too expensive or if you happen to be a vegan. This is because the beetroot happens to be a rich source of iron.

Mustard Oil And Fish Oil

You should not cut out oils from your diet. Some oils such as mustard and fish oil are essential for the food and help muscle building. It provides for lean body mass, helps with muscle mass, and improves physical performance. The reason is that mustard oil makes for protein synthesis which is a process where the body makes proteins.

Hope you now know the best foods to gain muscle. The idea of it eating healthy food should not become unaffordable. Therefore, most of the food listed above is food that can be found in the kitchen of an ordinary household. If you still feel it is becoming an expensive affair then buy products in bulk for it to help you save. At the same time, all your muscle building food does not need to be non-vegetarian. It is not like vegans cannot build lean muscle. You would see that all foods mentioned above except chicken are vegetarian foods so you could easily follow a diet and skip the chicken if you happen to be a vegetarian. Finally, protein powders can be avoided for people who fear they will get bulky instead of muscular if they took too many protein muscle building shakes, and there is a grain of truth in there. Nutrition and exercise are essential when you want to gain lean muscle.

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