10 Home Remedies For Back Pain That Are Easy & Inexpensive

With one in ten people (10% of the population) in the world affected by lower back pain, most of them are worried about how to get rid of it. Thankfully, there are several simple home remedies for back pain. Maybe you lifted something heavy without balancing properly, or you suffer from arthritis, whatever the causes, back pain is something difficult to put up with and sometimes the agonizing pain is quite unbearable.

Sometimes, back ache can turn out to be serious if numbness is experienced in lower back region or if a tingling sensation is felt in the legs. These instances however, are quite rare and it is mostly mild to severe back pain that bothers most of the people. Thankfully there are several easy home remedies for back pain.

Sometimes, backache can turn out to be serious if numbness is experienced in the lower back region or if a tingling sensation is felt in the legs. These instances, however, are quite rare and it is mostly mild to severe back pain that bothers most of the people. Thankfully there are several easy home remedies for back pain.

Causes of Back Pain

  • Any damage caused to muscles or ligaments in the back
  • Exertion and strain on the back muscles
  • Sciatica or Lumbar herniated disc
  • Degeneration of the disk in the spinal column

Symptoms of Back Pain

  • Severe pain in the back felt after any activity
  • Pain felt while lifting heavy weights
  • Severe muscle spasms that are painful
  • Difficulty in moving, often the patient is immobilized in severe cases

 See a doctor immediately if:

  • There is numbness in the back or legs
  • The pain is severe and there is difficulty while moving

10 Home Remedies For Back Pain

Back pain can become very severe sometimes and quite unbearable. It is better to consult your physician who will refer you to a neurologist if required. However, for most common back aches there are several effective home remedies, here are the 10 best:

Home Remedies For Back Pain

10. Ice Pack


  • Take a handful of ice cubes from the fridge.
  • Bundle up the ice cubes in a polythene bag.
  • Apply the cold compress on the painful areas.
  • Continue the process for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Repeat the process once or twice daily.

How does this work?

The coldness caused by the ice cubes has a soothing effect on the pain. It enhances circulation in the underlying tissue and muscle and helps get relief from the pain. Applying a cold compress helps bring down the temperature surrounding the lower back area and causes a temporary numbness that helps alleviate the pain. It also prevents the blood from clotting in the region and helps gain immense relief. An ice pack is one of the best home remedies for back pain.

The Remedy is not Good if:

  • The pain is too severe and the person is immobilized by the pain. In such cases consult your doctor immediately.

9. Massage Therapy

  • Get either John’s wort oil or Narayana Ayurvedic oil.
  • Apply the oil on the painful areas.
  • Have someone massage the oil for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Professional masseuses can give expert massages.
  • Continue the process for 3 to 4 days.

How does it work?

Ayurvedic massage oil is prepared using herbs like Ashwagandha, camphor and black sesame oil. These herbs act on the pain and give relief very fast. St. John’s wort oil is prepared from fresh flowers of the Hypericum perforatum plant that grows in a very wild habitat.

The leaves and flowers of the plant are handpicked to ensure that quality is maintained. This oil has some amazing anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties that give almost instant relief from back pain. Massage therapy is probably the safest and most effective of all home remedies for back pain.

The Remedy is not Good if:

  • The massage is given by an inexperienced person and leads to further complications. In such cases consult your doctor immediately.

8. Yoga Therapy

  • Yoga Asanas can help cure back pain easily.
  • Practice Marjaryasana or the cat pose.
  • Try to perfect the Bakasana or crow pose.
  • Attempt the Setu Bandhana Asana or the bridge pose.
  • Practice the Dhanur Asana or the bow pose.

home remedies for lower back pain

How does this work?

There is no doubt that practicing Yoga Asanas help us maintain our bodies in peak condition and helps ward off diseases as well as aches and pains. The Marjaryasana pose or the cat like stance is an easy 3-step asana that is done by stretching the body just the way a cat stretches. It helps stretch the muscles and nerves and offers instant relief from back pain.

