10 Common Workout Injuries and How To Avoid Them

Working out is good but getting injured while exercising can turn out to be a nightmare. While burdening yourself with too much exercise all of a sudden is inviting trouble, even repetitive motions can cause wear & tear, which can be quite painful.

Overuse injuries seem to be the culprit accounting for a third of all workout injuries. Overuse includes repetitive motions as in swimming, rowing, and even long distance running. Here are 10 common workout injuries that can be avoided:

sprained ankle is an injury
1. Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain is probably the most common of all workout injuries, and can happen in a jiffy while running outdoors or running on your treadmill.

One tends to lose concentration while running on a treadmill and is very casual leading to a tiny misstep that can result in a very painful ankle sprain.

Even trying to jump off a running treadmill without switching it off can result in an ankle sprain although the leap is less than a foot high.

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2. Knee Injuries

The knee joint is a very important joint and any injury to the knee can immobilize a person. Warming up before giving exercise for the knees is very important. While focusing on the legs start with squats and have the blood flowing freely in near the joints. Try not to put too much pressure on the knees, and never carry weights that are too heavy for you. Try gentle stretching and bending exercises first.

Common Workout Injuries3. Shin Splints

Shin splint is the commonly used term for medial tibial stress syndrome, which can be very painful. It occurs in runners and sports that involve jumping. There is severe inflammation in the muscles surrounding the shin area and can happen when the intensity of the workouts you do have been increased all of a sudden.

Even running on uneven ground or running uphill or downhill can cause shin splints; hence it is important to wear protective shoes while running.

4. Wrist Sprains

Just like ankle sprains, wrist sprains are very common. They occur while lifting weights disproportionate to the body condition/strength or by using improper techniques. It is advisable to wear strapping while lifting weights, and don’t use false grips which are bound to weaken the grasping capacity. Avoid your wrists flopping backwards while doing heavy weights.

5. Back Pains/Sprains

Another painful and debilitating injury is a back sprain or back pain caused while working out in the gym. Back pains can leave your breathless and can also cause other pains in the neck and hip areas. Brace yourself while lifting heavy weights and lift with a flat back. Don’t attempt lifting weights that are too heavy for your capacity. Moreover, it is important to warm up properly before lifting weights.

6. Foot Injuries

The foot is a maze of many small bones and connective tissues. While the foot is a natural shock absorber, there is only so much that it can take. The tiny bones making up the foot can easily get damaged resulting in painful injuries. Be extra careful while lifting heavy weights or doing squat exercises. Carrying heavy loads places a strain on the foot and tends to straighten the arch, thus causing injury.

7. Shoulder Joint Injury

A shoulder joint injury, also known as a rotator cuff injury can occur while stretching backwards or upwards. It can occur even while stretching sideways without balancing yourself properly. While repetitive overhead stretching or bending backwards can cause rotator cuff injury, it can also happen while swimming or throwing a ball violently. Train your shoulder joints to make them strong so that such injuries can be prevented.

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8. Groin Injuries

Groin injuries can be painful and make you lose the ability to stand erect for a while. Groin injuries occur while resuming an exercise regimen after a break or even while changing your footwear or adopting a new technique you just learned. Squatting vigorously more number of times than your endurance limit can damage the muscles and cause a groin injury.

9. Iliotibial Band Syndrome

As the name suggests, Iliotibial Band Syndrome occurs when the ligament connecting the shin and the hip is damaged. This injury results in inflamed muscles and ligaments which can be caused by excessive cycling that triggers the pain from just outside the knee. Even running while wearing unevenly worn-out shoes can cause this injury, which is indeed painful. Cyclists need to adjust the seat at comfortable heights, and runners should never overdo it.

Common Workout Injuries10. Biceps Tenditis

Biceps Tenditis results with pain occurring in the front side of the shoulder and extending to the upper arm. This injury occurs due to overuse and people are prone to it while lifting heavy weights, swimming, and while playing golf or tennis.

The upper biceps muscle gets inflamed due to injury and can be very painful and debilitating. Scientific training methods can help avoid such injuries.

It is vital to do the exercises correctly. Else, pain and injuries are for sure. If you are unsure of what you are doing, it is better to get the guidance of a professional trainer.


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