Similarly, Bakasana or the crow (crane) pose is good for curing chronic back pain. Although it appears very difficult, it can be perfected with practice. Apart from these, Setu Bandhana Asana or the bridge pose and Dhanur Asana or the bow pose are good for treating back pain. Yoga asanas are certainly one of the best home remedies for the natural treatment of back pain.

The Remedy is not Good if:

  • The Yoga poses are not executed correctly, as wrong postures can worsen the situation. It is better to learn from a qualified instructor or from reliable tutorials.

7. Lose Weight


  • Set up a regimen of calorie burning exercises. Cycling, swimming, jogging and brisk walking are recommended. Keep an eye on your diet and shun calorie-rich foods.
  • Avoid deep fried foods as well as ice creams and other fatty foods.
  • Eat lightly, especially before going to bed.

How does this work?

Excess weight is bad for general health and is very harmful for the heart. When the weight of the body is not proportionate to the frame, there is a mismatch. People with large bellies tend to place extra strain on their backs (the weight of the stomach pulls down) which leads to developing severe back pain. Hence losing weight is very important for prevent lower back pain. Exercise and losing weight make a great natural treatment for back pain.

The Remedy is not Good if:

  • You go on a crash diet and are left with hardly enough energy to maintain the body’s day-to-day activities. Take care while planning your diet, if required consult an expert nutritionist.

6. Correct Posture


  • Don’t slouch, and sit with an erect posture.
  • Try not to sit at your desk for long periods of time.
  • Take short breaks frequently and stretch and bend.
  • Don’t walk with hunched shoulders, walk at a brisk pace.

home remedies for severe back pain

How does this work?

Most people are in sedentary jobs where they spend most of the time sitting at their desks. People tend to slouch and sit with a wrong posture which puts more strain on the lower back. Over a period of time, the strain becomes too much and results in degeneration of disks or dislocation of disks at the slightest provocation.

Similarly, it is important to remain erect while standing, and even while walking one should have an erect stance and a brisk gait. Maintaining correct posture will certainly offer an answer to the question we ask ourselves often – how to get rid of back pain?

The Remedy is not Good if:

  • There is no reason why this remedy should not be good. Good posture while sitting and walking are important to ward off back pain.

home remedies for chronic back pain

Weight loss remedy is good for all? Because my weight is already below the average.

  • I am 28 years old. Six months ago I started having severe cramps in my left leg and back, which kept me in bed for one whole weeks. Eventually the cramps disappeared but I was left with constant numbness and tingling in my left calf and foot. X-rays confirmed a problem with my sciatic nerve. Can you tell me what to do to relieve the constant ache and numbness in my calf and foot? Also, my lower back has been weak and I am unable to resume a regular exercise program. Can i still play basketball?

    • Based on your description, it is possible that you have a pinched nerve (nerve compression). Conservative treatment will consist of physiotherapy and pain-killers. Exercises that strengthen your abdominal and lower back muscles are helpful. You can still play basketball, but you should stop if it causes you pain or do it in moderation. If your symptoms persist, you should consult a doctor. Further investigations such MRI scans may help elucidate the condition.

  • Dear Sir, my colleague is 56 years old and she is suffering from severe back pain for the past 3 years. According to her MRI report, there is a bruised on her spine from C2 to C7, and damage on the spinal cord. She had consulted the local doctors, and took pills regularly. She also tried massaging and physiotherapy, but it didn’t help.

    Should my colleague go for a surgery? Is it safe to have a surgery at the age of 56? Kindly advise.

    • It is difficult to determine if your colleague needs surgery based on MRI report alone. Based on the report, if there is spinal cord damage, she should be seen by a Spine Specialist to check her signs and symptoms and interpret her MRI scans accordingly. If she requires surgery, the specialist will be able to advise. Before proceeding with surgery, investigations will be performed to determine if she is fit for operation.

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    • That’s true Aaliya Smith it’s better for us to go in the natural way rather than trying and moving to unconventional methods.

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